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  • Comment on Game 11: Panthers end Habs’ four-game streak (2010-10-30 21:52:44)

    I like our team and for the most part this week each player showed up for most of the games. Hammer needs some time off, way too many turnovers and did a bone head play to lead to the penatly shot. He's our weak spot on the back end. I'd like to see Obyrne/Picard more frequently and less Hamr/Spack. Although I would take Spacek over Hamr any day of the week.

    As for forwards, I love our bottom 6 guys, they work hard each night and are producing key goals/points - no complaints there. As for the top 6...Yes Gomez is overpaid but watching each game its clear hes skating hard and competing and setting up Gio way too many times with out getting any results. Ug Im getting tired of Gio already... little rat can't even score on an empty net. REALLY A DENIS WIDEMAN SKATE, that is all he had to get by with ample room and time and he can't find the back of the net. Note to Martin stop giving Gio PP time, he's had his chance, he should have to work out of his funk by himself - no more PP time for him. It's  not like taking him off the PP can do any harm.

    I love the way AK and Plecky are playing, minus AK's move at the end of the game leading to third goal, but where is cammy? I don't expect him to score like he was in the playoffs, but he is tied for our worse forward overall (with GIO). Those two are just making awful decisions and struggle to hit the net at all. Sigh. Martin should demote Gio or Cammy one or two games, let them play against a third pair defence squad, it should be a lot easier, and the bottom 6 guys will set em up nicely.

  • Comment on Game 2: Price, Cammalleri lead Habs past Penguins (2010-10-09 22:10:14)

    It sure is sad to see the negative comments or even the discussion on how Price didn't look good on the second goal.

    To me a definition of a weak goal is one where the goaltender is out of position. Price was in good position and the puck just squeeked in. That happens all the time in the league.

    Also, since people think it was a weak goal, and Price still lets a 'garbage' goal in every game... I dont rive a rats ass if he lets a garbage goal in every game of the season if he plays like that and keeps the hard shots out.

    A GAA of 2.0 over the course of the season, would surely put him in the top of the league in that department.

    We won, Price played well over 60 minutes, the PK was great, so was Subban, our PP would be nice to get going though, just like in Toronto. O well Marky will fix that.


    And for the leafs winning - LET THEM WIN. I sincerely hope to god they win enough games this year to make the playoffs and get crushed by Washington - Everyone knows they won't do much in the playoffs. Remeber we don't want the Bruins grabbing another great first round pick...

  • Comment on Qualifying offers heat up contract talks (2010-06-24 15:02:08)

    The 'year' begins in April. Sure. That's when Byfuglien and the thrashers can practice their golf swing. It doesn't matter how good you are in the Playoffs, if you don't make em ... well you can figure it out where im going with this.

  • Comment on Qualifying offers heat up contract talks (2010-06-24 14:54:18)

    Well he had an injury that seemed to hamper in the regular season, also our top 6 lines (from all the damn injurires last year) were never set, or had a extended period of time to really work together. I really think AK46 may benefit alot by dropping down to the third line and play with a few other young guns, maybe Eller/SK or Benny. Think about it, that line would most likely do well against a third pairing of defence, not to mention a third/fourth line of forwards. Just an idea though.

    Of course, we'd have to fill in the top 2 lines. Frolov had an off season, and would get less then 4mill a year, throw him with Cammy/Pleky and have Gio/Gomez (Benny, or Schultz etc)

  • Comment on Qualifying offers heat up contract talks (2010-06-24 14:49:16)

    An automatic contender? You're kidding right? Surely you must be,

    Because Hossa, Heatly, and Kovalchuk never made Atlanta anything. And from what you're saying, Dustin Byfuglien is a bigger impact on the Thrashers. O yes that's a good one.

    He's a good player, but playing with Toews and Kane helped ALOT. Keep in mind where did he play during the Regular season? O ya thats right not with those two guys. Being on a line with such strong linemates, forces the defence to watch them, and leave Dustin open, sure Pronger would be tied up with him but overall the backcheckers and defence are more worried by Kane and Toews.

    I can't see him having over 70 points a year - ever.

  • Comment on Qualifying offers heat up contract talks (2010-06-24 14:40:17)

    I see a lot of hate regarding the offer to SK74. I for one am glad that this happened. Clearly JM and PG think (like I do) this is guy is one our more talented young forwards. Does he have issues - of course. But JM hated SK at one point last season, and for him to really agree to give him another chance, (and hopefully he doesnt just get 2 minutes a game on the 4th line) should spark Sergei's hopes etc.

    As for the AK46 hate, well he had 8 points in 19 games in the playoffs. But he also was the hardest hitting, and most consistent hitter on our team throughout the playoffs. It was always him or Lapps as top checkers/hitters. That's a plus many people don't look into, is that both Kost bros like to throw their weight around (I do like those open ice hits they do, there wasn't many this year compared to the last couple though)

    I think even by letting Metro go, would be usfeul who is getting on in age, and normally would at least fetch 1.5 mill each, (it'd be tough to sign him for under 1.5) we can give that money to some kids and form a strong young third line. SK74, Eller and Benny (just a simple example of course).

    O well, I look forward to some more deals/signings. As much as I liked the Hammer here the past few years, it'd be great to see him bought out or dealt. That way we'd have some more space, to grab a top 6 forward, and sign some upcoming UFAs for next season (my boy Markov)

    If that happens well, I'd say we would have a pretty strong team

    Plek Cammy ?? (AK46, Frolov? )

    Gomez Gio ?/ (Benny ? Schultz? - he's a big  body who knows - could be to soon, but playing with savvy vets could be great for him)

    Eller SK74 ??         (Really  the top 3 lines here can be filled in by anyone in the parentheses, depending on their development etc)

    Pyatt Lapps ?? (Moore)

    Markov - Subban

    Spacek - O'Byrne

    Gill - Gorges

    Price (and go sign Biron as a back up)


  • Comment on For 20 minutes, a great game (2010-04-19 20:45:47)

    Well the refs dont call no interference or any penalites on all the crap the Capitals do game 2, let that be noted it lasted for 60 minutes all their shit. And now we defend Price, or get mad at the refs = MISCONDUCT DOUBLE MINORS - what a ***ing joke. Go stupid god damn refs.


    Good rebound control for Halak. Boone I have no idea how you can blame the 'crap D'. Goalies aren't supposed to give a damn rebound each time a soft shot hits him.

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 2: Backstrom sinks Canadiens (2010-04-18 03:05:49)

    Funny. I am pretty sure there was a 'dis' infront of that agree before. Glad to see Habs IO is jam packed with either two types of people;

    Hab pessimists

    or Liars

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 2: Backstrom sinks Canadiens (2010-04-18 02:12:15)

    Well, from not only this amazing comment, but your other replies/posts on this blog combined have been well... how do you put it? 'surprisingly basic'? Maybe I mean, that your post really doesn't progress the conversation, or engage in something meaningful.

    Consider that a tip.

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 2: Backstrom sinks Canadiens (2010-04-18 01:26:22)

    Hmm. Fun and exciting game to watch. A real wild one. Too bad we couldn't pull through.


    My thoughts:


    Err people JM has showed he can handle the best team in the league for two games in their own building. Need I remind you the Caps only have 5 regular season home losses!? So people seriously get off of JM's case, he may have not been the best this season, but playoffs he has showed some of his veteran presence/experience. And dear god, for all those people " OMGZZ why didn't JM call a timeout??! " learn something about hockey, then write a meaningful comment - not one just to bash a coach or goalie.

    Overall the habs played well, and only one play bugged me. (well the reffing sucked  but meh) When Cammy took that penalty on Ovy with 90seconds left. He had done the same thing earlier in the game, you can't touch those sticks - come on Cammy!! If that was bad, then the whole team basically sat back and must've been thinking 'oh the caps have another powerplay' ... without realizing that we have to touch the puck to stop play. Sigh. And the goal was soft on Jaro, but the habs fans will cheer him up and we will be shining come Monday.

    1-1 Anyone will take it, ya sure we were up 4-1 and lost, we all have a sour taste in our mouth. But you don't think the habs are going to try just as hard at home? Of course they will. As for the poor reffing, it happens, some days (although very rare) the habs get breaks with the refs. I look forward to see the the Bell Centre crowd weighing in/influencing the refs this week. I still think we're playing too well for the first two games, not to win this series. Habs in 6 - look for Jaro to shine Mon/Wed - he has too.

    Finally, kind of going back to my one problem of the game, I wish we could've stopped play and let the Caps get their PP out. Dear god our PK/PP special teams have been amazing. Perfect PK so far? Excellent.


    Habs win 4-2 and 2-1 this week. Not sure what the order will be. Be happy its the playoffs, the games are exciting/frustrating but hell thats the way its supposed to be!


    I just hate how the playoffs, always takes my study time away - especially this year so many good games. (I think Chicago, Phoenix (Bryz rebound game), Ottawa, San Jose and Jersey will win.


    PS - what do you guys think of very poor officiating for both game 2s for the 1vs8 seeds? SJ vs Col and Mon vs Wash, it seems they didn't want the 8 seeds going up 2-0. Coincidence - I think not!