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  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-02-18 13:11:46)

    Now on to Hockey ,well it is what it is. This situation can only help improve a group of young up and comers to the NHL. Although things don,t bod well for the Habs,in the end the team will benefit a whole lot by theses young guns getting their feet wet. As for the playoffs, we are in tough,but that being said this team is slowly building a layer of sandpaper to its game. Sometimes going through,what the blue,blanc et rouge are experiencing,has to happen to get a whole team to that next level.

    Hope for success at the outdoor game,and it should be fun to watch.


  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-02-18 13:00:05)

    Although i understand our Defense is decimated, using the reference more to" It is less hazardous to defuse bombs in Kabul than to play defence for the Montreal Canadiens " is a bit insenstive towards are serving men and women of the armed forces. I would hope a retraction is made for making this statement. I love my Canadiens and i am passionate,but let,s not blurr the line between a game of very well paid individuals who are inssentially having fun doing what their doing, to a person who puts their life on the line daily for alot less coin.