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  • Comment on Price on strike? (2010-08-31 17:06:08)

    There are never any sources for stuff like this. I know others will jump on this just to put something else against Carey.

    Hmm, RDS posted an article on there being not enough Quebecers on the team... Are they recycling news over there?

  • Comment on Price talks! (2010-07-20 15:41:04)

    Why did they hire Randy? All he does is mow lawns drunk! You can't trust a man without a shirt!

  • Comment on Friday roundup (2010-07-16 09:25:54)

    Andrei Markov becomes a Canadian today!! :)

  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-18 14:52:38)


  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-18 14:51:29)

    Halak can still be your goalie, become a Blues fan. Problem solved.

    Halak was awesome but as of yesterday afternoon, he isn't a Hab anymore.

    Also what is it with the second favourite team stuff. When Koivu left everyone said that Anaheim would be their second favourite team, then others wanted to follow Kovalev to Ottawa... it's in the heat of the moment and I agree it does spur up emotions,but be realistic.

    Imagine, Stanley Cup Finals 2011 STL vs MTL Game 7.  Halak or the Habs, which wil you pick?

  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-18 14:37:59)

    Don't like what happened... you're pissed at the team? Cheer for some other team, no one has a gun to your head.

    I've seen cats and dogs smarter than Tony242.

  • Comment on Habs silence spurred Robinson to Devils (2010-06-18 02:46:30)

    Everyone needs to calm down! What a day. Halak has been amazing this past season but after whatever happened and whatever we said, Jaro is gone. I will miss him, but at the end of the day, I'm a Habs fan.  Instead of thrashing Price, lets hope the team plays great in front of him and lets hope he has an amazing 2010-2011 season.  He has shown magic in the past and I know can continue to do so in the future.

    Lets not act like the trailer park bottle kids throwing bottles at our own team!! Damn Lahey!

  • Comment on View from there: Ovechkin dings Theo (2010-04-14 22:19:40)

    Did you guys see the headline on TSN that the NHL teams that fired their head coaches aren't looking for experience but they're looking for a good young coach. http://www.tsn.ca/columnists/darren_dreger/?id=318052

    Here's a list of candidates without NHL head coaching experience who are rated potential head coaches in the League:

    Scott Arniel – Manitoba (AHL)
    Guy Boucher – Hamilton (AHL)
    Bob Boughner – Windsor (OHL)
    Kevin Dineen – Portland (AHL)
    Paul MacLean – Detroit (NHL)
    Brad McCrimmon – Detroit (NHL)
    Brent Peterson – Nashville (NHL)

    Dineen, Arniel and Boucher run successful benches in the American Hockey League.  Boucher, in his first year as head coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs, was recently named AHL coach of the year.  It's believed Boucher may be a year or two away from making the jump. 


    I really hope that we don't lose Guy Boucher... I'd take him any day over Jacques Martin!!

  • Comment on AUDIO: And now the work begins (2010-04-12 10:21:44)

    Dude, there is no SO in the playoffs, just 4 on 4 until someone scores

  • Comment on Canadiens hold team meeting, brief practice (2010-04-09 17:03:07)

    Yeah, him and Randy the cheeseburglar are killing Sunnyvale err.... the Habs

    I've seen Cats and Dogs smarter than Jacques Martin!