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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-07 05:54:15)
    I would say we are not really in "push the panic button" mode. The habs require a couple of pieces such as a true first line center with both face off skills and an offensive threat. We also need a captain and I feel right now one will come but from outside the current team. Tinordi and Belieau both need to play on this team full time. They have more skill than any of the current defence with the exception of PK and Markov. Till this happens we will be cut line watching in April. Concern is that the first line center has been a hole for more than 3 years (maybe longer) and for whatever reason this has not been a priority. Not sure when it will be a priority either.
  • Comment on New Hab Bryan Allen will be in the lineup against Bruins (2014-11-22 13:32:20)
    I am thinking maybe MB was working on a deal that involved his Dmen (Tinordi and Belliveau). When this deal started he could not afford to give up any dmen, now he can. I propose he is not done trading and feels with a top 6 forward he can challenge for the Stanley cup. I would agree with this logic as long as we get a Kane, Eberle, Sharp and Thornton type player in return. I am hoping I am right!
  • Comment on Habs trade Travis Moen to Dallas for Sergei Gonchar (2014-11-11 17:14:46)
    Not sure what MB is thinking on this one. Traded a 4th liner for a old (in NHL terms) defencemen who has a high cap hit and just came off injured reserve. Is he better then Boulion? I mean if we wanted a senior guy around to help with the younger defence wouldn't keeping Boulion make more sense? This is baffling really. The only way this makes sense is if he was to turn this around with another trade quickly where we lose a defencemen to gain a top 6 goal scorer? Even this would be hard with no cap space left. MB this maybe a big blimp in the radar of your tenure as GM with the Canadiens.
  • Comment on Carey Price will be back in goal for Habs against Rangers as Michel Therrien coaches his 600th game (2014-10-24 16:45:09)
    1. Yes the joke about the price is right...haha 2. I would not consider a trade for Yakupov. He is horrible! 3. I like the d pairings as they are, trade Beaulieu if he is not going to play. 4. Yes it is important however not necessary. He is a back up therefore use him sparingly or trade him. 5. I think Gionta and Gorges could have been percieved as guys who were percieved as being non influencing in the dressing room yes.
  • Comment on Martin Brodeur would take backup job with Habs if offered (2014-09-05 11:30:35)
    I live in SK, I have Sasktel as my provider. I currently get RDS, Sportsnet, City and TSN as part of my package. Am I missing any games? Do I need anything else? Sorry to be so confused on this..
  • Comment on Martin Brodeur would take backup job with Habs if offered (2014-09-04 18:30:42)
    Sorry no offense to both Budaj or Tokarski but MB if you could make this happen that would be amazing.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 16:47:05)
    Like I said "fun rumor". Another source says Plakanec is the center piece with Tokarsky and a draft pick. You are right, I am not certain about the source and if it was true, we only hear about after MB announces it was already done not before.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 16:22:35)
    Trade rumors about Marleau going to the habs for Tokarski, Roster player and draft picks. Love to see Marleau in rumor.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 11:52:05)
    I see Parenteau replacing Gionta (scoring wise) and I see Malhaltra replacing Ryan White. We have no one to replace Vanek (top 6 forward) yet. My assumption is MB is still looking for this player and will acquire him via trade and likely not before October 1st however it will happen prior to trade deadline. Kane, Thorton, Sharp are names that I keep hearing.
  • Comment on Markov as next Habs captain? (2014-08-19 10:29:14)
    Since RDS is no longer and option in the West (SK) any longer I am wondering if someone can tell me how I can watch all of the habs games out here? This may have been answered before but it is still unclear what I would need to do? Any guidance would be apreciated as last year it was was CBC, RDS and TSN.