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Favorite current player: None for many years but I'm thinking of Max Pacioretty and P.K. Subban.
All-time favorite player: Maurice Richard


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  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 15:33:09)
    Hello, comrades. Taking a short break for the first time since beginning my World Cup break. Did anything happen while I was away? Just kidding. I've read some of the stories and comments. Very pleased with developments. If we didn't know it before, we surely know it now: the Canadiens have an excellent general manager, one who has a clear vision of what is needed to improve our team and, equally as important, the ability to turn that vision into reality. One can't ask for more in a general manager than intelligence, knowledge and the ability to execute.
  • Comment on Habs sign Weise to two-year contract (2014-06-18 11:56:03)
    "But I don’t think, in my perfect world, that a hockey player should get paid more than a, for example, nurse)" ____________________ Even though a hockey player usually gives up his higher education and his other job prospects, devotes the "climbing years" in any job to his hockey career, risks great physical injuries as a player, including those like concussion that have life-long debilitating consequences, took a huge risk in choosing a hockey career since even the best young players either don't make the NHL at all or play only a short time in the NHL, and has only very limited years to play? Hockey players are, indeed, grossly overpaid, but there are factors that favor them getting paid more per year than a nurse or a teacher even in a perfect world. It can be argued, too, that while nurses and teachers are extremely valuable and important to society, hockey players are, too, since watching hockey is entertainment and serves as an escape from the stresses of life (except for fanatics like HIO contributors, for whom it only adds to the stresses of life). This while I'm waiting for Australia-Holland to kick off.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Habs will face more pressure next season (2014-06-11 20:56:04)
    I'll be cheering for my native England at the World Cup, the team I've supported since I was a wee lad in the late 1940s, with, as usual, no expectations and, this time, only a shred of hope. Supporting England--which won the World Cup only once in a controversial final played on home soil 48 years ago in 1966, the year before the Leafs last won the Stanley Cup--steeled me for the Canadiens' long non-winning streaks over the past 35 years, two of seven years each and the current one of 21 years. Thankfully, the Canadiens have a much better chance of winning the Stanley Cup in the next few years than England has of winning the World Cup in the next 20 years and perhaps the next 100. Fortunately, I enjoy watching good football even when my team is not playing, but not so much ice hockey when the Canadiens or Canada are not playing. Football was my first sporting love and remains my favorite sport, but I have never loved any team in any sport as much as the Montreal Canadiens (or any player in any sport as much as Maurice Richard). So after tonight's playoff game, I'll be tuning out hockey, barring some dramatic development, to watch all 64 World Cup matches. See all of you in a month, comrades. P.S. I wouldn't bet against Brazil, although I would were Argentina better on defense. Argentina's offense is one of the most potent ever assembled on a national team, and I'm not just talking about Messi. As always, much will depend on psychological factors, particularly how well the players are able to withstand the enormous pressure they are under.
  • Comment on Habs will clear out lockers Saturday in Brossard (2014-05-30 21:49:43)
    There have been several comments the past day criticizing those of us who have praised the team for what it accomplished because we are allegedly settling for too little. Look, the fact that we are happy about what the team did in no way means we are satisfied. However, we recognize that building a Stanley Cup winner is a process that takes time. It is not done overnight. We are pleased with our progress, and that is all. Two years ago we finished dead last in the East. This season we reached the last two in the East. Our improvement and our advancement in the season standings and the playoffs has been remarkable under new ownership and new management. We are happy because we recognize both that we have made a huge amount of progress, to the point where we are now a contender although not quite good enough, and that we are on the way to making more progress--more bluntly, because we are well on our way to winning the Cup. Those who fault Mr. Molson's often-quoted statement of his goal for the team are wrong for a similar reason. He said he wanted a team that will compete for the Cup every season. That is a realistic and yet still ambitious goal. In these days of relative parity, it is ridiculous to expect that any team will win the Cup every year. What is a realistic goal--and still a highly ambitious one--is that the team will be competitive in the race for the Cup every season. The team is well on the way to that; it may even have reached that point already. We cannot and should not ask for more.
  • Comment on Habs will clear out lockers Saturday in Brossard (2014-05-30 19:03:28)
    Nor do I follow our scouting. I rely on others here to report on that. But from what I've gathered, under Bergevin our NHL in-league scouting has much improved.
  • Comment on Habs will clear out lockers Saturday in Brossard (2014-05-30 18:40:58)
    Some of the commenters noted how much Dale Weise was missed last night. Weise has surely turned out to be the steal of the season for our club. He made some admirable contributions during the regular season, and during the playoffs, he took off, scoring and setting up several goals as well as displaying a physical edge the team often lacks. It was his offensive contribution that surprised more than anything else. Some of his goals were beauties and some of his passing was exquisite. Weise obviously had shown enough elsewhere to catch the eye of Canadiens management, but he played far better for the Canadiens than anyone, including Canadiens management, would have anticipated on the basis of his pre-Canadiens career. That Weise is now playing for the one NHL team to which he has a real attachment is, I like to think, what has made the difference. His father is a lifelong Canadiens fan, and he passed that along to his son. The two of them were thrilled when the news came that Dale was to play for Montreal. As the game has become as much a business as a sport, much of the romanticism attached to it has disappeared. Many modern players are viewed as no more than mercenaries. Good professional players will, of course, turn in good performances wherever they play. But I like to think that part of what made so many Canadiens players great in the old days was their deep attachment to the bleu, blanc et rouge. Only part, of course, but enough to make a difference. That did not stop the club from transferring many of its greats near the end of their careers even in the old days, but the point still holds, I like to think, that players who have a deep emotional attachment to their club find something extra within them on the ice. Anyway, I'm hoping Canadiens management appreciates Weise as much as I do and that a spot remains for him on next year's team.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-30 18:30:56)
    Deleted because posted in wrong place.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-30 17:34:18)
    I don't comment as much as most of the other regulars, but I read every word Mike Boone posts, and I add my note of appreciation for his work. The HIO website took a big dive in quality when Mike retired, and it's still not back to what it was, but thankfully Mike stayed around as HIO game blogger and About Last Night analyst, which made the transition bearable. It's been a great season to be a Canadiens fan, and Mike has made it even better. So many thanks for another year's work, Mike, have a good summer off and we'll see you when the new season rolls round.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-30 17:20:05)
    Some of us old-timers who've had their day might even volunteer to go if it meant getting the Canadiens one of those big and talented centers/wingers they need.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 6 – A long, fun ride is over (2014-05-30 00:23:16)
    Hey, well add me, too, Ian. Young - 70