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  • Comment on The guy McKeen’s forgot (2011-09-13 16:08:32)
    Boone, great 9/11 tribute choice. You're one of the good ones.
  • Comment on Game 75: Bruins destroy Habs (2011-03-25 00:05:51)
    I was talking about his intermission interview, he's 4 years old sounds like, but yeah.... whatever you want he would never fight Chara, that's just as ridiculous as saying he's never been laid
  • Comment on Game 75: Bruins destroy Habs (2011-03-25 00:03:53)
    please help! I can't read and my team consistenly loses in the playoffs! even being up 3-0!! we're doomed to be a joke organization for the rest of eternity, and fan boy clowns like me just can't accept it!!! we have years and years of pent up frustration from LOSING all the time!!! pleasseeeee help us!!!!!! haha buddy, get a life either you're some geezer from 72 who still cries at night wishing Bobby Orr had more than 8 good years in him, or you're a clown who's never seen his team win a cup, and never will. Your shitty life is waiting for you back in beantown pal, get off the internet, it's too smart for you.
  • Comment on Game 75: Bruins destroy Habs (2011-03-24 23:58:37)
    ahem.. *sarcasm*?? how would someone making a 6 figure salary not be lucky with the ladies? hahahaha like Marchand would go after Chara? gimme a break bud, please
  • Comment on Game 75: Bruins destroy Habs (2011-03-24 23:44:59)
    What's funny is losers like this FigNewton idiot who come to a HABS forum after THEIR team won, like it's his civil duty to make sure we know what the score was?! God damn, bruins fans never cease to amaze me. complete morons. hahaha I mean, does this guy have a life? what a loser hahahahahaha. keep trolling the comments buddy, it'll be 7am soon and you'll have to go clean toilets at a highschool or whatever it is you do. anyway, Habs got their asses kicked and that's all there is to it. With the magnitude of this one, it'll stay in the backs of their minds to play out the season, and lightning won't strike the same place twice. There's plenty of charachter in the room, it was just totally absent tonight. Shame for the fans and patch. Learn from it, forget it, and let the moron Bruins fans have their fun (it'll be over by round 2, it always is, isn't it?) How about that little dork Marchand? he sounds like he's never gotten laid in his life. Of course that hit won't get reviewed, but the Habs and the league will take notice that you have a rookie running around and leaving his feet to break a 12 year veterans nose like that (something the often maligned Subban has never done). And good for Mara for tossing Recchi around like the pathetic old man he is. He even looked like he forgot where he was for a second! The guy has lost all respect from the league, he's even got other teams calling him out for his gutless comments hahaha. He called out the Med staff on purpose and then went so far as to admit it was all a smear plan. What a coward. Just retire already you old bum if your main purpose for an entire 82 game season was to purposely "take heat off" a 6'9 freak. also, there WERE alot of ugly fans in the stands tonight. that's America for ya'll I guess, U-S-A, U-S-A!! FigNewton, don't bother replying or coming back, cause no one cares about you're useless comments, you're a joke! I've said this before but ANYONE who spends time trolling a rival teams message board has just got some major issues man. Like seriously though, you just help us confirm how stupid you ALL are. Good for you too, nice DP of Tommy's face too! probably took you hours to find that on the internet
  • Comment on Greatest stat of all time (2011-03-14 23:43:54)


    it's even funnier reading it a second time!!

    a rally!?! a RALLY!?!?

    like COME ONNNNN!!!!!!


    ya no kidding, you said it haha!

    insane or either really stupid stupid stupid stupid people put things in their own head that didn't exist

    most of them are just Bruins fans I guess, take Jack Edwards for example!

    thanks for wasting 7 minutes of my life

  • Comment on Update: Pacioretty returns home (2011-03-10 16:09:52)

    to really put things into perspective, and to demonstrate how badly the NHL has failed here, Pavel Kubina was suspended for 3 games for this incident vs. the Hawks in last night's game

    and technically, yes this was a "head-shot", but the leagues priorities are obviously very convoluted if they choose to suspend a hit in which the player victim did not even fall to the ground, and having an incident where a player had his head rammed into a metal pole and was left unconcious for 10 minutes and fractured vertebrae go without any accountability.

    truly sickening.

  • Comment on Update: Police to investigate Chara hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-10 15:49:21)

    thanks, cheers

  • Comment on Update: Police to investigate Chara hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-10 14:20:05)


  • Comment on Update: Police to investigate Chara hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-10 12:16:15)

    giver, althought I've already found a few  little grammar mistakes and what not...damn