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  • Comment on Markov’s October pain is hockey’s gain (2010-03-20 10:17:33)

    Wow... inventing new hockey socks - that's how desperate Nerman is to get off of those )@(#%@$ Philadelphia commercials!?!

    Seriously though, the socks are awesome and everyone should wear them... can we also invent a visor that'll make all the idiots feel like they still look cool when they have all their teeth?

  • Comment on Multimedia: Habs not so super vs Devils (2011-02-07 00:02:30)

    I like that leadership aspect of what Gill's done for the team. He sucked it up and admitted he made a careless play.

    Am I the only person who suspected there could've been a holding call on that play though? Nobody talked about it on RDS, but there was clearly a hand (Zubrus) off a Devil's stick, on Gill's jersey, which seemed to directly lead to the turnover.

    Again, I could be crazy (don't be shy - call me crazy).,2,794&navid=sb:highlights


  • Comment on Shootout! (2011-02-10 20:12:21)

    you're right - he's on a bender for sure - he was cola'd out last night too ("David Day-Shar-Nay").

    That's it. Ferraro vs. Healy fight - winner gets Joe Rogan...

  • Comment on Welcome back, Paul Mara (2011-02-17 10:51:53)

    Interesting questions.


    I would say... Teemu ended up being a better long-term career roster player than Foppa - but in his prime, Forsberg was the most dominant forward in the league, and he has a couple rings (and a calder of his own) that to me say he was a better player than Teemu (at their best).

    As for best rookie... yeah, it's tough to argue that one. GO JETS!?!

  • Comment on A listless loss (2011-03-11 13:37:39)

    I know this will never happen...

    But I love to fantasize about Molson NOT sending the team to Boston on March 24th to play the Bruins.

    Let the league have to explain to paying Boston ticketholders, and TV distributors why they have to now be repaid for a lost commitment.

    Seriously. Hasn't it come where something different, and news-generating (but non-violent) needs to happen to make a big change happen in the NHL. I'd rather deal with that controversy (especially as the cornerstone franchise of the league) than to wait for someone to die before people change their mindsets.

    You may now feel free to tell me why that's a horrible idea (but I already know it won't happen). :)