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  • Comment on No lineup changes expected for Habs vs. Avalanche (2014-10-18 10:13:20)
    those club1909 spots are really good…no clue WTF they are about but funny none the less… I like how Jay uses their whole names…EVERYONE knows who they are.. good morning Carey Price
  • Comment on Alexei Emelin in lineup, Nathan Beaulieu out for Habs against Bruins (2014-10-16 17:11:32)
    what do we think happens tonight w/ the whole Lucic thing? nothing? does he go after Weise? I highly doubt that. Does he fight Prust or Tinordi - decent probability of that. I'm my mind - and I know I'm a cement head according to some - I think the Habs need to broach the subject with him ASAP to begin and end it on their terms in their building at their home opener. Maybe Prust or Tinordi challenges him or better yet - I'd go have a chat with him - explain that if he gets out of line then someone on the Habs is going to take Bergeron's head off…see how that goes over. anyone notice all the non-fighters fighting? kinda defeats the purpose of having no enforcers - no?
  • Comment on Habs send Bournival down to Hamilton (2014-10-15 13:44:08)
    I have a huge history of not wanting the Habs to be under-manned in the toughness department based on years and years of astute observations because I know teams do not perform to the best of their abilities when they are being roughed up, intimated, beat-up - whatever you want to call it. I do not subscribe the notion that just because they are grown men and professional athletes - that they guys don't get scared or nervous or whatever - because they do. I think the Habs top players would play better if we had more toughness - not interested in John Scott but I sure would enjoy having Anthony Peluso on our 4th line and PA Parenteau being Wayne Simmons instead. I hope there is no BS and the Habs win a closely contested game on Thursday but - but - I'm not holding my breath…if either team ends up with a large lead - going to end up being a very long night for our Habs team because instead of doing nothing in response to being beat down (assuming Habs are winning) - the Bruins will likely try to get their licks in.
  • Comment on Habs will have plenty to work on at practice (2014-10-15 12:38:52)
    good discussion - I was really just trying to stir the pot - LA is not a goon squad by any means but they are a lot tougher than the Habs - across the board. Their toughest guys are tougher and their not tough guys are not as not tough. Habs are soft mes amis and the point I was making against TB is ZERO push back…you don't have to start fights, bully people or pick on smaller players but for the love of your game-check - DO SOMETHING.
  • Comment on Habs will have plenty to work on at practice (2014-10-15 10:30:09)
    LA Kings are leading the lead in fighting majors…just an FYI to all those who like to drop that name as a team which proves you don't need to be tough to win or whatever argument is normally used. Habs had zero push back when getting slaughtered in TB - lets see what happens with Boston.
  • Comment on Habs get day off after blowout in Tampa (2014-10-14 12:49:22)
    fair enough - game was way more violent back in the day for sure. Mr. Rocket Richard had no problem pounding your face in if you crossed him.
  • Comment on Habs get day off after blowout in Tampa (2014-10-14 12:33:10)
    ouch - regardless Gillies is a f-ng clown man, a bully, a scumbag- its pretty pathetic and embarrassing really. He attacks weaker opponents who are not interested in fighting, have no reason to and did nothing to deserve it. his professional "hockey" career - is over.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-14 10:08:05)
    that was ugly and not because of the 7-1 final but because of yet another horrendous start. bad sign. - PK looks and has been terrible. - 2/3 of our top line are tiny (DD and Gallagher or PA) - zero skilled forwards who use their size - a PP that is worse than awful - not going to bode well for the team toughness concept since an effective PP is the most important piece of that stupid puzzle. - we have Stamkos - who is awesome by the way - out muscling our entire team. me thinks those "fluky" - and yes they were fluky wins were like whip cream on shit. Coach MT has some work to do. I would say MB does as well. I'm not all doom and gloom just using my eyes. bright spots - Pleky and Galchenyuk
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-10 12:08:27)
    I like calling people clowns. its fun - and not really that insulting. I don't think anyone disagrees the Caps were playing very physical - clearly their game plan and man was it working - we were completely dominated in the first 2 periods. When we decided to push back in the form of some aggressive forechecking, hitting, and a fight - momentum turned. Pretty sure Prust and Moen targeted Orpick because of the shot on Pax and because he is known to play a little dirty. Habs can (and likely will) be goon free for the rest of history but still need more toughness in this line-up or its going to be a long season.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-10 11:36:52)
    the Prust hit and fight was good for the Habs. Caps were punking our guys all over the ice to the point of embarrassment - there was a change in momentum in the 3rd - can't say it was a direct result but definitely a contributor. and for all you clowns who think the best approach is to skate away and focus on winning - if that exact game is played 10 times - Habs lose 9 of them. Fluky win - period - we'll take it but you don't win many games where you are being physically dominated.