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  • Comment on Carey Price survives All-Star Game shootout (2015-01-26 14:42:57)
    Nice thought. Several issues, unfortunately. The added points would not be fair to all other teams. What about players who have moved on from last year or new players that were added? Also, if one of the teams happened to be far removed from playoff contention the following year, then they would likely coast through the meaningless game. An added issue would be that the sponsors and NHL brass are only interested in actual all-star players being spotlighted, not 4th line grunts. Remember, the reason the game does not work now is no one wants to be injured or cause an injury. These players are used to playing full tilt. Best bet is to scrap the game, or just a pure skills competition.
  • Comment on Carey Price back on the ice at Habs’ practice (2015-01-19 12:45:57)
    How many 2nd line centres do the Habs really need? It could be argued we have upwards of three already. Also his contract expires after next season and the next contract should be over $7M. After this season ends, Habs will be shy a top four Dman, and we could certainly use a "bonafide" top six scoring winger. The Avs are looking for a top two Dman that can step in now or next season and hopefully has a long term contract.
  • Comment on Habs are a good team, but there’s still work to do (2015-01-10 00:10:06)
    All unique perspectives are welcome here.
  • Comment on Habs return to practice rink and work on struggling power play (2015-01-09 11:34:03)
    The NHL's most oft injured player - nope - thx
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Lightning preview (2015-01-05 17:42:09)
    ME TOO... Who we trading with... Rangers right? Wait - it's 2015, not 2005? Perhaps not.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-04 19:47:31)
    I'm glad Habs Mgmt gives these young draft picks a little more rope than some HIO posters.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-04 15:51:43)
    No current runaway powerhouse teams in Bettman's parity driven NHL. The Hawks are perhaps the NHL's most balanced team when reviewing all relevant stats. Thing to admire about the Ducks is they have won 19 one goal games. Pens play in a weaker conference, but still the best Vegas bet to come out of the East if healthy in the spring. Next tier include the Habs, TB, and St Louis. All could change, based on injuries, deadline moves, etc... Teams hoping to show they are legit 2nd tier include the Isles and Nashville. Keep in mind that being legit probably requires more than one good season (Colorado). The Isles for sure will continue to move up the East rankings over the next few seasons, all things being equal. If you are wondering why the Rangers are not in the 2nd tier group, keep in mind they have currently played six more games at MSG (recall the Leafs recent sad tumble) and now head out west. If they survive the Ducks, LA, and SJ, then they very much belong. Another team, like the Habs, that rely on spectacular tending first and foremost. LA has struggled on the road this season, could be in tough to make the playoffs. They are a top tier team at home. If they can win several games on the road over the next month and a half, then they regain 2nd tier footing and will be a feared playoff opponent.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-04 15:25:14)
    PAP under the bus today? It seems to change so often on this site. PAP has four shootout winning goals and one regular GWG - that's quite a few points in the standings for the Habs this season due to his contributions. PAP fits in somewhere just on the edge of top six. So probably still better than a few, at least according to TOI provided by MT. BTW, Dany Briere has 3 GWG for the Av's this season. Barely gets top nine minutes. He is not Patty Roy's biggest issue this season.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Penguins preview (2015-01-03 13:10:07)
    TSN... grrrr. "If the result is anything like it's been between the two teams over the last four seasons, the Penguins won't have to worry about being passed by the visiting Canadiens tonight."
  • Comment on Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from HI/O (2014-12-24 13:38:45)
    Happy Holidays to everyone at HIO from North Central Minnesota. It is always an important and special part of my day to visit this wonderful site and commiserate, cheer, or jeer our Habs team onward with all of you. Thank you to the Gazette staff for making this all possible.