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  • Comment on Habs’ Pacioretty growing into leadership role both on and off the ice (2014-12-21 20:18:38)
    A few random numbers. The NY Islanders are third overall in the NHL for 1st period goals scored (34) versus the Habs who are dead last (12). However, the Isles only have a 6 - 5 record when leading after the 1st period. Habs and Isles have scored same amount of goals in 2nd period (31) and the Habs have a huge edge on 3rd period goals (44-30). The Isles also avg the NHL's 2nd highest # of shots generated per game, right behind Chicago. That, combined with great tending (Halak), and the D upgrades this season, has pushed the Isles into a near certain lock for a spring playoff spot. One minor advantage the Habs may be able to exploit on Tuesday - the Isles are last in the NHL on the PK. Alas, the NYI also claim the East's best home winning %. And, if we somehow manage to get to OT / SO, the Isles are 6-0 in shootouts.
  • Comment on Habs’ Pacioretty growing into leadership role both on and off the ice (2014-12-21 19:56:37)
    The Habs being “too soft” is seemingly a daily theme on this site. Many years ago some of the same posters were the ones begging Charles Atlas for help in dealing with bullies. Kidding - of course! While I do not feel the Habs need to be the NHL's toughest team, I am concerned when not one teammate sticks up for a fallen comrade, like the recent Stoner hit on Max. Were you aware that the team with the least amount of total hits in the NHL is also the #2 team in the West, and an annual Cup favorite? That's right, the Chicago Blackhawks! This perceived lack of toughness bellowing from HIO posters will likely continue, win-or-lose, after the Isles game as they claim 2 of the top 3 hitters in the NHL (Martin & Clutterbuck). Neither of which are among the top 10 of their team's point totals. Some teams, like the Sens, are restricted by finances (least CAP $$ in NHL) to upgrade skill, so rely on being a “tough” team to remain competitive. Or the Sabres, in the midst of a complete rebuild, who lead the NHL in fighting majors. The Ducks, who the Habs lost to the other evening, have a great blend of top-line skill and toughness, being the points leader in the NHL, and are also the top hitting team. The Pens, another top NHL team are similar to the Ducks in skill and among the NHL leaders in size & toughness (hits & fighting majors). So, should the Habs aspire to the Ducks / Pens, or more like the Hawks? Whatever style, these are three of the teams the Habs are looking to join as cup favorites. Perhaps MB envisions a near future hybrid team that resemble the Hawks in speed & two-way play, and the Ducks / Pens, with top-line skill (Alex & Max), and being a tough, scrappy team to play against. The Habs “toughness” factor should improve after a few more MB moves, and when players such as, Tinordi, McCarron, and perhaps a Thrower or Crisp eventually become regulars. Thoughts?
  • Comment on A letter from the Béliveau family (2014-12-18 12:54:17)
    I suppose another consideration regarding the faceoff discussion is as follows... Your centre loses a faceoff and possession in any zone. Let's then say it may take another 20 - 30 seconds to retrieve possession. 10 seconds later your shift ends. What has your line accomplished? I'm not saying that a high winning % is the absolute driver to success, but I do recall a not too distant past where being up by a goal with a minute or two remaining was almost as frustrating to watch as trying to score the tying goal. This year, I'm feeling confident in our ability to win key defensive FO's and retain possession more so than prior years. This alone, improves the viewing experience of the last few minutes of a close Habs hockey game... from my perspective.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 15:35:38)
    By a fair margin - good point.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 14:38:55)
    Well, seeing as twitter is for twits anyhow, it shouldn't matter much.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 14:12:46)
    Only Habs player with decent size that drives toward net on a consistent basis. That alone, should make him a hero with the HIO crowd.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 12:59:35)
    A review of the current NHL standings show the top 3-4 NHL teams are unbeatable at home, and have a road record the bottom 15 teams would love to have as a home record. The majority of playoff contending NHL teams have a good-to-great winning percentage at home and play better than .500 on the road. As such, playoff contending NHL teams that have played many more games at home than on the road have a greater chance of tumbling down the standings over the coming weeks. These teams include, Toronto, Boston, and the NYR. Obviously, any of these teams could beat the odds, based on strength of schedule, or a terrific run, but for most part, will likely not be moving up the standings anytime soon. The opposite holds true, so a team such as the Canucks, who have played six fewer games at home are more likely to climb up the standings over the coming weeks. Habs are what a potential playoff team should resemble in the standings thus far, a terrific record at home, and a competitive team on the road. Hopefully, over the next 2-3 years, the Habs become a team that are capable of striking fear in opposing rinks, such as the Blues, Ducks, Hawks, and Pens. Only then, would the Habs be considered a perennial cup contender. Thoughts?
  • Comment on Canadiens given day off Sunday while fans pay their respects to Jean Béliveau (2014-12-07 14:27:43)
    RIP #4 Fearless prediction - If they ever consider moving the net to one of the side-boards, our Habs will win most games by a fair margin, as it appears to be where they spend the most ice-time. I was wondering if it was coach dictated, as driving the net or passing the puck towards the crease area often results in change of possession. No Habs forward, other than #11, Sekac who hasn't yet learned it's a no-no, and any fresh legs called up from the DogPound ever go near the opposing net in it's current location. The Habs are a decent team along the boards. A good cycle works if a team has a 1st period lead, or ahead late in the game by a goal, or even after scoring a go-ahead goal to minimize the opposing team's push-back. It's a prevent/defense attack with puck skirmishes deep in the opposing end not likely to result in the other team having a scoring chance. There are also occasions where after an opposing goal, the cycle by an energy line can create enough havoc to allow for a PP opportunity. But to employ this strategy as the main offensive weapon offers limited success. It worked somewhat earlier in the season before opposing teams figured out that cycling the puck and getting it back to a Dman for a shot was the Habs go-to move. This is easily defended by having two forwards restricting the Hab's Dmen ability to find open shooting lanes, and without much concern for the shots that do get through, as Habs forwards looking to deflect or seek rebound opportunities are coming in late from the perimeter. Being dependent on this primary game plan, along with converting on a couple of the several odd man rushes, and /or converting on a higher % of PP opportunities appear to be the current Hab game plan for success. Who knows, perhaps Habs coaching does understand that this team is not yet capable of challenging with the big dogs, and are effectively (or ineffectively) using this strategy to remain middle-of-the-pack competitive while our erstwhile GM continues to reshape the team and for the youngsters to get brought along slowly. I do like the team, it's future outlook, and understand that defense wins championships... but, would sure like to see a slight change in the O game-plan to mix things up every now and then. Thoughts?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens have MSG issues (2014-11-23 18:18:34)
    What gives with the attitude? Last I checked, the Chargers were winning today...
  • Comment on Canadiens will face well-rested Rangers team; prospect Nikita Scherbak suffers back injury (2014-11-23 15:30:20)
    In what hockey universe is that a trade?