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  • Comment on Therrien defends decision to cut Leblanc (2013-09-18 19:10:29)
    why anybody out there (Off the Record) would consciously have Mike Milbury on the show to evaluate players is beyond be....just sayin
  • Comment on String of road games begins for Canadiens (2011-12-19 11:23:37)
    Tom, I also am very curious...Carey Price happy or terrified with Roy in the mix as a coach or GM. People have sort of let go of the "big boots to fill" like Theodore/Thibault had after Roy left. Bringing Roy back into the organization could potentially put added pressure on Price that he doesn't really need when we want him locked up long term. I sort of see Roy as more of an over your shoulder telling you how to goaltend than a teacher of the art but I've been wrong many times before
  • Comment on String of road games begins for Canadiens (2011-12-19 11:17:16)
    24 Cups........good point on the Stability = Roy. All I can say to that was what was I thinking there?!? I always liked Hartley as a coach I thought he did a good job with a great team in Col and a great job with a decent team at best in Atlanta. The other guys I was thinking of were Lemaire/Robinson and co. if you could somehow get them. Don't ever see them coming to Montreal but I would like it if they did.
  • Comment on String of road games begins for Canadiens (2011-12-19 11:12:31)
    This is why I thought of him as GM but I didn't realize he wasn't interested so that answers that. Too bad because I can see it working out Hartley was very impressive with Colorado and Atlanta. Not sure of his coaching style mind you and if it caters to the "young uns" these days
  • Comment on String of road games begins for Canadiens (2011-12-19 11:01:52)
    I've been mulling over a couple possible scenarios for the Habs management next season and keep coming back to the possibility that a Roy/Hartley tandem just might work. Roy I think could do the job as a GM he has experience winning and knows what it takes and he and Hartley have a past with a winner in Colorado so I believe they would be on the same page in building a team that it takes to win. St Patrick as HC I just can't see working as he would have to answer to a GM and that has blow up potential written all over it. It's just a thought but I think this type of scenario would bring stability along with an aggresive plan to win. Thoughts?
  • Comment on HBO stars visit Bell Centre (2011-12-15 13:50:05)
    Agreed it will be tough, and its pretty much the only thing that has stopped me from cancelling up to now I just simply don't want that monthly bill anymore since there are other options now. I was also told you can get a boxee box from best buy and hook it to your tv so you can watch Netflix and shows through your internet on your tv, not an IT guy though so please don't take my word for it.
  • Comment on HBO stars visit Bell Centre (2011-12-15 13:23:31)
    Thanks Hobie, I'm looking to do pretty much exactly that. In fact I'm looking into different options for my home phone as well (need it as I work from home) a la vonage or something. No need to have a $230.00 so called bundle special every month when there are other options out there. Thanks again Jan 1 bye bye satellite I think Bell and Rogers are going to learn over the next couple years they don't have us by the b*&ls anymore for our programming
  • Comment on HBO stars visit Bell Centre (2011-12-15 13:03:33)
    Hello All, So I've been on here for quite sometime and don't post too often but I do have a quick question for y'all if thats alright. I'm considering cancelling my satellite as its costing me an arm and a leg and I can pretty much watch anything I want online now anyways...except Habs games. My only concern about cancelling is losing RDS and not being able to watch all of the games. I'm wondering if any of you watch regularly online and if so could you provide me with some reliable links? Cheers, Go Habs Go
  • Comment on The Boston boos (2011-04-16 16:19:23)
    I like the sound of Round 2...just sayin.
  • Comment on Scum of the earth strike (2010-11-30 18:57:17)

    Believe in it or not, Karma will DEAL with these pricks for sure