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  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-22 16:33:37)
    Not likely to happen. Gilbert is not / was not brought in for top pair minutes. I watched him here in MN and he was barely a #4. Good pick up and fills the RD and PP need, but not a top pair Dman option. Emelin is not being paid as 3rd pair - heck he was close to top pair before the injury. Folks here only recall what he was like attempting to recover. No way Beaulieu gets 2nd pair billing except for PP minutes. When you have the Habs depth, zero point to risk his future or risk losing ground in the standings. Unless there is a significant injury, or someone comes into camp seriously out of shape, the top six will be as noted several hundred times on this site over the past couple months. PK,Markov,Emelin,Gilbert,Weaver,Beaulieu/Tinordi. The bottom two "rookies" best play like top four Dmen in the preseason just to secure the #6 spot, otherwise say hello again to the Bouillon cube. There are not "many" options for premium D pairings, however; there is lots of depth when D go down. When this happens, some of your proposals are bound to occur.
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-22 14:01:29)
    Hab goal scorers from last season no longer with the team (Vanek,Gionta,Briere,Gorges,White, Bouillon) provided 42 Hab goals, or roughly 20% of all team goals scored. Suggesting - based on the player loss, that we should be more concerned about preventing goals scored versus goal scoring may imply that these 42 goals will easily be recovered, before adding even more goals scored to the total. BTW, the 20% goal total number is from regular season, but was interestingly similar ratio for playoffs. It's one thing to suggest that Bourque, Eller, and Galchenyuk should improve somewhat on goal totals, and that added goal scoring should be generated from the D, and that the PP should improve. But instead of a general term like "should", try laying it out by player goal totals in a realistic manner to first recover the 42 goals, then add in a few more. All the while, keep in mind that if it is reasonable to suggest we give up more goals due to the loss of defensive minded types, this may also imply less possession time, which is what leads to goal scoring. I think it would be great if the goal totals for Max, Pleks, DD, and Gally were close to the same - one may even suggest that the combined goal totals from this group may slip slightly. Not counting on much different from the 4th line types - Prust, Wiese, Moen, or what Malhotra has historically provided. Yes - PAP will score some goals, but how many is anyone's guess (try 18, which was Gionta's total as a start to your exercise). Remember to keep it realistic (example - young playmaker such as Galchenyuk is not expected to go from 13 goals to over 30-35 in a year when he has accounted for 22 goals in his first 113 games. Yeah, but - this is his big break-out year, right?).
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-19 19:11:57)
    Late to the game here -really only one great UH song = Stealin'
  • Comment on Subban wasn’t fazed by arbitration hearing with Habs (2014-08-06 13:43:24)
    Been on Directv since moving into States from Canada back in 1993. Never miss a Habs game.
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-04 10:47:43)
    Try a different bait.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-02 09:37:44)
    Agreed on all points. I do think PK could have contributed more on the O side last season - thinking he was likely requested to work on improving D. One skill PK has that perhaps only a handful of other NHL D have, is the ability to protect and carry the puck out of the Habs zone. We recall how easy it was to pin the Habs in the D zone through dump / chase prior to the last couple seasons. Not so much these days when PK is on the ice. Reminds me of a young Ray Bourque. I think we should all support MB on his efforts to work through this difficult situation, much more than PK $$ riding on the outcome.
  • Comment on Mike & Max’s excellent adventure: Weaver’s dream summer with Pacioretty (2014-07-11 10:26:11)
    Summer - 1980 - living on Beach Ave in Vancouver - Queen concert.
  • Comment on Mike & Max’s excellent adventure: Weaver’s dream summer with Pacioretty (2014-07-09 20:10:11)
    I watch all Wild games as most of my working buds are Wild fans and I get to see several live games a year as well. The Wild have a great young team, but I could not even begin to describe to you the on-ice horror show that has been Dany Heatley in Minnesota. I get irritated just thinking about the remotest possibility that he could come to Habville. Lots more than character issues here. I would start with - if Heater and Douglas Murray were in a one lap race around the rink, i'm not certain who would win. There is so much more - just let it go.
  • Comment on Subban and Eller file for salary arbitration (2014-07-06 10:37:58)
    PK will easily receive over $8M from arbitration, if no deal is signed. I think we would all be thrilled to see him signed under $8M for max years, but more likely in the 8.5+ range, based on Cap increase.
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-01 14:08:30)
    Not one of your better posts...