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  • Comment on About last night … (POed, sleep-deprived, late-night west-coast edition. (2015-03-05 05:26:46)
    First of all, Anaheim is a very good team. But, after a leading sports reporter's lengthy analysis posted here last week about how the Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup with the personnel they have now led to all sorts of giddy thoughts about our impending triumph, it's good we have old(said affectionately) Boonie to pour some cold water on those thoughts. As usual, ALN provided a witty, but thoughtful assessment with its usual quota of pertinent insights: the 'sand in the eye' about the Sekac star and the 'bloom off the rose' quips. My favorite line wasn't humorous but spot on about how Shots on Goal can be a deceiving stat: "As usual, there was little net presence and few rebounds or second chances". The quality of our shots make opposing goalies look awfully good. Thanks also Mr. Boone for pointing out the continuing policy of making sure young players know that they're always on thin ice when it comes to judging their play. Pateryn, Tinordi, Thomas, Bournival, Sekac; over the last several weeks it seems like the old adage applied to the young: here today, gone tomorrow. Yet we'll keep bringing in older, more EXPERIENCED players because those damn kids keep making mistakes. Does it make the Habs slower and less skilled? Yeah, but this coach hates mistakes, especially of the defensive kind. So here ladies and gentlemen, are your Montreal Grinders, the team that Therrien and MB have assembled for the playoff run. And lets modify at least our lame excuse about the usual tough trip to the West Coast. Yeah, it's tough because these teams are good, and it's a time zone trip as well, but didn't Ottawa sweep these teams last week? Maybe the Ottawa papers will run some this-team-can-win-the-Stanley-Cup articles this week after that juggernaut. In case anyone has noticed, the Bulldogs line of Andrighetto, Carr, and Hudon has been sizzling of late. No, I'm not saying they're ready for the bigs, but it's made me wonder what would happen if they were judged ready next year to be ready to insert some much-needed offensive spark in the Habs. How many weeks would it take Therrien to reign in their offensive bent and get them to be a good checking line? And then MB could offer them as trade bait perhaps to get some solid, experienced players for our playoff run.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Parenteau, Malhotra healthy scratches (2015-03-03 16:15:10)
    One minor correction: He did not play all of 50 games. A couple of weeks(?) into the season he was 'press boxed' for 7 straight games. And also was a healthy scratch just before being traded but that's probably related to the pending deal. I still would suggest he didn't get as much of a chance to fit in as several other players on this team have had the last few years. We'll never know; time to move on.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Parenteau, Malhotra healthy scratches (2015-03-03 14:41:45)
    Wait a second. 54 games; supposedly plays a physical game that is among leaders in hits for Anaheim, and he's not in shape? Anyone suggest that he might just not be that fast?
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Parenteau, Malhotra healthy scratches (2015-03-03 14:39:20)
    Yeah, pretty impressive in that last year at this time he(and a very good goalie) were about to lead Union to one of the biggest upsets in NCAA hockey history. But gosh, there's a problem here; he might be scoring too many goals. That probably won't get you called up because of the worry that if you've been spending all this energy in the offensive zone, well, where's your man? Have you plugged the gap? DE-Fense! And most of all, if you exhibit real scoring potential for the next level it's highly likely that you will be dangled as trade bait by the management who, like Don Quixote tilting at the windmills, is eternally searching for the big, fast, powerful forward. Be careful, Daniel Carr; you might pull it back a little bit and wait till training camp next year to make it to the bigs.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Parenteau, Malhotra healthy scratches (2015-03-03 14:31:39)
    All the talk about the 'top six' but we seem to be evolving down to a 'bottom 9' if you throw in Bournival(wait, he got banished to Hamilton). Sad to say but there's actually been more turnover, or should I say turmoil, in the lower end of the forwards than the top. First, my beef with the top, MT keeps throwing in a grinder among them; I guess to make sure they don't keep possession in the other team's end too long so everybody can get to play defense, which is more satisfying to you know who. But those posters who bemoan the fact and state the obvious that if we don't get some scoring, much less consistent scoring, from the 3rd and 4th lines are spot on about the huge problem this can cause in the playoffs. Good coaches will use their home ice advantage in line changes to match up their checking line(s) with our top two lines, assuming that if they can nullify them the third and fourth lines don't pose much of a threat. This is standard operating procedure in the Stanley Cup, especially this year when the 8 eastern teams at least will be oh so close in talent to each other. Think the Habs can win with whomever is picked by MT for what will be two pure checking lines? Does anyone see any offensive potential here that could emerge the last third of the season?
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Parenteau, Malhotra healthy scratches (2015-03-03 14:12:49)
    You forgot the appendix: then if you're under 23, get sent down to Hamilton. Just ask Michael Bournival.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Parenteau, Malhotra healthy scratches (2015-03-03 13:01:43)
    Full disclosure: I liked the way Sekac played the game; simply put, it was more enjoyable to watch. That said, style doesn't always translate into victory. The other aspect of the trade that bothered me was here Sekac, from playing in the KHL, was given essentially half a season to blend in, and a lot of that time was spent a)in the press box and b)playing in a myriad of line combinations with differing 'roles'. I think his offensive stats were little different from Eller, who has been given how many years to step up to the level we expected from this first round draft choice(and Halak just set an Islanders' record for wins in a season). Just seems Sekac wasn't given a fair shake. It seems slowly this speedy team is bending under the sheer will of it's coach, whom I believe at heart loves a grinding style of hockey. We will see if this carries us to the Cup, which it may, but when other teams start to make us look slow, there's a problem.
  • Comment on Jack Todd: Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup (2015-03-02 08:16:19)
    Excuse me, what was Sekac for DSP?
  • Comment on Jack Todd: Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup (2015-03-02 05:34:03)
    Today actually could be pretty interesting right up until the deadline so get ready for plenty of names to be thrown into the mix here. Fact remains, you don't get something for nothing and that usually means prospects as part of any deal. That said, I hope Mike McCarron isn't traded because the Canadiens drafted him with the stated goal of having a BIG centre who could fortify the middle against an NHL that gets bigger every year. He got thoroughly dissed his first year both in the media and certainly on this site. His response has seemed to be to work very hard to improve the skills that he'd have to in order to move up, and unlike poor Louis LeBlanc, McCarron has made visible progress. Is he a cinch to make the big time? We don't know, but it would just seem a shame to have targeted him as a prospect that would fill a real need on this team and then to let him go. And along with that, I think the team has some genuine talent in the system that along with McCarron can make for a positive future for the Habs. 24 hours from now though, we'll probably be justifying why it was a good move by MB to let someone, or two, go. PS--Hey, another fashionable thing to do here is to trash TSN and their announcers. But I'll bet a lot of us will have them on all day even if nothing is happening but big time conjecture. Accept that they're biased toward Toronto just like the HNIC crew was/is. Generally, I think on days like this they do a commendable job.
  • Comment on Jack Todd: Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup (2015-03-01 14:39:41)
    NO, please no Mr. Todd, or as SNL would say lo those many years ago: "Oh no, Mr. Bill!" just before he got crushed. Sure, almost everyone is thinking about what your wrote about, but this week, mainly I feel due to the Habs' offensive 'outburst' and Price shining even more brightly than usual, too many are starting to think about where they're going to be on St. Catherine St. for the parade. I prefer the more level-headed approach of Mike Boone, who pertinently reminds u of the Canadiens' daunting schedule this month. It actually should serve as an excellent prep for the upcoming playoffs and in doing so might dash our hopes with a bit of cold water or inflate them even more. As Boonie pointed out there are some real tests ahead; I would say this week in California and the upcoming games with Tampa Bay in particular.. However many points we're ahead, fact is that the Eastern Conference is incredibly balanced, and it's hard to forsee any series matchup that one couldn't find reasons to say "I wish we hadn't drawn them etc.". Does anyone remember how the Big Bad Bruins were cruising last year at this time and were the pick of most of the pundits? Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't they 17 frickin points ahead of the Habs going into the playoffs? The Canadiens already play under enough pressure in this town to win every game, but now throw the Stanley Cup into the mix and who knows what happens. We do have some chinks in our armor, no matter how good we've been, and have been remarkably low in games lost to injuries, especially with our forwards. Think it, don't say it, and fans, please, take it one game at a time.