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  • Comment on Knuckles drops the gloves for HIO (2013-02-23 14:43:45)
    Hats off to you Stu for another fantastic initiative online. I think this show will attract a lot of viewers and I look forward to seeing Brenda Branswell on camera.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Habs practice video; 21 assigned to Bulldogs (2012-09-17 15:19:03)
    we should only be so lucky to have Palushaj picked up by someone else. Why is this guy on the team? Good move re Leblanc.
  • Comment on The Cup is ours! (2011-10-23 16:59:36)
    Michael Blunden? Size and no grit. And this castoff from Phoenix? How much more boring can Gm Gauthier try for?
  • Comment on Canadiens make moves (2011-10-23 14:55:43)
    Does owner Geoff Molson, now also the team president, have any input into the lousy job GM Pierre Gauthier is doing. So he trades minor leaguer Brock Trotter, who mark my words will become an instant scorer for Phoenix, for another six foot plus player who won't go into the corners or drop his glove.Gauthier and coach Jacques Martin are the boring dynamic duo, filling their roster with players who put us to sleep. And they bring up Michael Blunden from Hamilton, six two and also a guy with no significant toughness. This was Burlington, Vermont resident Pierre Gauthier's chance to make a statement and bring up a tough guy like Ian Schultz or Andrew Comboy. But he and Martin would rather watch their players get smacked around or be forced to see a top defenceman like Josh Gorges drop the gloves to defend a teammate. For the first time in my life I actually watch games and hope the Habs lose, just because I want to see Gauthier and Martin gone!!!!
  • Comment on About this evening … (with room audio) (2011-10-09 22:26:02)
    Let's just hope Gauthier does not throw more of Geoff Molson's money on some bum like Betts or Campoli on waivers. Bring up Alex Henry. We can use a policeman around. And I like Ian Schultz. He showed some grit during camp.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 23:25:05)
    Attention Geoff Molson! Are you paying attention to how Pierre Gauthier is dropping your money down the sewer, acquiring two injury prone players without any grit in Campoli and Betts? And wait till Markov plays his first game, reinjures his knee and sits out for the next two years while you pay him $11 milllion.The best thing that can happen is a serious Habs losing streak to start the season, with Gauthier and Mr. Boring coach Martin fired. Bad news Gainey will come back as interim GM and Clement Jodoin brought up as interim head coach.
  • Comment on Canadiens sign Joe Callahan (2011-10-08 23:18:59)
    Does Pierre Gauthier purposely seek out players of decent size who are afraid to drop the gloves? Joe Callahan had a handful of penalty minutes. Ditto of Blair Betts and Chris Campoli. At least Paul Mara stood up for his teammates last year. The Habs got bounced around by the Leafs. We needed Josh Gorges to get his face bloodied to stick up for Campoli after Ryan Malone's hit. Travis Moen can barely skate for his $1.5 million a year. The Habs should have rolled the dice and signed Sean Avery. They need some grit! But then again Gauthier and coach Martin believe fighting has been banned from hockey.
  • Comment on Markov done for the season? (2010-11-15 19:09:49)
    can anyone say Bobby Orr? I fear the worst here. Good thing he was not signed to a fat contract. Bring up ALex Henry to kick some butt.
  • Comment on Boyd placed on waivers (2010-11-08 20:51:29)

    classic post!!!!!

    Gomez is a disgrace

  • Comment on Boyd placed on waivers (2010-11-08 20:35:00)

    Hard to believe the Habs are in first place. That will not last long. It is a miracle given the moves Burlington, Vermont resident Pierre Gauthier has made. He is keeping Lars Eller on the roster hoping he can save face on "giving" Jaroslav Halak away. Re Dustin Boyd-----we needed to get rid of Sergei Kostitysyn---so no big deal to send him to Hamilton. He will be picked up. The biggest disgrace is Scott Gomez and his $8 million a year paycheque. Bob Gainey's legacy. What was he thinking taking Gomez, who is disgracing the  number 11 worn by Saku Koivu, And we are stuck with him.  Watch for the Habs to slide!