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Habs fan since: The day I was born in the Royal Vic in 1952
Favorite current player: Andrei Markov
All-time favorite player: Guy Lafleur


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  • Comment on For 20 minutes, a great game (2010-04-19 21:52:41)
    Jaro who. You must be kidding. Live and die by the team, but he is not the next one, and was not. Too bad. He had the chance, and now can play in the KHL. With the Ove, he wasn't all that good either. Not over yet, but clear the deck. Bring me the young ones with Price. Sorry folks, he's my goalie going forward...
  • Comment on Canadiens hold team meeting, brief practice (2010-04-09 20:20:02)

    We can beat the Leafs easily. Of course we will have the great Halak in nets, the new big No.1, the guy who makes all the big saves but has no size or position, we go with him. Hey, don't worry, no competition Carolina we just sleep through the shootout. But of course the team can't play Price. No way, now that he's considered useless according to most of the pundits, we ride the'hot guy". Trade Price or let him go, and after 58 years, I might reconsider alternatives. Not really, but.... Jesus wept.



  • Comment on Boucher named AHL coach of the year (2010-04-07 20:04:12)

    The thing is how long the owners are willing to go to make money. Actually, I don't think they bought the team just for money (well, I hope not, this franchise is money) but to have a good team. What does it take?

    Right now (right now) for me..... I would like to have Chris Nilan on my team (no, not Chris Neal). Then we would see....




  • Comment on Game 74: Canadiens blow it in Buffalo (2010-03-24 22:34:10)

    I thought Carey Price played very well. I was rooting for him because he is our goalie of the future. Halak couldn't stop a fly, sorry kids. The coach lost this game tonight, we all know about it, at least they played for him. So Martin failed to call a time out in the end, ok so he made a mistake.... big time.

  • Comment on Good start for Habs I/O (2008-11-03 20:44:54)
    Explain "page view". A view = a hit = a visit? A view = an exhange of data = an engagement = a new member = a comment? I am absolutely sure that this is the very best site about the Habs, but we all know it is not the only one. How do you measure success? Any indicators? Just curious. Don't worry, there are many digital mavens trying to go figure on this one... and obviously it isn't about "hits".
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-02 20:44:11)
    Orr. And anybody else, and yeah sure. Potvin. Yup, very good player. Ummm. No, not really even very close. Nope.
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-02 19:41:16)
    Georges, Great analysis, and I really like the Beauj coming on... it just needs the right early and I think we may have the rest of the mix the way this year needs one onto. Once upon a time I raced for the Nouveau from London with a very good friend (on a very good 900 BMW) -- we lost of course -- but we also had a hell of time. My main concerns: 1. Face-offs 2. Man-in-Front
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-02 18:57:30)
    I was at my Mother-in-Law's place in Buckingham late into the Christmas lights installation and came in to find the score 2-1 then 3, then 4, then I went to a book thinking that they aren't playing, and I guess they weren't from what I understand. Then I decide to take the ole' Daisy-dog out and coming in just check to see the final damage, so I have the last 2:30 and I am incredulous. Wha' happened? 3 things. Canadiens can do this against any team, forget about "oh boy, wait until you play a real team". No, this is a really good team. And lousy teams can play well too, though I think the 'Isles' are not so good. The former number one line is still the number one line, I dunno, give them chocolate between periods if you have to. Give the younger defence some space. Just let them have some fun, and for O'Byrne, just let him skate abit and find his feet. Look, the Big Three were never rushed on the forecheck like OB is now, he's having to do all kinds of things that he didn't have to do before. He's ok, let him be for awhile.... after, well that's another thing. My favorite other D's during the good times of the 70s-80s transition, and not necessarily in favorite order, other than the sign of the three: Don Awrey Pierre Bouchard Bill Nyrop Rod Langway Gilles Lupien Rick Chartraw Brian Engblom Lads, as far as I can remember, this is all the D variations that they played with from 74-80 aside from the forwards, and well, yeah, this is another story.... Probably, the Habs played the 3 most of the games, but then it was all different. Larry Rob was as about as big as you got, and we didn't have the whizzing kids like Brent Burns (BG). I am not sure what era I like, but I am sure that the greatest goal ever scored by a Hab was Lafleur vs Boston in the semi 1979. Of course, I don't like the Bruns,(Orr excepted)
  • Comment on A number 4 – with a bullet – D? (2008-10-31 21:23:49)
    Agreed. Yup, good ole' Pierre. He's just a real pistol. What Alma Mater? Hopefully not mine......
  • Comment on A number 4 – with a bullet – D? (2008-10-31 20:33:46)
    Thank you. Amen.