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HNIC Leaf bias is disgusting

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  • Comment on Markov nominated for Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy (2013-04-22 11:59:50)
    Price has not 'stolen" a game in years. He gives up weak goals that oldtimers could stop. He is slow side to side. He has slow reflexes for an NHL goalie. His advantage is simply his size. He has a slow glove hand. His lackadaisical attitude is frustrating. He needs to be told to WAKE THE F%^& up!!!!!!!!!!!......Personally I hope he gets traded this summer. Another post says that an NHL goalie coach has stated that with his weaknesses Price will never be more than average. His weak save % are proof. Shit, Dubnyk has a way better save % and he gave up 6 goals in one period in his first game. HNIC Leaf bias is disgusting
  • Comment on Dryden calls for tougher head contact rules (2011-10-01 18:38:47)
    to the cat.......i agree...........i have said it for years now....my line is....... just because a guy can skate fast, doesn't mean he can play hockey. and there are lots of skilled guys that scouts overlook because the fast guy gets noticed.....most of those guys are low point producers HNIC Leaf bias is disgusting
  • Comment on Canadiens romp (2010-12-07 12:29:08)

    even though i do not understand French very well, I laways watch the Habs on RDS over TSN or CBC. TSN and CBC consistently put down Montreal and talk up the Leafs. What a joke. Maguire is annoying to hell....i have never met anyone who likes his commentary, and I do not understand how he maintains his employment.