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  • Comment on Bourque to wear number 27 (2012-01-13 18:12:20)
    we are the laughing stock of the league and its embarrasing. its not the trade im against per se but, how it was done. it started with the pearn firing hours if not minutes before a game. then , the martin firing on game day.finally , this trade in the middle of a game. the habs are supposed to be about class, but these moves are very classless. take the first 2 letters from class and you get what this organization has become.the upper management must be dealt with before we become the punch line for a series of jokes. molson doesnt get unpunished here either as he is the one who signed out for the above moves. please wake me up this is fast becoming a wicked nightmare that doesnt seem to have an end.as always go habs go.
  • Comment on No time to mope (2011-12-22 12:33:08)
    wow this year is turning out to be a big car wreck. team is unwatchable and sans emotion. as someone stated in another post, looks like the houle years.i feel sorry for cunny and the crap thats going on. now i read one of those squirrley separtists groups plan a demo at the next home game. what next? pg should go soon. lets not go nuts with despate trades of everyone in feb. im sure once the new cba gets signed in the off season, the uno who situation gets resolved somehow and perhaps other salaries come off the books either via ufas or trades. change for the sake of making changes does not work. either way go habs go, they are "our" team through thick and thin( lots of thin these days though). hoping for a better second half. an early merry , safe and happy xmas to all hioers,boone and company and your families. lets all wish and have santa bring a better team under our trees.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Martin out, Cunneyworth in as Habs fire head coach (2011-12-17 11:33:46)
    about time. i guess pg got some heat from upstairs and had to act.always thought he was the wrong coach for this team with the type of talent the habs have. this team was/is built for speed and skill. hopefully cunny has this team doing an up tempo agressive forecheck that more suits the personnel. as for those crying for roy for coach, no thanks. he would become too much of a sideshow. since he always had to be the man when he was playing. lets see what rc does for the rest of the year and then make a decision in the off season when there is more time as well as more potential candidates to choose from(hopefully not dependant on language. just get the best possible coach please)
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 13:18:22)
    didnt pleks push for kaberle?
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 12:46:12)
    i didnt know today was april fool's day.please tell me this is a joke!. didnt the habs uppercrust see tk close up enough in the first round last year to see he is a diminished asset. this isnt a hockey team anymore people, the habs are a "BRAND". all they care about is the bottom line and as long as people fill the phone booth,buy the jerseys and other trinkets, the product on the ice will be an afterthought. someone throw water in my face to wake me up from this season.
  • Comment on Long night on the Island (2011-11-18 09:08:38)
    first, welcome to all out of towners and have a good time. must join you folks one day. second, anyone hear frankie gagnon state he would trade eric staal straight up for pk?course to accomodate staal's salary we would have to dump unowho.
  • Comment on Banged-up Habs face Hurricanes (2011-11-16 12:41:41)
    what looked on paper before the season started as a half decent dcorps, now because of injuries/illness looks rather scary. gill hopefully is back by the weekend and over the flu. we need that experience on the back. right now all we have is josh and kids with LT 2 yrs in. no idea how injured spacek is.hope carey is ready.
  • Comment on The mourning after (2011-10-21 10:08:54)
    im getting a 94-95/95-96 season vibe for this team.ones that didnt make the playoffs(94-95) and ones that made panic moves that set the team development back a few yrs.(95-96). the team seems to be passengers so far, no effort/intesity. something is amiss big time for our habs and if not corrected soon this team will fall off the rails. they cant fire jm because i dont think molson wants to pay another ex-coach for doing nothing. im not doing a chicken little yet but im getting close and am getting fed up with watching this team just not getting it done. will never abandon the team(that wouldnt make me much of a fan then would it?). just not liking what im seeing so far(frustrated as hell).
  • Comment on Habs Future (2011-10-17 09:10:05)
    just dropping a note. thanks sf09 for all your work on this site. much appreciated. keep it up
  • Comment on A long night at the Bell Centre (2011-10-14 09:53:39)
    terrible effort last nite. very humdrum. credit to the flames for outplaying us. these types of games will happen ,its a long season.i have another thing to worry about this team and that is the kirk mueller effect. he was the one who the in game corrections/adjustments and that , based on 3 games is what is missing. my opinion is that jm is so married to "the system" and never wavers from it and that is going to lead to the downfall of the team on a game by game basis.is great when we have the lead, but, when the other team is dictating the play jm doesnt adjust. i fear we are going to regret letting kirk go.