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  • Comment on Episode 4: Is Carey Price underpaid with the Canadiens? (2014-10-30 09:16:58)
    Great show guys, thanks for working out the technical problems which had me scrambling. After 3 years watching morning hockey in Korea I'm now (when I can) watching midnight hockey in Germany. Great to see the vets still rocking it Hickey and Boone, you are pure class and Stu you are the perfect measured MC. Jack Todd, he's good for comic relief. Speaking of vets, as future guests, have you reached out to Ron Reusch? He is still doing good work on his blog. And what about Sergio Momesso? I always liked his PBP, he would be nice with Knuckles. Its a good team we have this year. Almost too much depth, hard to know who should stay or go. I missed last two games (come on, 3am starting time?) so I can't judge, but I saw Bourque pretty prominently in the highlights, especially pressing, causing that Stajan giveaway to Gilbert for the only goal against Calgary. That line doesn't have to score buckets, as long as they press and are responsible. Maybe switch in Sekac to see. I get the feeling that the Habs and MT are pacing it. They are in it for the long run this year, and want to try to stay healthy and save the best for when it counts. Carey can't help trying to make every save, Emelin and Weaver are playing very well to back up Subban and Markov, Tinordi is maturing nicely and Gilbert is not a liability and that is what has has us atop the East. Luckily we also have depth at defense. Thanks MB! and thanks Geoff Molson for bringing the talent together to make a team worth watching. Thanks to the earnest commentariat here too. Sadly there has been no true successor to Four Habs Fans. Here's my Habs home away from home, great to always see and avid and engaged buzz here.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-06 08:08:15)
    Missed last night's game, but just in case it hasn't been pointed out, Jaro Halak got pulled last night after allowing 5 goals in 48 mins. Regarding Campbell's comments...Singling out Subban for me smacks of something not right. Is the NHL ready for a black superstar? Are the fans? I find it disingenuous to single out Subban, and contribute to the suspiciously almost universal 'hate' opposing teams' fans seem to feel it is legitimate to harbour and cultivate for PK: There are divers all over the league, Marchand is as prolific as anyone in that department. Boston is known across the league as a dirty team which will use every trick in (or out of) the book to win, including behind the scenes and off the ice manipulation. I was blown away how whiney Julien was after the loss...but he knows what he is doing... and it isn't nice.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-01-31 07:32:44)
    Great read Mike, you really are in a class of your own, as a thoughtful hockey writer with his own opinions. Thanks for all the sacrifice it takes to hold all of us anxious Habs fans' hands through yet another roller-coater ride season. I agree Habs should try some more 'muscle' on the Cole line while Max Pac is out, but instead of Prust, maybe Armstrong or Blunden... Cole-DD-Armstrong/Blunden Plekanec-Gionta-Bourque Galchy - Gally - Prusty Moen-Eller-Blunden/Armstrong
  • Comment on Leafs 2-Habs 1: Post-game reaction (2013-01-20 14:46:57)
    Bring back the NHL13 simulations! KHL Hockey's not that bad...
  • Comment on Habs’ Gorges scores in OT for fantasy win over Senators (2012-12-20 03:47:03)
    "there is far more money on the owners’ side than we are being told." thanks for the cogent, cool-headed analysis. The owners certainly know what they are doing... KHL Hockey's not that bad...
  • Comment on Fourth work stoppage for Devils’ Brodeur (2012-12-01 11:49:21)
    This blog post might help give a bit of perspective on what is really at stake, especially for the owners. Don't forget who has been driving this lockout gauntlet, not Bettman: Jeremy Jacobs. The sad thing is it doesn't even make sense to boo the poor stiffs who have to work for him (i.e. the bruins) he obviously cares as little about them as we might. KHL Hockey's not that bad...
  • Comment on NHL makes its latest offer to players public (2012-10-17 18:04:53)
    Hey everyone, finally going to venture a comment after observing for a while. I'll be very curious to hear your thoughts. 1. hockey value is created by the players, not the owners. If there no players, there is no game, ergo, there is no hockey. The players are too lazy to set up their own league, and prefer to whine about how their bosses are exploiting them. 2. The league is just a cynical bunch of bosses. They will say anything to screw you, I and the players out of the tiniest fraction of a cent. They don't care a whit about 'the game' or 'the fans'. If they cared about the fans, they wouldn't have locked the players out and would have negotiated some other way (either being more earnest during the off-season, or negotiating during the season). If they cared about 'the game' they would let the sun-belt 'strategy' die and quit over-stretching the talent pool. 3. It is bull to say that it is 'impossible' to continue the season under the current CBA. The bosses' profit scheme involves complicated financial trickery trying to set up new hockey markets and products, they are hedging their investments, that is the owner's 'game', its not hockey. 4. what's all the pressure about 'preserving the 82-game season' as if that is some kind of sacred number? Think about it. The players rightly can and should take their time to decide how much they want to play along with the owners bogus schemes (which are paying them so well, admittedly). But then the players will be playing the bosses against the fans, instead of the other way around. Either way, we lose. 5. If the players really cared about the fans, they would start their own league. But then. would the fan base respond? Would a stripped-down NHL, where the main thing is the actual game, not merchandising and luxury boxes, be sustainable in a world where the KHL would then be able to lure away top talent with enormous pay offers? no solutions, fellow HI/Oers...
  • Comment on CBA talks turn sour (2012-08-10 04:42:28)
    Again and again, the same story with Bettman. Trying to buoy up 'poorer' teams in non-traditional hockey markets... what does this serve exactly? There have been a lot of good arguments for contraction, this one (from around the time of the last lockout) is out of date, but still makes the most salient points, and the situation hasn't improved at all since . Less teams = less travel, shorter season, less mediocre officiating, less mediocre players. As far as I have seen, especially in traditional hockey cities such as ours, there has been no benefit to expansion. The league is over-extended and is losing ground to the KHL and European leagues... Time to trim the fat, starting with the biggest porker, Bettman, and get back to having a product which is the best hockey in the world.
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-04 07:06:27)
    Shouldn't it be "PK said to have rejected Habs(tm) first offer?" This might have been mentioned before, but after three days of reading that PK is currently rejecting (present tense) the same alleged offer, I was about to get a sprained brain.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-12-14 08:03:01)
    proud of leading in bogus asg voting? what a joke! 41st in GAA, 53rd in save% yeah he's a star all right.