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  • Comment on Saturday pre-game reads (2012-01-14 11:35:55)
    First time posting. I think we all need to think about what we have on defense before we start thinking about becoming a good team again. Our best defenseman is PK Subban and he is 2 years away from being a #1 or #2 guy. Josh Gorges is at best a #3 but really a #4. The rest are Campoli #6 Kaberle #5 at best, Gill #6,Emelin & Diaz are both at best #6's really though #7's and Weber is at best a #8. You just can't win with this defense unless you have 12 # 1 forwards which we don't have. We must fix this problem first.
  • Comment on Game 62: Bozak, Kessel power Leafs over Habs (2011-02-24 22:40:05)
    No one wins every game, but I think I would have left Auld in at 3-1 and given Carey the rest. I don't think giving up Ben Maxwell for not much was a good idea. It must be that Pierre & Martin thinks that #4 & #5 defenceman will take him far in the playoffs. We still need a big forward though probably noit going to get him though. I hope we don't overpay to try and get Penner.