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  • Comment on Who was president the last time the Canadiens scored against Nashville? (2010-11-18 22:33:44)

    i'll chalk this up to four things.

    1. the schedule.

    coming off the win against philly, a hard fought shutout win, everyone was elated.  it was a tremendous game.  it took it's toll.  everyone was elated with that win.  who they play next?  the preds.  talk about an emotion drop out.  plus, toronto is coming up saturday; another game that's going to be intense.  it's easy to believe the focus wasn't on tonight.  should it have been?  of course.  but this happens to a lot of good teams.  

    2. the leafs.

    they totally demoralized the preds with that come from behind win.  trotz was rightfully pissed, and boxed their ears, i'm sure.  there was no way we were going to see a flat nashville team.  the preds had more jump because they had more motivation to get fired up.  

    3. barry trotz.  

    the man can coach.  as others have posted, he's been pretty successful with what i would deem, lesser talented teams.  don't get me wrong, they have talent, just no flashy talent.  they have solid players and they play a simple, conservative, shut down game.   it's been working for them for the last six years.  they're just under the radar because no one on the teams outshines other players in their division.  zetterberg, marian hossa, jonathan toews, patrick kane, to name a few.   

    4. pekka f. rinne.

    who the hell does he think he is, martin brodeur?  he came to play, and for some damn reason has the habs number.  they cracked him a couple of times, but he never broke.  

    i'm not too disappointed by this loss.  i don't like it, but i'd rather they lose against the preds, a team from the western conference that they never see, than the effin' leafs.  they will be more prepared next game.  


  • Comment on No Pleks, no problem (2010-11-05 21:16:35)

    and 8 inches shorter.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-10-30 08:16:18)

    with the big body of tinordi on the back burner, and picard, whilst smaller, he's much steadier and composed.  i'd have no problem with him in and spacek getting some rest, but i think boone is right.  martin will keep spatch in for the meantime.  the only way i see spatch sitting is if his play continues to regress.  i hope he will turn it around.  luckily p.k. is playing well, as are gorges and gill, so maybe spacek and hammer will be played a little less, which is fine.  they've been around, and they must be doing something right, as we've been winning steadily.  go habs go!  continue with florida.  man, are they a thorn.  

  • Comment on He’s big, he’s bald (2010-10-29 20:34:57)

    matt f. martin.

    so dubbed.  in our faces all night.  

    incidently. mike johnson is a very good color guy.  

  • Comment on Martin F. (2010-10-21 21:55:01)

    no we don't.

  • Comment on Martin F. (2010-10-21 21:45:54)

    if brodeur gotta piece of that....

  • Comment on Martin F. (2010-10-21 21:42:48)

    i guess that leaves pierre gauthier.  


    or me.

  • Comment on Martin F. (2010-10-21 21:36:31)

    he might.  or maybe the girls dig the gap.  two sides to every coin.

  • Comment on Martin F. (2010-10-21 21:19:30)

    good assessment. 

  • Comment on Martin F. (2010-10-21 21:16:39)

    it was off boyd's hand.