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  • Comment on Audio: Martin shakes things up (2010-10-14 19:01:37)

    What interests me so much more is next season and the space we will have on the cap, and the possibility of having some of our young prospects making the team. 

    Alexi Emelin is a beast, I had a chance to see him play when I wented to Moscow and saw Dynamo face Ak Barz last year. Asset he would be to the Habs if we could CONVINCE him to play North American hockey. I just can't imagine why anybody wouldn't want to play for the best league in the world,where you find the best players. Unfortunatly Kazan Russia is so corrupted with the mafia being the 3rd or 4th corrupted city in russia that most of these players are tied to personal obligations and contracts with these guys. But if we can land Alexi Emelin to a 2 year deal next year, it will be the season I have been waiting for since I first heard about him, I anticipate overall that the Habs have drafted well the last 5 years from what we are all promised to get as results for the future.      

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  • Comment on Audio: Brian Gionta named captain (2010-09-29 11:52:40)
    Pierre LeBrun on Twitter: Just spoke with Lou Lamoriello who was oozing pride with his former Devil Gionta now captain of the Habs, ``They made a great decision Go Habs Go
  • Comment on The Price wasn’t … ah, forget it! (2010-09-23 12:39:22)

    I am really thinking that Lapierre can give us a lot more offence this year than BP can, Laps can become a 25goal scorer if placed with the right linemates. So It's time this kid gets promoted for his hard work every night so put him on the first or second line and you will have your strongest grinder with your best playmakers or snipers on the team which makes the perfect reciepe for a solid line. Place  BP on the 3rd line cuz this guy doesn't have the offence skills to be a threat, his size can be used somewhere else.  

    Anyone feel that Laps should really get a shot on either the first two lines this year?



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  • Comment on Jaro is back … for a visit (2010-08-30 11:31:14)

    P.K Subban was at Sport Rousseau off the 440 signing autographs saturday, pretty beefed up kid for his age, got my P.K shirt signed waited about 45min, worth it took a nice pic with him too !!

    anybody else get a chane to go?

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  • Comment on Another signing (2010-07-31 14:34:55)

    Has anybody seen what his slap shot looks like?

    anything comparable to MAB on the point?


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  • Comment on Canadiens sign Desjardins, Russell (2010-07-20 14:19:19)

    Who here thinks that Langenbrunner would be a good fit here, being reunited with the old trio, As per hockey30 are saying NJ would is over the cap and PG might grab him and see how they play again for a year or two

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  • Comment on Live tonight on RDS! (2010-07-08 10:38:42)

    What if Crosby or Ovechkin was to make a announcment on RDS tonight that he was going to sign with the Habs, would you watch it, not for nothing but I think all of Quebec would be tuned in.

    Where does Miami heat have the balls to sign Bosh, Wade, and Lebron

     no Guts no Glory


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  • Comment on Goodbye to Moore, Metro, Bergeron (2010-07-06 17:30:48)

    I donu but he was big in the playoffs, and I can't picture him not being jelous of Latenderness contract 



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  • Comment on Goodbye to Moore, Metro, Bergeron (2010-07-06 17:23:06)

    So since ''Latenderness'' landed a 2.5mill or somehting contract with Mini, what does that price Laps, about the same, there, is no room for improvment after signing them both, thats BS


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  • Comment on Development camp begins Tuesday (2010-07-03 16:09:17)

    Can you imagine what type of player GB can turn Victor Hedman in for the next four years, he is gonna be a beast, the next phaneuf but better I'd say, just look at how he's developed P.K in just less than a year, as I recall hearing him say he taught and showed him a lot, right times to go up, shift back, protect the puck..ect  


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