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  • Comment on Are you ready? (2010-04-30 10:10:54)

    Pierre Boivin is a big problem. He has little to no hockey sense. When you come out and say that it's very important to have a "french speaking" coach, you make the people in Quebec look bad. No one cares if the guy speak Greek, we all want what is best. So, I hope we rid of this guy. He has done enough damage to our club.

  • Comment on Are you ready? (2010-04-30 10:07:20)

    So, Gainey didn't go out and completely change the core of this team? No, he didn't trade for Gomez, Pyatt? Sign Gill, Gionta, Cammalleri, and Moen? Naw, he didn't bring respect to this franchise that Mario Trembaly ruined all by himself. That is just my imagination. He didn't keep both Price and Halak, and not just give one of them away. Yes blame Gainey for doing a good job in a unrealistic market. And it's 1 round. Winning the cup takes 4...

  • Comment on Habs want to cut down on shots, or maybe not (2010-04-27 21:17:34)

    Whoaaaa... Dude, you watching the games??? I hope he doesn't pull a end of the regular season, or game 2 again. This team has played more than good. Don't you dare say you hope they give Halak support. Plain and simple, this series should be over. He better win game 7. The team did there part...

  • Comment on Habs want to cut down on shots, or maybe not (2010-04-27 21:14:24)

    Im serious when I say this. Don't ever comment on here again. I can handle the Halak vs Price debate. I can handle Leaf fans thinking this is their year. But don't you ever compare Koivu and Kovalev. Koivu = Heart, Kovalev = Heartless. Please remove yourself from this website.

  • Comment on Habs want to cut down on shots, or maybe not (2010-04-27 21:08:06)

    In case you haven't paid much attention, it was reported that 29 other teams in the league would take Price. So lets all jump on the Halak bandwagon, cause he has led us to the holy grail. It's the first round, and we are in game 7 because Halak fucked up in game 2. It wasn't too long ago that we were in a game 7 against a powerhouse team. Price shut the door. You wanna deny you weren't praising the ground he walks on???

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 1: Canadiens stun Capitals (2010-04-16 20:16:45)

    No rebound control either. He is almost as bad as Giguere.

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 1: Canadiens stun Capitals (2010-04-16 20:15:27)

    All I have to say is,WHAT? Hamrlik is the worst player on both teams. Our "small" guys put their body on the line. And Maguire is an Idiot!

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 1: Canadiens stun Capitals (2010-04-16 20:10:59)

    You think that was bailing the Habs out??? We are in trouble than...

  • Comment on That really did happen, right? (2010-04-16 20:07:59)

    Sorry, but we didn't have a "hot goalie". He was the best goalie. Don't compare Roy with anyone whose name isn't Brodeur. Even then...

  • Comment on That really did happen, right? (2010-04-16 20:06:03)

    It's a little bullshit that Montreal didn't get the credit they deserved. Montreal dictated the play for most of the game. Not to take anything away from Halak, but when the hell did the Caps out shoot Montreal??? Sad to see they want to make the game better by making the stats unbelievable. Halak played solid, but they did not out shoot us. People like Pierre Maguire, who is in my opinion the person with the least amount of hockey knowledge, make up plays that didn't even happen. Sad to see it has come to this...