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  • Comment on Liveblog: 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-21 14:50:25)
    Lets not forget these other beauties: Chelios for Savard Leclair, Dionne, and Desjardins for Recchi Roy and Keane for Kovalenko, Rucinsky, and Thibault Ribiero for Ninnama
  • Comment on Multimedia from Tuesday practice (2011-11-01 16:37:53)
    It's a good question. I'm sure some of it dends on how everyone is playing at the time of Markov's return. Again, it's great to have depth at D because additonal injuries, large or small, are inevitable. The other thing to consider is giving guys like Spacek and Gill, who are on the wrong side of 35, a breather every now and then as we get deeper into th season. That could prove to very beneficial come playoff time. Skillsy and Spac would both greatly benefit from a 65-70 game load. I'm not sure if they'll carry 8 Defenseman, however. When Markov and Campoli return, you have to think someone is headed to Hamilton. Emelin seems like the likely candidate, but you have to juggle his ego a bit and the fact that he can leverage going back to the KHL.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Tuesday practice (2011-11-01 16:18:59)
    I know we awaiting Markov (hopefully playing before the end of November), but what is Campoli's status? Can we expect him back by the end of the Month as well? Solid player that will add nice depth to a position that is always in need of depth: Also, I imagine Emelin will get 1 of the games in the back-to-back, but who sits? Diaz possibly? Or maybe Martin leaves it alone if the Habs win on Friday night.
  • Comment on Another road W (2011-03-04 11:32:46)

    I couldn't disagree with you more. I think Weber has made great strides this year. He has 10 points (1 goal and 9 Assists) in 34 games and has proven he can be a very capable top 6 defenseman. Before the year started, I had all but given up on him as a prospect, but I think he has bounced back very nicely. Remember, he is only 22-23 years old and that comes with a very manageable cap hit (unlike Gill, Hamrlik, Wiz, etc.)

    For long term success, it is imperative for the organization to being drafting guys and bringing them through the system. This idea of building through trades and free agency is much to risky and expensive to keep up.

  • Comment on The Leafs? Really?? (2011-02-25 13:16:01)

    Are you telling me we can bury Scotty Gomez in Hamilton and save $7.3 million in cap space?!

    If this is the case, this is what we have to do next year. Gomez is off in left field this year and is a disastrous -18 "attempting" to be a top two line centreman. The only thing that drives me crazier than Gomez's play this year is the fact that we have him on the books for 3 more season. I don't see anyone who would take him in a trade.

    This offseason, bury him in Hamilton and go after Richards. I'm sure a good ol' East Coast Canada boy would love to come play in Montreal.

  • Comment on The Leafs? Really?? (2011-02-25 13:55:20)

    Cap hit is 7.3 no matter what he actually gets paid. The cap hit is the average salary over the number of years of the contract. For instance, Gomez is making 8 mill this year, but his cap hit is 7.3

  • Comment on The Leafs? Really?? (2011-02-25 15:28:09)

    Got to love this guy's enthusiasm (even via Twitter!)

  • Comment on The Leafs? Really?? (2011-02-25 15:50:18)

    Good point, never thought of it in that light

  • Comment on Game 65: Canadiens send snowbirds home happy (2011-03-03 13:13:05)

    The development of Subban has given PG the luxury of allowing Markov to walk. Now, with that said, I say we still try like hell to get him signed to a 1 year deal somwhere in the 5-5.5 mill range.