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  • Comment on Mr. Hockey & Carey Price headline weekend autograph signing (2012-03-23 12:29:08)
    ya but gomez will have a better year next year, u know he is a proven winner because he won a stanely cup
  • Comment on Mr. Hockey & Carey Price headline weekend autograph signing (2012-03-23 12:19:59)
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout won by Daniel F. (2012-01-14 22:24:33)
    he's worth 5
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout won by Daniel F. (2012-01-14 22:20:48)
    i think he's more concerned with the traffic on his site than here. to be honest.
  • Comment on Paper hats or paper bags? (2011-12-31 16:42:51)
    Who would you consider or who would be on your short list? I would love to get Scotty to tell you the truth. My interview with Mr Bowman would be, what do u want and it's yours.
  • Comment on Paper hats or paper bags? (2011-12-31 16:23:38)
    i don't mind if they make trades to try and improve the team but they can't trade away picks or young talent unless they pick up something that will help them out long term. Unfortunately, first round picks are harder to get these days and the habs have a lot of salary that would be hard for the majority of the top teams to eat up. AK and pleks are your most valuable players to trade when u consider salary and production
  • Comment on Paper hats or paper bags? (2011-12-31 16:19:41)
    Wow, so many PM haters here. Serge Savard 1983 1995 Rejean Houle 1995 2000 Andre Savard 2000 2003 Bob Gainey 2003 2010 Pierre Gauthier 2010 to present Not for anything why would PM be such a bad choice. A GM has to be able to evaluate players and organization needs. Look at the list above? What have they done? Please don't talk about serge coming back, he's in real estate now and i don't want to get into some of his trades either. let alone the other geniuses. I'm for getting the best GM out there and i'm not saying it's PM but why would someone like Bowman speak so highly of him if he were an idiot? They might be friends but at the same time i think we have to say Bowman wouldn't risk his credibility. Anyways it's all good. like i have said for a while give 2 more weeks of loosing and bob gainey will jump in as interim gm and coach and try to sell off some of his horrible trades and acquisitions. habs = cap suicide (only way for us to keep some of our younger talent will be to send some people to the minors... and that's how it stands now) the whole notion that a new CBA will allow teams to get out of bad contracts is nuts; they did that in the last CBA because it was the first time a salary cap was installed. they are more likely to add a rule saying if you signed them it counts on the cap regardless of where they are playing? The point of the cap was to force teams to be good with their resource spending. The top teams shouldn't be allowed to bury bad contracts and outspend other team.. that's not parity
  • Comment on At least it’s a white Christmas (2011-12-23 16:05:37)
    halak has started to turn it around. save percentage is going up and gaa is at 2.37. But i know how it goes. Eller's point production isn't great and he has struggled but if i say that people always say, well u can't look at his stats... but the minute it's about an ex hab player, it's look at his stats, he sucks lol. i'm not the biggest eller fan but he's still really young and he deserves time to grow.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Still 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-22 21:14:25)
    I thought he was supposed to be a potential top 6? Anyways, benching subban's was dumb.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Still 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-22 21:07:39)
    Ya his 3 goals will be missed.... Seriously man.... Is it subban's fault today?