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  • Comment on Glovegate (2008-02-21 07:57:15)
    This trade has Bad Karama written all over it. Notice how the team was so genuinely happy for Ryder after his goals on Tuesday and Kovy's comments about it; notice Streit's increased presence in every aspect of the Habs' game... it's part of the chemistry that is so risky to tinker with. Hossa and his prolonged negotiation, his use of the media during it and his past in Ottawa all bring negative energy. I'm afraid this will be bad karma.
  • Comment on ‘Second family’ comes calling on Carey Price (2008-02-21 07:29:04)
    What a great piece! It's great how you transmit his personality and humour and intimacy with the Williamses. And the can of WD40...priceless! (no pun intended)
  • Comment on Tell us where you’re from, Habs fans (2008-02-17 17:54:34)
    I'm from Panama, where the recipe for ice was lost long ago. Unfortunately, the poll would have me be an 'Other' since Latin America doesnt have enough hockey fans to merit its own region. oh well...
  • Comment on Tied at the top (2008-02-17 17:40:17)
    While the list of players you provided seems accurate enough, I'd beg to differ on the 'conservatism' of Gainey's trade method. He gets taken to task on this a lot, but I think people too often forget the big brass ones it took to trade Theodore. Few saw that coming, and it can hardly be qualified as conservative. Plus, this is possibly the first year that the re-building has stopped and the Habs are actually in a strong position to be players in the trade market - as opposed to before when we would have been on the over-apying side of most trades.
  • Comment on Report: No charges for O’Byrne, Kostopoulos (2008-02-12 18:00:05)
    A little perspective before going off on athletes (though, in other more serious circumstances I would agree): this is a very very minor incident that from the looks of it was more about over zealous cops than athletes-gone-bad. Legally, this would be a prime case for dropped charges: minimal damages caused, first time offenders and resolved minor theft. It is not at all comparable to OJ or Michael Vick, not even those speeding or driving under the influence (which is a much more egregious example of athletes getting away with anything). Respectfully, MAB the HAB
  • Comment on Afternoon delight (2008-02-02 15:22:07)
  • Comment on Afternoon delight (2008-02-02 15:16:57)
    What stupid rule says Breze-by must get ice time? This shows he should be nailed to the pressbox bench ASAP!
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-01-23 15:28:47)
    Did anybody read Red Fisher's article in the Gazette today? I know Mr Boone et al highly admire Fisher, but his articles are always a jab at the Habs. Today's pretty much sent a jinx on them (and Kovalev in particular) to get injured and hinting that they would fare badly if it were not for the good health so far this year of their main players. Geez, talk about raining on the habs' parade. Regardless, the whole city is happy today thanks to the 8-2 massacre. Here's to carrying it over into the NJ game!
  • Comment on The monkey disembarks … and calisse, it feels good! (2007-12-15 19:55:02)
    Hey Mike Boone, you seem short on words today. What's up? For those of us who follow online from abroad your between period analysis and in-game remarks help round out what little we get via internet radio. So pick it up! Rant a little....hehehe.
  • Comment on The monkey disembarks … and calisse, it feels good! (2007-12-15 18:01:21)
    Excellent post Ed. It goes to show that Ryder is working very hard. It seems to me he's a combination of unlucky, pressured (by himself, the coaches and now the media and fans) and focusing on other aspects of his game to the detriment of his bread+butter - his scoring. These are not excuses for him, but serve as explanations. Also, Higgins has taken a role on that line that he didnt have last year whether by design or not: that of being the primary shot-taker, further leaving Ryder behind from his 'natural' role of first shooter on that line. We need to keep in mind that Ryder is working and keeping a generally positive attitude, which is harder to do than us fans give him credit for. See: Samsonov, Sergei (aka Natasha) for evidence of this.