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  • Comment on Ken Dryden weighs in on NHL lockout (2012-12-07 15:12:24)
    The whole reason why Fehr was hired by the players is because they were screwed over in 2004. If you look at the history of this league the owners have been screwing the players over since its inception. I don't blame the players for hiring Fehr at all.
  • Comment on This week’s HIO special-section stories (2012-12-06 02:37:45)
    What ticks me off even more is that the owner of the Bruins has that much power. Makes me wonder if he was the real power behind the decision not to punish Chara when he nearly decapitated Pacioretty. I don't think it really matters that the team has sucked for such a long time I think it might have more to do with the fact that Molson is a fairly new owner. It still ticks me off that he hasn't been more vocal in this mess. I guess he's busy planning the construction of the condos near the bell center.
  • Comment on NHL labour talks headed to mediation (2012-11-26 17:15:19)
    Seems like the players have been doing all the giving so far and the owners do what they do best and take. It's about time a mediator stepped in and saved the owners from themselves
  • Comment on NHL labour talks headed to mediation (2012-11-26 17:07:51)
    I respectfully disagree. A playoff performance would have gone a long way towards building that downtown park. If that downtown park was built the expos would still be here. That magical 94 season saw a rejuvenated fan base and the crowds just kept getting bigger as the season went along. That strike just killed baseball here and it died a slow death. It set in motion the demise of the expos, if there were no strike there would have been playoffs here and possibly a pennant. If there were playoffs there might not have been a fire sale at the end of that season that blew the team up. If the players weren't sold off a downtown ballpark might have built. It was the domino effect pure and simple.
  • Comment on Bettman has become ‘hockey’s worst enemy’ (2012-11-25 19:58:36)
    He did or did you not read the article?
  • Comment on Bettman has become ‘hockey’s worst enemy’ (2012-11-25 19:53:09)
    I don't understand all the hate for Jack Todd. I love reading his stuff and had the pleasure of talking to the man for a school project. He's a passionate Montrealer who speaks his mind and I agree with him 100% when it comes to Bettman. I especially loved this part; "Bettman likes to cultivate the image of a shrewd, hard-headed businessman, but in truth he’s a blundering fool who will squander tens of millions of dollars out of sheer stubbornness. (See the Phoenix Coyotes)."
  • Comment on New offer “about as good” as NHLPA can do (2012-11-21 16:18:24)
    More like the owners and that little tyrant that represents said owners spoiling for a fight and trying to break the union. They offered the players an insulting first offer that the players weren't going to take lying down. Bettman is a cancer to this league and this is the result.
  • Comment on NHL’s Daly more discouraged now than ever about labour negotiations (2012-11-15 16:31:55)
    Right on. A part of me hopes the NHL folds and/or Bettman loses his job. He is a supreme arsehole and as far as I'm concerned the reason why we're going thru another lockout and more than likely another cancelled season. I'm so fed up with the NHL and the players that I don't know if I'll feel the same way about the league once games resume. I love the Habs with all my heart but the league can go to hell.
  • Comment on This week’s special section (2012-11-08 16:39:08)
    I wish the league would do away with guaranteed contracts all together but an amnesty clause would be just as good in this case.
  • Comment on NHL lockout hurting beer sales (2012-11-07 21:08:57)
    I pray this is true