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  • Comment on About last night … (2008-01-04 08:17:32)
    Is Huet too good a goaltender to let go.....sign him up for a longer stay I say even though most will not agree
  • Comment on Carbo juggles lines to face Lightning (2007-12-27 14:13:54)
    Carbo has gone crazy again and what has Chipchura done wrong? surely and I know hes a better choice than a defense man playing attack.
  • Comment on Leafs seething; Bulldogs’ Bonneau a call away (2007-12-17 08:16:21)
    I love it when the Leafs are moaning, means we have them by the short and curlies. Still I'd like to see an enforcer in the line up, just a personal preference but I think we need it.
  • Comment on Brisebois out with shoulder injury (2007-12-12 14:35:18)
    Hab-professor, you beat me too it. Moving Streit back to D is the obvious way forward for anyone not called Carbonneau. hey why not put someone trained to play forward at forward, now theres a plan.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-12 10:54:15)
    I still believe we need a coaching change, the facts all speak for themselves. And 4 line equal time hockey does not work in the NHL. Carbo said he rolled 4 lines so they would, as a team, have more energy. well guess what, they look knackered each night. Come on give us a bloody good scoring line or make the best of a bad bunch, i.e. Higgins, Koivu, Kovy playing some serious minutes then we can have a fighter on the fourth line like everyone else who does not need to score or play stupid minutes and stop flippin Mats Sundin thinking he can boss us around. I am dreading saturday
  • Comment on Home ice disadvantage (2007-12-10 15:13:58)
    Gotta get soughted quickly because much more of this crap and Carbo surely has to go. I mean this in the nicest possible way because I adored him when he played, worshipped him but right now my Habs look stupid and I am not enjoying it and its obvious to see Carbo has not a clue how to formulate lines, motivate a team or create a strategy. However he excels at moaning at refs and making his stars look daft.
  • Comment on Dandenault’s turn on the No. 1 line (2007-12-10 15:07:11)
    No NO NO NO NO! WTF is Carbo doing. For a man who adorns my wall with a signed photo as an ode to being one of my most favorite PLAYERS he is doing my head in. Dandenault, yes love ya as a D man, but I am sorry he would not make the first forward line of an AHL team so why on the best most storied franchise in the NHL. If I were Saku I would kick up a stink or ask my agent for a way out because this takes the biscuit. Bob you can sought this mess out, its a shambles, we have no first line worthy of the name, and right now Carbo is not up to the job.
  • Comment on Lapierre, O’Byrne recalled; Grabovski sent down (2007-12-05 11:06:09)
    Good move, so BG sees changes are needed at last, hopefully he makes some more activity this week. We need someones beautiful girlfriend/wife to take one for the team and shmooze with the Tampa GM, get him drunk and somehow agree to let my favorite league player, Vinny, come to the Habs.........I know I know but its a nice dream and in Sam Pollocks day he would have found a way. Anyway glad to see Maxim where he belongs and good luck to O'Byrne. As long as he gives 100% he'll be fine. As for Maxim, no doubt he'll give 110% every night guaranteed.
  • Comment on Game 27: Red Wings drop sagging Canadiens (2007-12-05 06:07:50)
    What a load of crap, from the first face off after Koivus's first attempt the game was rubbish. Carbo has to go!!! They could not even pass tape to tape, control the puck, all the flippin basics. Hopefully I'll calm down and become more pragmatic but right now this team needs shaking up, they are embarrassing. But like most Habs fans I'll keep supporting and hoping, but I cannot see us making the playoffs with this setup, totally rubbish lines, tactics and positional play and for crying out load SHOOT the puck!
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-05 06:01:20)
    Carbonneau to go, that was the crappest most embarrassing 2 and half hours I have spent in a long time. This is Montreal for crying out load, not nashville, pull your fingers out and play some hockey. The players need direction and at the moment Carbo's lost it.