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Habs fan since: 1997
Favorite current player: David Desharnais
All-time favorite player: Jocelyn Thibault or Alex Kovalev


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  • Comment on Therrien defends decision to cut Leblanc (2013-09-19 10:28:43)
    Ok, I know this off-topic, but your profile picture caught my attention from the get-go. Jocelyn Thibault is my favorite player of all-time too!! Looks like you and me are the only ones to share that opinion! He was a very talented kid who was thrown into impossible shoes to fill from the beginning. Let's not talk about some of the defense that was in front of him in those days either! I'll never forget that cold day in Novermber, coming home from 5th grade, and hearing the news from a friend via the answering machine saying how Jocelyn was traded to the Hawks. I was in denial at first. I wanted to cry. I will say though, Jeff Hackett did a very solid job with his time on the team.
  • Comment on Habs sign White for one year; Big Mac lands in London (2013-07-20 21:45:01)
    Ego aside, Mario Tremblay wasn't that bad of a coach... uhhh well that's all I have to add...
  • Comment on Habs break out in 3rd for fantasy win (2012-10-31 04:34:57)
    I hope the Habs aren't pulling a Brian Savage here!! Yours truly, a very serious Habs fan who hopes this goodwill will last past mid-November.
  • Comment on Habs sign UFA Travis Moen to 4-year, $7.4-million deal (2012-06-30 01:50:35)
    Since 1998, we've only had Recchi and Kovelev when it comes to konsistent goalscoring. I'm sure Kane could rise to that occasion, even with good brandy and dope still coursing through his veins. Alright nevermind the getting messed up part, we've been pretty sparse in the goalscoring dept. for far too long!!! Kane would be great!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens rally late but lose road trip opener 5-4 (2012-03-06 21:36:49)
    I second Cannabians.
  • Comment on Jean BĂ©liveau continues encouraging comeback (2012-03-05 20:26:18)
    I just watched MTL's last game in the Forum for HNIC on my VCR. I used to watch this tape SOOO much growing up. I started watching the team one year later in 1997, when I was 8 years old. CBC did a nice job paying tribute to the legendary building that night. Dick Irvin... wow do I miss him!! What a voice, what a personality!! Anyways, the Habs played the lowly Senators that night. Here we have a Jacques Martin coached, Randy Cunneyworth captained team. Very strange seeing this again. Neither of them had any connection with the Habs the last time I watched this tape. Odelein almost fought Cunneyworth in this game!! Mario Tremblay... well he was coach when I started watching, so I remember him... but wow was he always involved, very intense. I don't think he was as bad a coach as some like to think. He'll always have the dark cloud over him, but the passion was very much there. It was also fun watching my ultimate childhood hero play again... Jocelyn Thibault. A man thrown into a tough situation... much tougher than RC if you ask me!! Ahhhh... seeing Saku again! Stephane Quintal!! These Montreal teams weren't exactly stellar, but they were my teams growing up, and some of these players were my heroes, and the Molson Canadian Hockey Night in Canada defined my Saturday nights here in good old northern Michigan. Hockey Night in Canada was a different brew then too. Not nearly as centered around the "Centre of the Hockey Universe". That dramatic music that use to play for the replays of other games going on that night. Forgot all about it!! It was also a great gesture when they handed the play by play duties to Dick Irvin for the last minute of the last HNIC game in the Forum. Good stuff. Once the Habs-Sens game ended the tape cut right to the pre-game ceremonies for the first game in the Molson Centre. I'm thankful my Dad taped this!!! I find watching this tape much more enjoyable than watching what's going on in this season. Admit it, if the Habs went 0-82, many of you would still be watching the games, just like me. Montreal beat Ottawa 3-2 that night, even though the Habs had a 3-0 lead well into the 3rd. Not too much has changed since I've been a fan, hey?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff hopes flicker (2012-01-18 21:56:06)
    Waste your time critiquing every move from Scott Gomez. Hell, most of you were doing this while he wasn't even playing. Some of you pathetic bastards get enjoyment out of his failure, I swear. He's a good player, but with that contract... Montreal was the last city where he would've worked out in. He'll never live up to his contract, maybe not even half of it. At least he is showing absolute hustle and effort. King Kong sitting on his shoulders must be a bitch.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout L … again (2011-12-06 23:12:01)
    Never thought of that. Chilling if true! Martin doesn't like the tough bastards!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout L … again (2011-12-06 22:52:46)
    Possibly PK's worst game as a Hab. I cringed when he was out there once we tied the game late in the 3rd. Martin was eager to keep him off the ice at times last year, tonight would've been one of those nights to keep him on the bench. Speaking of JM, he's never been the right coach for this team. Still I respect what this team has done with him in the last two years. Some of the comments on this site are almost sick with the full-on hate thrown at this guy.... but yes, cut him loose please. Something needs to give quick, or post-season hopes will diminish. Goddamn, I really thought this was the year the boys would be among the top in the league. I was banking on it. I still feel like we have the roster to make a statement, but the players look disinterested and Jacques Martin coaching is just as disinterested as his demeanor. EMELIN IS INCREDIBLE! NO ENGLISH, NO EXPIERENCE ON NHL SIZED RINKS, NO ONE TO TALK TO!!! The best hitter the Habs have had since Souray, possibly. I'm very, very impressed!!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens blanked in Toronto (2011-10-06 23:21:04)
    I also forgot to say Price was absolutely great!!! No himming and hawwing whatsoever! Big Dumb Dion had a snipe on the second goal, sucks to say.