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  • Comment on Habs getting better every game, coach Therrien says (2014-05-08 14:08:49)
    Stoked for a big game tonight and a gutsy performance from Les Boys. Also want to share the cool art I found here: \____________________________/ ...beards, bees, bbqs...
  • Comment on (2008-01-08 08:49:44)
    Hey Thomas, i recognized those Ottawa recycling bins right away ;) Funny, i actually have tickets for that game in ..*checks email*.. section 104! i'll keep an eye out for your banner. Excellent work!
  • Comment on Ryder seems likely for 3rd line vs. Buffalo (2007-11-15 08:01:59)
    If Ryder would just shoot... my gf can tell when Ryder is on the ice because i just scream SHoooooooT! whenever he has the puck inside the opposition's blue line. If he would just let some of those wristers go, he'd score a mountain of goals. I haven't actually seen him take a shot this season that isnt blocked or tipped, and then he does these dinky dekes that make me pull my hair out. How hard is it to just shoot? He must know this, maybe there is something else going on behind the scenes?