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  • Comment on Firsts (2010-11-22 16:10:41)

    The Globe had an article about the threats against Subban and racism today:


  • Comment on Rivalry? (2010-11-20 19:25:30)

    Who is the crowd taunting? (Or what are they chanting?)

  • Comment on Well, that was no fun (2010-05-17 18:45:16)

    I was at game four in Philly, and people started throwing stuff at our car as we were crossing the bridge from Jersey. We gave some cops the plates of the people who did it, and they laughed. Every time we got shit for being "French," I asked Philly fans where they thought Daniel Brière and Martin Biron were from, and they feigned ignorance. We were pelted with various objects for the duration of the game, and subjected to "aaaaaasssshole" chants from throngs of orange-clad fans when we showed our faces in the halls. That part was actually a bit flattering, but things were a little dicey by the end when alcohol- and victory-fueled fans started to get physically aggressive. A security guard escorted us out the back door. Luckily, our tires were in tact. Quite the experience.

  • Comment on More than a 1-0 series deficit (2010-04-30 20:48:57)

    They looked burnt out from game 7. But I'm holding out for a good third period... and game 2.

  • Comment on Game 2: That’s more like it – Habs whip Leafs (2008-10-12 00:04:33)
    Cherry doesn't know about the Leafs Five Goal rule, which states: "It is considered undignified, and equivalent to a loss, to beat the Leafs by less than five goals." Unbeknownst to Cherry, it was actually a one goal game.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-28 13:15:20)
    Interesting: http://habsexpress.blogspot.com/2008/02/what-if.html I'm starting to think that Gainey is more clever than people give him credit for. He wasn't lying when he said he's looking for an impact player, but the only way him speaking publicly about it makes any sense is in terms of driving up the price (no pun intended... well, maybe a little. I could have said that he's standing Pat--take that as you will). Otherwise, why would he say what he was going for, knowing that it reveals his hand and increases the price of Hossa et alia? Not to say that we don't want an impact player, but I'm guessing it's going to come at an unexpected moment. Funny, though, how Montreal ends up being the place that drives up the price: first Briere, then Ovechkin, now Hossa. I wonder if this is counter to our build-from-within strategy, or perfectly consistent with it?! It's an interesting thought; two of the potential contenders for the eastern (Washington not among them, for now) conference now have a lot less cap space. Not saying that Gainey isn't also trying to sign "impact players," but I wonder if he sees it as a win-win when that makes them more expensive when they don't sign here. Meanwhile, Montreal gets more attractive for "impact" folks who want to win the Cup because of our strong drafting.
  • Comment on Technical Update (2008-02-26 23:01:47)
    The move had been planned, but got moved ahead when the server was melting down under the insane traffic increase on trade deadline day. There wasn't much to lose at the time, because it was making the site unusable. Timing issues played out poorly, and we had a few hours of downtime during the switchover. The plan was to move the server over during the day, but various delays pushed it into game time. Sorry about that.
  • Comment on Noise/Bruit: Habs all smiles after sweeping Flyers (2008-02-18 15:01:19)
    Philly's next game is against Ottawa. Great time for them to pull up their socks, play hard, goon it up and stop their losing streak.
  • Comment on Three pucks … and counting (2008-02-16 21:48:00)
    I thought the goal was pretty huge (in addition to being the crucial game winner). It went in off of niittymaki, but if you look at the replay, Kostitsyn took the shot while he was spinning upside down in mid-air. Shades of that Ovechkin goal from last year, except that it went in off the 'tender.
  • Comment on Bench Talk: Week 2 (2008-02-15 17:45:09)
    Hey folks, I don't think there's anything stopping people from making their own proposals for best comments of the week, right here in this thread. Go to!