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  • Comment on Ruutu gone for two (2008-11-12 16:41:23)
    "Well obviously, it is what it is, and I have to live with it," said Ruutu in a release. "Like I said, I had no intention to do it, but accidents will happen and I'll have to deal with the consequences." This was from Ruutu and just before that B Murray said it deflected off the shoulder and then to the head..... This is the problem with the league when he GM sticks up for a moron like Ruutu... GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 13:16:32)
    Actually if you listened to the latest puckcast you will hear them agree that Gui should not be on Koivu's line any longer-it should be Higgins. I agree totally-Late-undress is too slow and too soft....he can't even grow a beard.If he were not a Francophone he would still be with the Bulldogs !!!!!! I say good bye to Valentenko and who cares........even Breezer wants to play here.
  • Comment on How’s the weather up there? (2008-03-01 06:16:25)
    The Habs are -DIVISION LEADERS-great stat eh Hammer was tough Latendresse dropped a Sabre Pleks was in the 'zone' and with linemates like he has------WOW GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Game 65: Canadiens move ahead of Sens (2008-03-01 06:12:45)
    Check out TSN-'standings' and see the Habs with as asterisk behind their name -which signifies DIVISION LEADER How cool is that !!!!!!!!!! GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Last chance to send greetings to Pocket (2008-02-28 12:08:22)
    A Very Happy Birthday,Henri-You were always one of the best Habs......Your parents must have been so proud of her boys... GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-27 06:26:09)
    Bob Gainey is the man-no panic in his moves.What would be the logic in dealing away core players for a rental? Pittsburgh will learn the hard way-Did you hear Pierre Maguire say it was a very bad deal for Pittsburgh especially for them to have given Armstrong because it would mess up the chemistry. Huet was a good team mate and now its time to move on-Price and Halak have as good a chance as anyone.Can you imagine if Brodeur gets hurt-do they have a great backup? Probably not.We do !! I would have liked to have picked up a faceoff specialist but maybe now that the pressure is off-our boys can pick up the pace ie faceoffs. GO HABS GO PS Some posters seem to have only one goal and that is to stir the pot....we are a family of fans here .Lets stop the fighting among posters and stick to the Habs.....
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 20:20:06)
    Price has to go back to Hamilton-he sucks....Why are the Habs so nonchalant about these teams below them. They are being beaten to every puck even in their own end. Is Gainey looking for a goalie??? I hope a Quebecois goalie is available.....
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 14:57:12)
    The other teams usually play the Francophone goalies against the Habs-although the Flyers didn't this time.I don't think Sabourin has another shutout up his sleeve and who would worry about Laraques anyway.Thugs don't worry Habs anymore-we just let them take a penalty and then score a PP goal.I'm kind of sick hearing about Malkin -let's hope our guys have a great game and not a letdown.. GO HABS GO
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 14:58:04)
    Sorry-not sure why it showed up twice....
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-20 08:46:54)
    No need to mock religion....This is a hockey web site.