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  • Comment on About last night … (updated after Sunday afternoon game) (2013-03-17 12:48:42)
    I wasn't anticipating too much from Jarred Tinordi, but he really did exceed my expectations of him. The future of our defence corps certainly looks more formidable. It is interesting to note we took 3 "silly, innocent" penalties last nite - holding the stick, hand on the puck, and delay of game - but no crazy goon type infractions. I guess we leave that to the neanderthals of the Bruins and Leafs. And what a blatant missed call on the trip of Eller leading to the NJ goal - but after all, it was Chris Lee!
  • Comment on About last night … (updated after Sunday afternoon game) (2013-03-17 12:41:06)
    B W
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 17:32:20)
    Am excited to see Habs sitting in the lofty number 1 position...it's been a long dry spell. Hats off to Bergevin and the people he chose to work with him. So far a lot of good decisions have been made. It is a great thing to be a Habs fan again.
  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-03 06:55:57)

    The Blue Jackets constantly outworked us for the puck = we lost.


  • Comment on About last night … (2010-10-30 13:45:42)

    The post from ctony wherein he called Gorges "a smallish stiff" is so far off base, it's inhumanly possible to be that ridiculous.

    For your info ctony, Josh Gorges had an awkward moment during one game in 2009, just to see how it feels!

  • Comment on First place? Get out of here! (2010-10-30 13:00:04)

    Did anyone else notice that in last night's game, Chris Lee was the ref calling all the penalties against the Habs and not the other ref? His incompetency knows no boundaries.

  • Comment on Paul Devorski and Eric Furlatt make a video (2010-05-07 13:32:21)

    Maybe just maybe, divine justice was served last night. The referrees were so blatantly atrocious last night that perhaps our Heavenly Father looked down and shook His head at the injustice, and decided to favour our Habs with "questionable" third period goals and the victory.

    Ferlatt and Devorski should be banished from further playoff jobs.

    And whether Buttman gave any explicit instructions to them or not, he should be made to run naked through Times Square just for being Gary Bettman. He's unfit to be commissioner of a crokinole league.

  • Comment on Round 2, Game 4: Canadiens battle back, tie series (2010-05-06 22:52:08)

    Plain and simple.....the refereeing was disgusting.

  • Comment on How huge was that? (2010-05-02 17:47:11)

    These guys did themselves proud by coming back less than 48hours later to put a fork in the Penguins. So much for Bettman's strategy.

    I hope Canadiens fans and the entire hockey world realize how good and how valuable Josh Gorges is. What a steal he was for Rivet.


  • Comment on No Markov = no chance? (2010-05-01 15:14:35)

    Arguably, Markov's loss means as much to the Habs as Staal's loss means to the Pens. So let's not get too negative about our chances of moving on.

    We can squeak by with low scoring wins, but we have to keep the puck out of our own net. Again arguably, we still have our best defensive pairing in the lineup - Gorges and Gill. Perhaps Markov's absence will allow Subban to show us his offensive upside sooner than would have otherwise happened.

    Wouldn't it have been awesome if Danny Gallivan were able to have done the last games of the Hab-Cap series????? That would have been a joy to behold.