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  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-10-01 10:42:05)
    The Hammer isn't the most beautiful place on earth but you're in a city with 600k and a short trip to the biggest city in the country. Look at the rest of the cities in the AHL. Not leaving the east - Would you prefer to play in Manchester NH, St.John's NF, Portland ME, Springfield or Worcester Mass, Albany, Binghamton or Syracuse NY, Wilks-Barre, Hershey or Allentown PA, Norfolk VA? I mean I've been to Providence and though it has Brown its also mighty towny for my tastes. Hartford has its charms but its main selling feature is proximity to NY City. All those places are small-town dumps (no offense to anyone who lives there lol).
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens edge Bruins 3-2 to open preseason (2014-09-24 10:02:31)
    "what little she saw" - ouch that one hit close to home.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens edge Bruins 3-2 to open preseason (2014-09-24 10:01:34)
    It was kinda weird the first time I heard the announcers call "Tir blocker par Subban" with PK sitting in a suit upstairs (its been a while excuse my anglo mangling).. I wondered if the crowd would cheer for baby bro or try to get on him.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens edge Bruins 3-2 to open preseason (2014-09-24 09:53:53)
    A gentle reminder that any conclusion derived from watching last night's game is unfounded. Good or bad. We hardly got our pants off. Though I will say it was nice to see a talented young player wearing #26 last night.
  • Comment on Parenteau scores again in Habs scrimmage (2014-09-22 09:48:14)
    With injuries and the rotation of bodies on defense as a reaction to play on the ice I bet you see all those guys for a significant amount of the season anyway. I agree though there is a lot to like about our D situation.
  • Comment on Parenteau scores again in Habs scrimmage (2014-09-22 09:46:26)
    Just a friendly neighborhood preemptive reminder for everyone to "Chill Out" in advance of the start of the pre-season. Can't wait for the puck to drop!
  • Comment on Martin Brodeur would take backup job with Habs if offered (2014-09-05 16:17:24)
    I respect Marty greatly but with Tokarski playing the way he did last season in the playoffs and with Budaj being a more than competent player over the past few seasons I would be shocked if the Habs management gave this anything more than a "Meh" before passing. It sure would be cool for Brodeur to end a storied career in MTL, but this isn't a soap opera (though sometimes it may feel like it).
  • Comment on New TV package aimed at Habs fans across country (2014-09-04 09:50:31)
    You'll get 40 Nationally televised games with standard cable: CBC, CTV & Sportsnet. If you live in the Habs region the rest of the games are split up between RDS and TVA. If you live outside the region you will need to stream the games on Rogers Game Centre for $60.
  • Comment on Game 1 of Habs vs. Rangers Saturday afternoon at Bell Centre (2014-05-15 16:28:46)
    So many pundits gave Montreal no credit after the series with Tampa. It was all about how Tampa blew it after. Fair enough 4-0 looks bad especially when you only look at the goal and not the play that led to it. But seriously - the winning formula for Montreal was exactly the same in both series: skate the pants off of the other team causing turnovers in the neutral zone and odd-man rushes. When the puck is in your end, be the first to the loose puck and clear it. (Also: Have Carey Price). Simple and effective if you can manage it. Now everyone is giving Montreal a bit more credit, though I am seeing a whole lot more about the failure of the Bruins than we normally would. A lot of hockey people are still struggling to see how Montreal could knock off not only the #2 seed, but the big bad Bruins who were the consensus pick to represent the East. I just hope the Habs can stick to their game plan because there are very few teams in the NHL who can withstand the kind of pressure that Montreal puts opposition defensemen under with their fore-check. That is how you score easy goals when you don't play a half-court crash and bang style.
  • Comment on About last night …. (2014-05-07 09:20:51)
    How in the world did Carey Price "sell" the call on Soderberg. Last I checked any time you hit a goalie with both of your hands to his head, knocking his helmet off you're likely to be called for some sort of infraction. I love playoff hockey, but it gets to a point where people lose sight of the rules of the game. That was as blatant a goalie interference call as can be.