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  • Comment on Is Doan ready to make a move? (2012-07-31 12:16:20)
    Nunacanadien is not a Habs fan.Sounds typically like someone from Leaf Nation here for a few laughs. -Doc
  • Comment on Is Doan ready to make a move? (2012-07-31 12:12:54)
    wow someone here doesn't have a clue about the Habs. -Doc
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-29 10:33:39)
    AK just doesn't get it and never will.If he hasn't learned by age 26-27 how to play in the NHL he never will.His game is his game..and it's perfect for the KHL or Swiss Elite League. -Doc
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-29 10:30:32)
    Let's take a hypothetical situation.Gomez plays the 7-8 pre season games and finds himself with the grand total of 1 assist and is -4.He hasn't changed his style of play,still predictable,plays soft,doesn't go to the net and throws his wingers offside when he slows down at the opposition blueline.Do you dress him for game one of the regular season.Can his fate not be determined in the preseason?and Eller is a natural center and should stay there,don't mess with a good thing,Eller has the potential to be one of the top 2-way 3rd line centers in the NHL..and perhaps even 2nd line someday. -Doc
  • Comment on Bergevin, Meehan to talk P.K. (2012-07-23 12:43:49)
    Do you hear the words "NHL bailout" in the distance?...because Nashville is about to become the next Phoenix. -Doc
  • Comment on Bergevin, Meehan to talk P.K. (2012-07-23 12:41:50)
    agreed. -Doc
  • Comment on Bergevin, Meehan to talk P.K. (2012-07-23 12:40:42)
    PK is in Karlsson's league,and if the numbers don't show that now they will in a couple of seasons.As far as the first pass out of the zone when PK is thinking and not taking chances his first pass out of the zone is excellent,if there was a 80-90 point scorer on the team,his points would be up as well.And as far as Karlsson being "much better" than PK defensively...especially in the second half of the season where PK played excellent defensive hockey..I would have to say you probably have watched neither player as much as you should to make that conclusion,or you're a leaf/bruin fan. -Doc
  • Comment on Bergevin, Meehan to talk P.K. (2012-07-22 01:04:45)
    agreed on Bergevin waiting for the outcome of the new CBA ,making a costly move to remove Gomez from the roster right now would not be good business sense.The Habs might be able to let him go with little or no cap hit,there is almost certain to be a clause to address this issue in the new agreement. -Doc
  • Comment on Saturday video theatre (2012-07-15 15:28:21)
    which centreman would you move to make room for Gomez ?If you think he's going to turn into Brad Richards over the summer....I think not.Of course he'll get his chance in training camp,I'm just saying at 32 it doesn't look good .The league seemed to have passed him by,not convinced he can play the rugged style required.His performance is more suited for the Swiss A division. -Doc
  • Comment on Saturday video theatre (2012-07-15 14:57:26)
    No,I didn't include Gomez.I don't see where he could possibly fit into the lineup.He hasn't played well for 4 years ,3 in Montreal,and his year in New York.Stick a fork in him..he's done at the NHL level. -Doc