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  • Comment on Game Within the Game: The Carey Price ethos (2015-01-07 14:43:13)
    Really curious to see everyones opinion on this who would you rather on your team and why Lars Eller Or Tyler Johnson Eller has great size and is amazing defensively and when he's on his game offensively he could really change the game entirely Johnson lacks size but he has amazing hands and is a natural goal scorer. Not to mention hes dangerous shorthanded
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: The Carey Price ethos (2015-01-07 12:44:05)
    Very curious to see what everyone would think but who would you rather have on your team? Lars Eller Or Tyler Johnson Eller has great size and is great defensively and when he's on offensively his impact on the game is huge While tyler johnson lacks size his speed and his offensive skill is just amazing. he has great hands and a natural goal scorer. Not to mention dangerous shorthanded
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-07 12:40:33)
    Just a curious question who would you rather Lars Eller or Tyler Johnson and Why? Eller has great size and is very good defensively and when he's on offensively he can impact the game like no other Johnson lacks size but his skill is amazing. He's definitely a natural goal scorer and very dangerous shorthanded
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-21 13:39:57)
    I'd love to see MB go after a player like Antoine Vermette Had an amazing year last season and I think he would work well with MT's system Maybe Package a deal with bourque and prospects or picks. Yotes didn't trade very much to get him in the first place. and of course I know we would have to sweeten the deal if bourque was involved. Lines would be Patches DD Gallagher Parenteau Plek Chucky Prust Eller Vermette (yes I know vermette is a center) Bournival/Sekac Malhotra Weise Thoughts?
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-01 17:42:14)
    Pretty happy with the deals today MM is a great replacement for white! Plus if there's one place we need to improve its on faceoff's Not the biggest fan of the Gorges deal, yes we did shed some cap but not sold on Gilbert being his replacement. definitely thought we could have got more for him but a 2nd round pick is a decent return, Don't think price was very happy when he learned gorges got traded but yes it's a business and these things happen. we need the cap space though Anyone have any news on Jiri Sekac? Never heard of him before but heard there was a lot of interest around the NHL Very happy with the Parenteau deal, definitely a steal in my opinion and I don't think MB will have any problems with resigning Eller & Subban Would love to see either Vrbata & Or Del Zotto or even Setoguchi (only a cheap deal) sign with the habs before the season starts, If not I think we need another top 6/top 9 forward through a trade I think Bourque,Moen & Budaj or Tokarski are the next ones to go
  • Comment on Habs select Russian forward Scherbak with first-round pick (2014-06-27 20:28:40)
    With Spaling & Hornqvist being acquired I think Brandon Sutter could be available Would love to see MB try and grab him
  • Comment on Habs select Russian forward Scherbak with first-round pick (2014-06-27 20:14:46)
    Cant believe Neal went for So little! Hornqvist is solid and will help as a top 6 forward for the pens & Spaling will help the 3rd line but no major prospects or picks involved is a head scratcher! MB could have for sure came up with a better deal then that! Neal would have been a great fit on the habs
  • Comment on Rangers fan Jimmy Fallon rubs it in a bit after winning bet with Habs (2014-06-03 22:49:49)
    Any chance the habs could try and grab a player like Patrick Marleau from the sharks? Have a feeling they will be shipping some of vets and start to rebuild No idea what they would ask for him though Personally I'd rather Marleau over Vanek (that's just me though)
  • Comment on Habs closing in on home ice for playoffs (2014-04-06 20:57:40)
    Was lucky to be at the game last night and noticed a few things: Great start by the habs last night & Patches,Vanek,DD line is honestly amazing almost every time they are on the ice! Had a strong feeling (even told the random person next to me) the habs were gonna blow the lead in the third period but was great to see them bounce back! Galchenyuk is for sure gonna be a star in the near future! It is ridiculous how much heart Gallagher plays with in every shift! especially for his size. Its truly amazing. Was thinking also about all the controversy in Winnipeg surrounding Evander kane and I think if I was MB I would look into seeing if a possible Eller (or +) for Kane deal could work. I think both players need a change in scenery. Especially since Gio probably won't be re signed and Vanek is still uncertain we really need a scoring winger. (Just my opinion of course) On another note Seeing Plek shoot Chucky with water after his goal was truly priceless! And last but not least If there's one thing I can't stand at habs game is drunk fans starting trouble and being extremely obnoxious. Another drunk obnoxious fan got escorted out by police last night (not without a fight though) and its just really annoying to see. But I guess some people will never learn! Overall I couldn't have asked to go to a better home game!
  • Comment on Audio: Habs make late deal to get Vanek from Islanders; Tokarski to start against Ducks (2014-03-05 15:53:37)
    If the habs dont make the playoffs then the deal was just collberg for Vanek