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  • Comment on One to go (2011-07-13 18:33:16)
    Why not? Ahem.... here goes: Iron man Gorges Fans anxiously awaiting The signing of you
  • Comment on Confirmed: Markov signed for three years (2011-06-24 12:57:33)
    I completely agree with you. My dad has been saying this for years. What is it going to take to finally acquire someone who plays a little dirty and can protect our forwards. Yeah yeah we play skilled fast hockey ... right. Until someone gets carried out on a stretcher. Yeah we're the classiest team ever - and I love that about the Habs - but it's a bit of an outdated concept and definitely unnecessary in a league of Bruins and Flyers and certain someones. I fear the Habs will never answer this need and continue to trundle along trying to beat teams like the Bruins and Flyers forever. Yikes. On a positive note, I love that Markov is signed, though IMHO one year two long and .75 mil too much a year. Regardless, after two freak injuries he may just surprise us and be healthy and awesome for 3 yrs. It was always gonna be a gamble.
  • Comment on Another humiliation (2011-03-30 18:08:40)
    Question: where can one watch the rds canadiens express online? Not live, let's say the next day after the game. Or any kind of extended highlights, besides the usual 2-min. Please and thanks, everyone. And of course, Go Habs Go!!
  • Comment on The World Juniors (2011-01-03 22:44:06)

    Yeah I've been thinking about this... so on the one hand he goes for the big hits and takes himself out of the play often leading to goals against... on the other, his D partner should know he does that and be prepared...

  • Comment on The World Juniors (2011-01-03 22:35:44)

    ooh, I need a new avatar. (runs off)

  • Comment on The World Juniors (2011-01-03 22:33:30)

    After the road trip and all those dismal Habs games... got to watch some GREAT hockey at the Juniors. What a game. If the Habs played like that, with that intensity, we'd be shoo-ins for the Cup. :) Leblanc looked good, that's important. And what a player Kassian's gonna be, huh?

    Can't wait for the gold-medal game.

  • Comment on Habs Future (2011-01-03 23:02:43)

    I've really been enjoying these... excellent to know exactly how the prospects are doing.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-23 11:47:46)

    Has JM tried centering Cammy with Eller? I think I see potential there.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-23 11:46:47)

    I think this is a good time to point time to point out that the major scandal of this past summer, Gomez changing his jersey number, DID NOT HELP HIM AT ALL. So much for his moaning over how much he wanted it, what a "dream come true" it was (direct quote). And we all said, maybe, just maybe, it'll change his luck, he'll play better, more like he wants it, WELL?? WELL?

    Guess it didn't have the desired effect, huh?

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-17 12:11:08)

    That's exactly what I was thinking. But the way we're playing, that doesn't matter, does it? :)