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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-03 09:05:55)
    Prediction: Either there will be a coaching change in Montreal before the trade deadline or the Habs will miss the playoffs Habs continue to rely on Price to win games - management has not addressed the problem of anemic offense - Coaches (apparently) want PK to play more conservative and take less chances (despite the fact that he generates more offense than anyone else). Young players should be developing but getting little or no ice time. Therien knows how to coach a chip and chase system - does not seem to know how to coach or develop talent (remember the Pens?).
  • Comment on Habs’ Therrien won’t second-guess Team Canada coaches (with video) (2014-02-21 07:58:24)
    So......(according to Therien) this Olympic experience is good for Suban? How so? The only thing PK could get out of this is a lesson in how to control his frustrations and a mental note to bring his A++ game agaist Detroit and Dallas respectively! Babcock has all the talent a coach could dream of having and he has the team playing a stupid trap system that the players are obviosly not comfortable with - they are over-thinking and not playing their "natural" game. MAYBE Canada can win in spite of the coaching!
  • Comment on A summer of love, golf and hard work for Habs’ Prust (2013-08-09 22:11:43)
    Considering that Gretzky scored 92 goals in 80 games in's not out of the question. Gretzky himself indicated that - in his opinion - some of his records will be difficult to beat because in that era NHL goaltending was very weak (Gretzky's words). Then again, with the now 2-Line pass and with the way they call penalties for the most rediculous "infractions" wonder how many goals he would have scored in this era!
  • Comment on Armstrong’s Habs career ends, while Brière’s begins (2013-08-04 09:06:17)
    Completely agree with Ed and Kooch.....could not have said it better myself.
  • Comment on Scott Gomez signs one-year deal with Panthers (2013-08-01 00:07:06)
    If quantity is most important - Habs are at or near the top - how would we then explain that the Habs have rarely gone deep in the playoffs (was it 2010 round #3?)- or had trouble even making the playoffs - based upon thier draft "success". If QUALITY is more important - that WOULD explain how teams like LA, Boston and Chicago have won recent Cups and repeatedly threaten to do so (while the Habs have not come close). The Habs missed on too many good players through then Timmins era. Can't decide which I like better A. Kostitsyn over Carter, Brown Seabrook, Parise, Bergeron, Getrzlaff, Perry, Richards et al. Or - David Fisher over Claude Giroux - then again Ben Maxwell over Milan Lucic was also good for a laugh!
  • Comment on Scott Gomez signs one-year deal with Panthers (2013-07-31 20:25:26)
    Reality: Timmins has AT TIMES done well at the draft table (2007 was an exceptional draft). Bergevin & staff want to built the Habs into Champs and he has acknowledged that you can only build the core of a champion is through the draft (utelizing trades and FA signings in a suplemental manner). To build a championship team through the draft the Habs have to draft better than the best drafting teams in the NHL (Bostin, Chicago, LA etc.) - to date, Habs scouts have been too INconsistant in drafting and too consistent in missing higher calibre talent to compete for the Cup. .
  • Comment on Scott Gomez signs one-year deal with Panthers (2013-07-31 20:14:41)
    Dale Tallon was the Hawks GM when they built a Cup Champ. Now - he expects Scott Gomez to be a ""leader" of the Panthers young players? WOW!
  • Comment on Laraque throws helmet into federal political ring; carves Parros (2013-07-09 13:28:46)
    I just don't "get" that 2012 Poll. John Scott showed up for Buffalo last season - Lucic not only did not dare to run at Ryan Miller - he stayed away from throwing his weight around all together. Chara hid on the Bruins bench (would not go near Scott). I give Thornton credit - he fought Scott and missed a few games afterwards with a concussion from Scott's punches. Lucic and Chara were obviously scared of Scott, yet NHL players rate both them ahead of Scott as NHL "tough guys"? I don't get it.
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-05 00:29:41)
    This Briere signing makes perfect sense - when you consider that the HABS are in dire need of small forwards, especially those who are well past their prime (and never wanted to have anything to do with the organization during the most productive seasons of their career). Nice retiremnent packeage for Danny - he deserves it!
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-04 20:07:35)
    Danny B. was bought out for a reason.....not because he is in his prime! He'll be 36 years old at the start of the season - did not want to sign with the Habs when he decided on the Flyers.....apparently the Habs are now "GOOD ENOUGH" - truely amazing! Has Bergevin given in to the pressure of the francaphone fans and media - or has he just ""lost it"?