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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens blanked in Toronto (2011-10-06 16:52:10)
    I agree with you 100%. He is a big physical defensemen that has also a bit of an offensive upside. He has good potential. If he goes back to the KHL he may not want to come back to the NHL.
  • Comment on Subban sits, Habs lineup unchanged (2010-12-07 12:30:40)

    I just think that JM is gonna kill PK's mentality. Im also afraid that we are gonna mess up his development. I still think that they should play Weber instead of Picard and Subban instead of Marky. Picard is supposed to be a two-way-defencemen.

    They should pair Subban with Hammer. It worked out well in the playoffs.

  • Comment on Subban sits, Habs lineup unchanged (2010-12-07 12:25:48)

    One thing I can tell you regarding your 4th question is that Kovy is available but I dont know if the Sens would trade with us considering we are a rival in the division. For us to be able to get him, we would have to give a really nice package. Like Pouliot, Maxwell and someone else maybe and a pick. I dont know what exactly the offer would be though. It would be great to see him back on that line with Plecks and AK46.

  • Comment on Subban sits, Habs lineup unchanged (2010-12-07 12:21:54)

    I think 2 games for Subban is really enough. Like what P.J Stock said on Hockey Night In Canada, P.K has the want to win and it is not seen in many defencemen around the league. I think, ok he made a few mistakes here and there in the Edmonton game, but the reason for that is because some people put him in the situation. Like Cammalleri gave him that pass in OT (which was supposed to be a tripping penalty). But come on, I think P.K is a great asset for us. WHY is PICARD playing and not a scratch? Even though he's a +player, he really does not use his body to his capacity and sucks on the PowerPlay.

  • Comment on Halpern game-time decision, Weber recalled (2010-11-18 17:38:11)

    Yea I know you cant just put someone on that line. EX: Pyatt on the line with Geo and G-Luv. That was done to check if there was some chemistry. Clearly Lapierre on that line is not really bringing a scoring touch. He just does not fit. So why not try Eller with AK46 and G-Luv. Or at least to give Eller some confidence, put him on the PP for a shift or so. The kid needs some confidence and some good people to play with on a line. He's scared to try certain things which I am very happy about in his stage and age. It shows he's disciplined and that is a great thing that JM is trying to enforce with him.

  • Comment on Halpern game-time decision, Weber recalled (2010-11-18 17:19:05)


    They should recall Alex Henry or Andrew Conboy

  • Comment on Halpern game-time decision, Weber recalled (2010-11-18 17:12:53)

    Alright I agree, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that instead of Lapierre on the second line, use Eller and give the kid some confidence. If he keeps on playing 4th line minutes he's gonna turn into a checker and we may screw up his game like what happens to a lot of our prospects. But I think they should also take it slow but give him some time on the PP.

  • Comment on Halpern game-time decision, Weber recalled (2010-11-18 17:08:16)

    Yea I hear they are trying to get some new D but like give it a few years and our D will be great. Markov is going to resign. Subban, Gorges, Tinordi. Spacek and Hammer are probably gone by either trade deadline or July 1. Gill I don't know what they will do. But they need some physical big D-men that can score. I would love a guy like Christian Ehrhoff or someone along those lines. But I dont know. With Hammer and Specek gone its like approx 9mill and with that kind of money we can get some solid D-men.

  • Comment on Halpern game-time decision, Weber recalled (2010-11-18 16:36:47)

    Yea, I hear what you are saying exactly. We need a big D-man that is physical and is good offensively. Weber is small and not great defensively. There are rumors going around that we are interested in a guy like Robyn Reghier, Kevin Bieksa (im not a fan too much. Not that much of an offensive upside).

    I also find that since we are a small offensive team, we tend to get hit off the puck too much and we need to get a big power forward that can score and get into corners well. Like I want to see Pacioretty and or Eller in the top six. I really do not like the way Martin plays Eller. Martin says that he will play Eller more if Eller scores. How do you expect Eller to score when you are putting him with guys like Moen or Pyatt and playing 8:00avrg per game.

  • Comment on Halpern game-time decision, Weber recalled (2010-11-18 15:37:05)

    Hey everyone I think it was a great callup, considering how well he is doing in Hamilton. The only problem I find with Weber is his defensive play. I think the reasons why they had called him up can be: that since Gorges didnt attend practice maybe they think that he can't play (but he is going to play) or another thing can be that there is something going down in regards to a trade or something along those lines. Everyone is talking about MAB coming back. Dont think its a good idea; this always happens. They sign someone and then that doesnt allow our prospects to show what they really got. So I say use Weber at the point on the PP paired with Spacek and then we'll see what he got. Remember he also has a wicked shot from the point and is a right shot.