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  • Comment on Desharnais has knee injury (2011-04-25 00:41:19)
    Ironic when you look back and remember Richards calling out PK for being disrespectful. I think even Marchand would laugh at that one.
  • Comment on Video update: Chara looks good but still unconfirmed: Julien (2011-04-18 13:07:03)
    Will Chara be questioned by police today or tomorrow? If so, can I be the guy that walks in the metal briefcase filled with IV interrogation paraphernalia? Also, what do you lucky fans who get to attend the game tonight have in store for our freakish friend? I can't be there so I'll have to live vicariously through you.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-17 08:17:47)
    I'm not sure if the CBC feed was the same as the VS american feed, but there was a great image of Martin with his mentoring arms around White last night giving him specific advice. I imagine it was along the lines of "...stay with the game plan and don't let the goons sucker you into a penalty." But it was how he said it that was an interesting window into the relationship between Martin and his young players. I agree with Boone's sarcasm. Ruining his young talent? I think not. Quite the opposite. Eller, Pyatt and White had one of the best shifts of the playoffs late in the third. The kids were brilliant and were the dagger in the Bruins heart last night.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-06 10:16:55)
    Hey does Wiz have some undisclosed upper body injury? He keeps passing up shot after shot despite me screaming "shoot" through the TV screen. The game last night was an instant classic. You sift through all of the year's crap to find that perfect gem of a game that your kids will remember for years. It epitomized the best that our game has to offer; speed, skill, goaltending, and drama. It brought out the best in me and made me a better fan for 3 hours. It was a new experience to watch a game where I'm not cursing and gesturing at the other team but instead found myself clapping at some of Crawford's saves and rewinding some of Kanes moves to enjoy his artistry. For a few brief moments, I was a normal sports fan, acceptable for public consumption. I could have had some of my wife's friends over without her being humiliated by my behavior--- that's how good of a game it was! But here come the Bruins. Lock the door honey. Kids.. Earmuffs.
  • Comment on A butt-kicking (2011-01-12 12:24:05)

    Spacek was beast last night. A critical blocked shot; sprinting for the icing touch up; clearing a puck from Auld's goal line; and the goal, the boys are scratching out these last few games with defense.

    Great link. I'm glad otheres are taking notice of what many take for granted.

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-09 12:28:08)

    I watched the game before I found out about the Arizona shooting and I probably shouldn't say this but...

    Cheers to the guy with the "die Chara die" sign behind the bench. Not exactly the most subtle of banners or eloquent prose but it made me laugh (assuming you're not an unstable schizophrenic with a glock in your pocket.)

    Seeing Chara blow a gasket was the icing to a perfect game.

  • Comment on Gorges “missing” ACL for 7 years (2011-01-07 15:32:08)

    Assuming the MD's made the right call in allowing him to play, the guy's a beast. Helmet shattering slapshot to the head, playing through knee pain, and getting driven into the boards by bigger guys for the past 7 years; for whatever it's worth ,as a fan I say "thank you Josh."

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-07 14:43:23)

    Too bad we have this lack of depth on the D end. If we had a healthy D core, I could see moving Hammer to a bubble team for some prospects at the deadline. I just don't see that happening given the current standings and I don't don't see them resigning, at least not for anything near his current salary. I don't see a deadline move with Gill either but I can see resigning him. He's too integral on the PK.


  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-07 03:39:51)

    Cammalleri's game is off to be sure but I just don't see the " jealous of the C theory" that Boone threw out as a plausible one. He's not that guy. Playing within a defensive system is testament to the fact that he's a team player. This guy displays heart and grit every time he steps on the ice. This is the same Hab that went toe with the taller and larger Krejci when PK was reluctant to drop the gloves. This guy exemplifies the team first philosophy. I've just never seen any play on the ice or any interview to suggest a frail jealous ego.

    C'mon Boone. This isn't the housewives of St. Catherine St.

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-07 02:00:47)

    Yeah ..I felt the same relief with him not making the all-star team. I guess I am superstitious.

    Sorry Carey. I mean you deserve a medal for your season thus far but if it's all the same to you , I think I'd rather you see you riding a bull during the all-star break.