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  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-16 19:44:45)
    ive been on this site for ages, though i rarely post. do i want PK locked up for our team ? yes. do i think he is a risk in this market ? yes. was he wasted that night? definitely. does he want a shitload more than his market value in the nhl? 100%
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-15 17:02:30)
    I rarely post, but have an inside scoop on subbans expectations. one night before this past summer he came back to my house with some friends after a night at club in montreal (clubhouse) we were all wasted, but I most definitely remember talking to him about contract expectations. he was very forthright in saying that he considered himself polished and a number 1 dman. his expectation was ten years at 8 million per year. He wants fucking 80 schmill, no joke. Being a habs fan, I urged him to take a shorter contract, and earn his long term contract by proving himself during the short contract (trying to convince him that he could end up earning more if he proves himself) Not saying I had remotely any effect on his opinion, but he seemed EXTREMELY entitled to a massive contract. He has huge potential to remain a franchise Dman with unlimited upside... but his 'moonlighting on the side' personality will prove dangerous in a market like ours....
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-06 01:22:50)
    anyone ever met his daughter? hehehe
  • Comment on Habs regroup on eve of Round 2 (2010-04-30 06:26:25)

    halak for captain - he deserves that nhl ad. repeat 1993. love you all, fans unite