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  • Comment on Audio: Eller gets shot with a top line (2010-09-23 13:28:33)

    with that lineup, habs will get clobbered (shutout)tomorrow night

    at least Price won't be playing.

  • Comment on Habs sticking to goaltending plan (2010-09-23 12:49:15)

    Pouliot looked awful. if he continues like this, he'll be traded by the deadline.

  • Comment on Habs sticking to goaltending plan (2010-09-23 12:47:57)

    haha. you're comparing Price to Osgood and Ward who have won cups?????

    are you nuts?  yes indeed you are certified!

  • Comment on Habs sticking to goaltending plan (2010-09-23 12:46:43)

    you should pick another team. this guy  is making 3.25 mil to stop a puck. If he's not to the challenge he shouldn't be here. and please stop with this "23 year old crap.: it's getting a bit old.

    Every year, he's only 18, then he's only 19, then he's only 20!

    well at 23 years old, you're no longer a kid. you're a full fledged adult, and most adults have finished college by that age. so please stop with the excuses.

    and as far as the fans ar concerned, they're paying about $150/ticket, therefore they have every right to boo if their team underperforms or not up to their standard.

    if Price wants our support, he'll have to stop a puck, otherwise he won't ber respected.

    no more excuses for this coddled minor leaguer!

  • Comment on Habs sticking to goaltending plan (2010-09-23 11:25:36)

    up to the challenge? 4 goals on 9 shots. yup!

    maturity? yup. refusing to stick around and talk to the media. yup yup yup the thoroughbred is ready.

  • Comment on Habs sticking to goaltending plan (2010-09-23 10:35:51)

    I'm not going to mince words. I don't like Price. I loved Halak.

    Price will never be a great goaltender. why? he lacks maturity, composure, unable to make the big save when needed, and he just can't win.

    You may not agree with me, and I hope the kid proves me wrong, but I just don't see him getting the job done.

    How many chances are we going to give him, before PG realizes stubbornly, Price is not the man for the job.

    He will be gone by year's end or before.  just the way I think it will be played out.

  • Comment on Circle the wagons (2010-09-22 22:05:57)

    prediction: my mid season Sanford will be our #1 goalie. he's last year's Halak. I can just see it

    1 thing for sure: Price is the same as last year. that means no wins for the thoroughbred!