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  • Comment on Odds against a Habs rookie cracking lineup this season (2014-09-11 17:57:32)
    I found it a little off putting as well. However, what if they were simply asked the question by some reporter? If that was the case, we can't judge them for providing honest answers. Anyway, I would be very surprised if either of them were chosen. They just don't have the experience in my view to take on the duties of that role. It will go to either Markov or Plekanec - two guys who play hard every night, have loads of NHL experience at all levels and have earned respect around the league.
  • Comment on ‘So far, so good,’ Habs’ Price says about offseason training (2014-08-20 22:55:52)
    Given that the human body has only one spleen, I'd wager Sullivan didn't want to risk another encounter with Harvey..
  • Comment on NHL players jump on board with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (2014-08-13 11:17:51)
    88% of public sector employees have pension plans compared to just 24% in the private sector. Additionally, public sector employees make roughly 15 - 20% more then private sector employees in similar fields when including both wage premiums and non wage benefits. In addition, Public Sector pensions are large, pooled and much more robust as compared to private pensions. For example, Public Sector pension plans typically provide target income replacement of 70 percent of final earnings integrated with C/QPP benefits after a 35-year career. You won't get close to that with a private sector pension (if you are lucky enough to even have a private sector pension). Average retirement age: Public: 58 Private: 62 Self Employed: when they die If you are a public servant I apologize for saying this but - we in the private sector are getting a little disgruntled that we are paying for your early retirement and retirement benefits that pale in comparison to ours. As the many Baby Boomers who make up a large portion of the 3,2 million public sector employees set to retire, it will place a further strain on the federal pocket book. To sustain all those new govt retirees, the feds will either have to increase the tax burden or cut programs. Things need to change.
  • Comment on New Hab Parenteau can’t wait for training camp to start (2014-08-09 09:11:48)
    A 7 year old boy finds Elmer Lach's Stanely Cup ring (well, one of them) in the sand at a beach in New Brunswick:
  • Comment on Mike & Max’s excellent adventure: Weaver’s dream summer with Pacioretty (2014-07-10 18:48:15)
    And I bet u have a picture of him in your locker:)
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 17:31:58)
    1. If you can get a goon who is a two way player with some scoring ability then, sure, why not? 2. No, he won't because 1 above is not available. 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Pleks or Markov
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 12:53:30)
    Dunno. How big are you? If you're at least 72" tall and 48" wide you might be a shoe in..
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 12:48:02)
    I think its quite likely BriPro already got those subscribers via an opt in process. That is a requirement under international anti-spam regs. His beef is that he now has to get them to all opt in AGAIN. This costs money, time and irritates customers because, no doubt, their in boxes are already being flooded by every other honest company that is trying to follow the new rules. He will lose many subs because of dishonest spammers who don't follow the rules. I feel for you Bipro but not a lot you can do other than "grin and bear it"
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-03 13:49:55)
    You want to make oodles of money AND make a difference? Get into artificial intelligence R&D. You'll have to move to Silicon valley cause not much going on in Canada. It's where the next game changing technological break through will be, assuming we don't go extinct because of it.
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-03 13:44:26)
    Chris, I do believe we can place a lot of the blame for a lack of innovation squarely at the feet of this current govt. We have two excellent programs specifically designed to stimulate innovation in this country. They are IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program) and SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development). Both were great programs that encouraged spending on R&D. Both are a shadow of what they were prior to the Conservatives. Then we have the gutting of scientific institutions by this current govt. They eliminated the office of National Science Advisor, they cut the Great Lakes project, they cut funding at the Cdn Institute for Science, they cut the long form census, they reduced funding to the NSERC program, they ended a 40 year program in the arctic monitoring the ozone layer. And on and on. It is estimated that over 40 science based programs have been cut but no one is certain because most have been quietly axed. I think around 6,000 scientists are now looking for work, most likely outside the country. We have been set back at least 10 years by this failure of a govt.