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  • Comment on Budaj gets start in goal for Habs against Sharks (2014-03-08 15:14:49)
    Looking forward to seeing Price back with his golden confidence! Wish they would put Galchenyuk in Gionta's place on the second unit.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-02 07:56:28)
    Could not agree more with 'thehockeynews' regarding Mike Boone's attitude. The defense of his antics are ridiculous. The traffic to this website is correlated to the wildly (and justly) high profile of the Montreal Canadiens locally, nationally, and internationally. It has nothing to do with this pessimistic dog walking turncoat. Stubbs is a treat to read, he's a real habs fan. Boone represents the habs fans that booed Price mercilessly a few years ago. Every time they lose, it's a stinker and the team needs to be rebuilt. Every time they win, he complains about his tequila shot being half empty. Get Jay Baruchel to do the game blogs if you a want a satirical non-journalist. I appreciate your assistance in the foundation years of this site, Boone. But much like Grapes and Bob Cole, it's time to move on.
  • Comment on Tinordi sent down to Hamilton, Pateryn called up (2013-10-23 15:24:08)
    Why is no one getting on Gionta's case yet? He's two steps behind where he would have been in seasons passed. He loses the puck in almost every battle he's in. He's a waste of space and time on the PP! I feel like he's getting a free pass because we put the "C" on his jersey.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 00:32:48)
    Bill, people like you tarnish the grande reputation of being a Habs fan. I bet if a pound of gold fell into your lap you'd complain that it was too shiny. Cole (a distracting, whining, uninspired product this season) + 4.5mill over each of the next two seasons FOR someone who had success in Montreal, had equal production last year, has better production this year, has a cup, had three assists the other night + a third round draft choice + $0 over each of the next two seasons does seem like a shrewd move to me and every other hockey mind that has analyzed it. Enjoy the moment. It's the season we all dreamed it would be and then some.
  • Comment on Betts claimed off waivers; Woywitka on waivers; Palushaj, Blunden, Schultz to Hamilton (2011-10-05 13:29:27)
    For example, Andrei Markov?
  • Comment on Let’s try that again (2011-09-21 10:43:49)
    Tinordi didn't impress me at all last night. It's the Ryan O'Byrne theory all over again. "If he's got a big frame, he can learn how to play the game". Tinordi didn't complete one tape-to-tape breakout pass, looked lost in his own end - and didn't lay any hits. PS - I'm not a hater, I've just heard so much hype about him that i'm disappointed. Doesn't look like a first rounder.
  • Comment on “Most physical scrimmage” – Martin; also Habs video (2011-09-17 14:42:59)
    I can't believe these posts about Yemelin looking out of shape. He doesn't look out of shape at all in that picture with Andrei in the gym...if anything Kostitsyn looked a bit out of shape haha
  • Comment on Sounding the death knell (2011-09-02 14:27:15)
    Concordia Stingers return to action tomorrow against Laval! For those of you in the area, you should stop by the field across from the Loyola Campus in NDG! Here's a video on the return of one of their leaders! Go Stingers!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE7TYnZlnAw
  • Comment on Subban named NHL’s 3rd star of week (2011-03-21 12:33:34)
    Why are we calling hat tricks or hattys 'hat's now haha
  • Comment on Trade deadline has NHL buzzing (2011-02-28 00:30:46)

    No idea who Travis Yost is...But he's the apparent source on Eklund's new rumor involving Campoli. Yost called Campoli a 'rental rfa', there is no such thing