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  • Comment on 1993 Stanley Cup flashback: Kings beat Habs in Game 1 (2013-06-01 08:29:43)
    montreal also has the distinct disadvantage beyond tax rates .. if the player has a family and kids (many do!), they need to figure out where their children will go to school. given the language laws, that means they go to french school (since the parents aren't grandfathered in). that's an issue for many when comparing it to lifestyles in other potential signing cities.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead, but 4-3 shootout win (2012-02-17 19:16:40)
    i couldn't be more excited that gill netted a return. i don't even care what the return was, the action itself is profound and way too rare around here. the last time we did a deal like this, we shipped rivet and got gorges and pacioretty in return. this is one of the key ways you actually build a team. now imagine where we would be if we got something (anything) for all the other ufas who walked: koivu, kovalev, ryder, riberio, komisarek, tanguay, streit, souray, and garth murray.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens mount comeback, blow lead, lose 5-3 (2012-02-13 21:35:58)
    comment of the night.
  • Comment on Liveblog: GOMEZ!!! (2012-02-09 21:28:50)
    gomez with the game winner.
  • Comment on Liveblog: GOMEZ!!! (2012-02-09 13:55:16)
    How about a list of centres better than any we have: Backes Backstrom Carter Couture Crosby Datsyuk Duchene Getzlaf Giroux Kesler Koivu (M) Kopitar Lecav Malkin Richards (M) Richards (B) RNH Sedin Spezza Stamkos Tavares Thornton The issue is Gomez, Pleks, DD, Eller, and Leblanc are all centres competing for the 2nd/3rd line C. While Pleks is the best of the bunch (no doubt, he's arguably one of the best 2nd line C's in the NHL behind Kesler and select others), he's the one we need to trade because of the marginal increased value he provides over DD or Eller at a much bigger price tag. We can also get something great in return. Then you bury Gomez and move Leblanc to wing and the log jam is solved. So yes, Plekanec+something is a trade you need to make to get someone to slot into 1st line C. Right now, Carter seems to be the guy on the market. As absurd as the length of his contract is, the cap hit isn't bad. I'd take him and be stoked about how the team was shaping up.
  • Comment on Busy weekend looms (2012-02-03 08:28:44)
    From PD on Sam Gagner: Scored more points in one game than the following players have scored this season: Zenon Konopka, Matt Hendricks, Adrian Aucoin, Marty Reasoner, Mike Rupp, Mathieu Darche, Roman Hamrlik, Patrick Kaleta, Matt Stajan and, yes, Scott Gomez.
  • Comment on Leblanc called up (2012-02-01 18:24:43)
    you'd think with all that we'd be winning the president's cup. i guess out of necessity, living in toronto has sure made you see the glass half full. you also highlighted 3 centres in your review. too bad we only have two spots for them. you also highlighted 7 D. too bad in addition, we have markov and others signed too. also, given the dollars committed across the board (e.g. kaberle), how do you suggest signing and keeping all those awesome players you listed together under the cap? i wouldn't call that such great management, would you?
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-01 11:00:58)
    i think this displays the exact opposite of what you're trying to demonstrate: if one third (10/30) of the top30 scorers of from the top5 draft picks, it shows how much more dominate that group is. going back to 1988* (selanne), you have 110 potential guys -- 10 of them are on the list (9.1%). whereas, you have 5,839 potential guys in the other group -- 20 of them are on the list (0.35%). so basically, you have an exponentially higher chance of having a top scorer in the nhl if you draft top5 (duh). that's a pretty strong lock and quite telling. *math obviously not completely representative since you should remove goalies and probably defence too since they aren't expected to be top scorers. also going back to 1988 for selanne really dilutes the pool. many of the top5 guys since then who no longer play were top30 scorers in the nhl year after year.
  • Comment on Are Canadiens fans losing faith? (2012-01-20 13:33:16)
    molson (the company) doesn't own the canadiens. molson (the family) does [amongst others]. in fact, molson (the family) bought molson (the company)'s stake in the transaction with gillette. so buying shares in molson (the company) gets you nothing. except a share in a pretty good company. you'd have more ownership rights in the habs by buying a share of bell.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Cammalleri to Calgary (2012-01-12 23:14:43)
    Adieu, Michael Cammalleri by The Upper Canadien on 01/12/12 at 10:34 PM ET Comments (2) Initial thoughts? Terrible trade. Cammalleri was one of the few free agents in recent years to have a real desire to play in Montreal. He loved the pressure. He upped his game when it mattered. He also spoke his mind. Apparently, that got him traded. I don’t believe Pierre Gauthier when he says these talks went on for a month. This happened quickly. It was a quick reaction. And it was a mistake. Rene Bourque can’t skate anymore. He’s certainly not a sniper like Cammalleri. And he’s not an impact forward. This is a severe downgrade. Sure, Montreal saves some cap room - but they used that same cap room on Tomas Kaberle four weeks ago. This makes no sense. To me, this reeks of desperation. It reeks of trying to placate a fan base upset with other issues. The French media made a mountain out of Cammalleri’s comments in the past 48 hours. Cammalleri is a scapegoat. Plain and simple.