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  • Comment on Monday Morning QB on HI/O Show (2013-11-21 14:27:09)
    No way Shaker. Buff is inconsistant. Amazing at times but needs to be woken up. Kane is also inconsitant and has a reputation for being a yappy whiner. (see photos of lates Habs/jets game) No way would I make this trade.
  • Comment on TSN 990 to become French radio station (2012-07-11 14:07:22)
    Doan was high on the Habs draft list back in the day, but he got taken by the Winnipeg jets (ver. 1.0) a pick ahead of us (7th i think). We took some kid named Terry Ryan, who never made the NHL, but wouldn't be released to try his luck elsewhere. (that draft also got us Stephane Quintal from the Jets for a pick).
  • Comment on Maybe they’ll be good … maybe (2011-08-16 13:24:50)
    Don't write off the Jets too early...
  • Comment on Rolling up the rim on Tim (2011-07-18 18:42:58)
    I have been lucky enough to see games in Toronto, Buffalo and Minneapolis. The best part of an away game, if when the Habs score, you stand up, and some guy 10 rows down stands up, and some one else far away stands and cheers, it is fun to be part of that us-vs them atmosphere. TOR: 3-4 controversial loss, even Don cherry claimed the leafs goal should not count. Lots of fun, Good natured teasing with other fans. (I got a small popcorn flurry). BUF: Theodore had a great outing and the habs won. I quietly snuck away to the car... MIN: ~3 years ago, Saku and company came to the Excel energy centre, which is an AMAZING place to watch hockey. They really did a good job with that building. Montreal wins a close one, and it was fun mingling with Decent fans from the other side. I know it will be a hard feat to score Habs tix in my new home of Winnipeg. Good luck
  • Comment on How about a goal to begin critical week? (2011-03-29 08:44:17)
    Who do you think Snaps the Scoring drought? My bet: DD Dave Deharnais. Anyone?