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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-02 02:09:15)
    Travis Roy paralyzed by hitting boards. Has hockey removed boards or made them softer? Savard, Primeau and others careers ended with hits. Has the NHL removed hits? Crosby, Roenick broken jaws due to hit with pucks. Have we made them softer? Players can get hurt via fights and sometimes just in a fluke way. But any part of the sport outside of fighting can yield serious injury. Yet we talk about taking fighting out. Aren't all these technically part of the game?
  • Comment on Fans fill Bell Centre for Red vs. White scrimmage (Video) (2013-09-15 22:44:57)
    He looked ready to take that number 6 spot tonight. Hope it carries into the next game and the regular season.
  • Comment on Fans fill Bell Centre for Red vs. White scrimmage (Video) (2013-09-15 22:34:12)
    Didn't see the Tinordi tilt. But McCormick is a middleweight fighter goes against pretty tough guys. Drewiski didn't get killed, but didn't win showed up. That's not losing a fight. Some "fans" don't seem to understand that.
  • Comment on Fans fill Bell Centre for Red vs. White scrimmage (Video) (2013-09-15 22:25:12)
    Take away from tonights game. 1.Diaz bad playoff play doesn't seem to be an aberration but the beginning of normal play. 2.McCarron keeps up this level of play wouldn't hate to see a ten game regular season tryout over Moen. 3.Tinordi looks ready to be full time Dman great game tonight.
  • Comment on Fans fill Bell Centre for Red vs. White scrimmage (Video) (2013-09-15 20:43:32)
    Big Mac wins a battle leads to a rush and a goal and is now a plus 2. I think this kid is going to be a legit player for this team.
  • Comment on Canadiens acquire enforcer Parros from Panthers (2013-07-05 16:50:28)
    The role of the enforcer is to save the smaller players. Even if the enforcer doesn't play in the post season he prevents cheap hits and stuff that racks up over the course of the season. Even if Montreal wins a game guys are still getting tossed around. With Parros in the lineup guys will think twice about running guys. Which over time keeps the smaller goal scoring fowards healthy
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 16:51:53)
    Probably should have added to my trade idea. That's only if you find out Perry has any interest in staying in Montreal.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 16:24:13)
    Ryder looked awful last night but his cap comes off the books and that's all that matters. Knowing that Perry or Ryan are on the outs in Anaheim. If I'm Bergevin I offer Gionta Eller a 1st and a prospect for either one of those guys and see what Anaheim says.
  • Comment on How (and when) will the P.K. Subban Saga end? (2013-01-24 12:16:17)
    When it comes to contract talks there shouldn't be anything else. Well and numbers, lets look at those too. Subban Last season 7 goals not inside top 30 for defenseman Season before 14 was good enough for top 10 Overall points Last season 36 Good enough for top 30 Season before 38 Just good enough for top 30 All players in front of him had better PPG than Subban. Only thing Subban has led defensemen in? Penalty Minutes How do these numbers garner 6 million dollars?
  • Comment on How (and when) will the P.K. Subban Saga end? (2013-01-24 11:53:17)
    These are in my opinion, and some others, the top ten Dmen in the NHL Shea Weber 7.5 Mil Zdeno Chara 8.5 Mil Drew Doughty 6 Mil Erik Karlsson 6.5 Mil Ryan Suter 7.5 Duncan Keith 5.5 Dany Boyle 6.6 Kris Letang 3.5 You honestly believe that Subban deserves to be paid as much as these guys? His numbers, and overall play don't hold a candle to these guys. These players are the elite defensemen in the NHL. They have earned their contracts. The way PK needs to go out and earn his. Until he proves he can be one of these guys, he needs to accept he won't get paid like one. Accept 3 million for 2 years show the team you deserve your elite contract then sign it.