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  • Comment on Habs icon Jean BĂ©liveau hospitalized (2012-02-28 12:22:26)
    The man who defines Les Glorieux, his picture stands beside 'gentleman' in the dictionary. I'll be doing a lot of page refreshing here today, thoughts are with him and his family.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-22 01:47:11)
    "A renovation project with no completion date in sight." Well put, Mike, and this ALN may be the best thing about the Habs this evening. We have neither the horses nor the hunger, and a turnaround will take both several years and brighter minds than those currently cracking the whip.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead, but 4-3 shootout win (2012-02-17 19:03:25)
    Head down to the Lamplighter in Gastown - Miles (from Beaconsfield) behind the bar will not only put the Habs on the big screen for you, he'll throw you a drink if you're cheering loud enough.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Martin out, Cunneyworth in as Habs fire head coach (2011-12-17 15:03:52)
    Can't you just see the scene? Molson: "Pierre, I'm sorry to call you in here so early, but..." Gauthier: "Ah non, Mr Molson, c'est ok. As you can tell by the transparent gleam to my skin, I sleep seulement one hour an evening, at most." M: "Right, right. Anyway, this losing has got to stop. I want you to get down to the rink and fire old Jacques asap. Then hire Muller. We shouldn't have let him go, and the boys are dying to have him back." G: "Ah, oui, of course, Mr Molson. I will dispose of Jacques, as you wish. Mais... Kirk Muller, you mean?" M: "That's right. Won a Stanley Cup with us, beloved by all, articulate, intelligent, power play genius. You know who I'm talking about. I don't care if he doesn't speak French, last time I checked only a handful of the goddamn players do." G: "Oui, yes, yes. Well, Mr Molson, you see... he was hired by Carolina, comme... I don't know, three weeks ago?" M: "What? They can do that? We had dibs! Just like on Boucher! Come on! Doesn't anybody respect dibs any more? Really! Come on! Well then, hold off on the Jacques firing for now." G: "Um... desolee, mais... my robots eliminated Mr Martin while you were speaking."
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 17:03:43)
    I'll throw my hat in to start things off... Markov - PK Kaberle - Gorges Gill - Emelin And I'd imagine Campoli continues to dress. Given how we have (at some points this season, at least) been known to sing Diaz's praises, can't we at least feel somewhat good about the fact that our D will be strong enough that we don't have a spot for him? One can argue that this kind of depth is necessary, given that our defensemen have a level of durability that's on level with... I don't know, something like this On the other hand, it could also mean another trade is almost a certainty at some point.
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 16:59:33)
    Putting aside whether this was an astute move or not, a hockey question for the Commentariat. Assuming (and it's quite an assumption at this point, but let's imagine) that Markov makes a healthy return, we have a boatload of defensemen. Gorges Gill Subban Markov Kaberle Emelin Diaz Campoli Weber St-Denis (Just in case he reads this and feels upset at being left out) Who sits? What does your Top 6 look like? Both Diaz and Emelin have played well lately, with the latter bringing a dimension to the back end that has been lacking since... it's been awhile.
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 17:05:33)
    Great post. Bill. Gomez has not been Gomez 2.0, but he has been better than last year, and well above the level he'd need to descend to where Hamilton is a 'real' option, rather than simply a fantasy of our madding crowd. Of course, if he's -20 at the All-Star Break...
  • Comment on The Canadiens look ready for the opener (2011-10-01 20:23:09)
    Remember 20 seconds ago when people were complaining about Cole tonight?
  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-24 15:36:01)
    Wasn't sure if I was going to get a chance to post this in relevant fashion, but it seems like now's the time. The B's had their rookie dinner when they were here in Vancouver a few weeks ago, and Mr. Recchi took a shine to my girlfriend, who was his waitress for the evening. Her close friend has been a Recchi fan for a long time, so he came out with us the following evening for a birthday party. It took a few drinks, but he finally let me dress him up a little: He was a gentleman that evening, and had nothing but good things to say about Montreal - and this was after the 8-6 laugher. After his words last night, though, I wish I'd made him wear the whole uniform.
  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-24 15:31:48)
    Still nothing confirmed by I'm betting Thomas, though.