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  • Comment on Audio: Cammalleri still out; no Crosby (2011-01-12 17:37:41)

    Good point, I got mixed up between players. Goes to show you what a great deal Letang is this year, though.

  • Comment on Audio: Cammalleri still out; no Crosby (2011-01-12 15:42:38)

    I agree Big Tits isn't the greatest player. He's often a bit lost, and frequently lacks passion. But he still contributes. And he's not being paid for his potential; he's being paid for his contributions, and he's being paid fairly (if anything, he's paid slightly less than the average).

    Method: I went to Capgeek, and randomly went to a few teams, and picked a forward in the 3.2-4m salary range, and compared those stats to Brother Andrei. The stats include every single NHL game played by any of these. Here are the details:

    Kris Letang, 3.5 million - 0.45 points per game
    David Krejci, 3.75m  - 0.69 ppg
    Dave Bolland, 3.375m - 0.49 ppg
    Rene Bourque, 4.0m - 0.56 ppg
    Valtteri Filppula, 3.5m - 0.47 ppg
    Alexander Frolov, 3.0m - 0.69 ppg
    Andrei Kostitsyn, 3.25m - 0.58 ppg
    Jochen Hecht, 3.5m - 0.58 ppg

    The steals in the above listing are clearly David Krejci and Alexander Frolov, but those are really the outliers, and not the norm.

    While there are obviously sometimes players that are underpaid for their contribution, just as there are some that are overpaid (Vincent The Horseman, for example), we actually have a pretty decent deal with AKost, and for the same price, we would not likely do better than his point production to date. Even this year, he's still on-pace to 45 points, which is a 0.55 points per game. 

    I agree Ryan Getzlaf is better than Andrei Kostitsyn.

    I also agree Zach Parise and Jeff Carter are better, too.

    They're also all better paid than Andrei Kostitsyn. Andrei has more talent than he lets on, and COULD produce more than he has, no doubt -- but he appears to be paid below market rate for his actual production, so when everyone is so eager to bash him, keep in mind that for the same salary, it's more than likely you'd actually get less for your money, rather than more.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-13 10:41:50)



    Not a single one of you can understand why, barring a case of extreme prescience, you would plan to play your #1 goalie against the #1 team in the West, and plan to use your backup goalie against the third-worst team in the league?

  • Comment on The reverse-jinx is alive! (2010-11-09 22:13:44)

    I dunno, I think he'd look better if he grew his moustache a bit more

  • Comment on It was not to be (2010-11-06 14:10:22)

    agreed... in other years, we've tended to play down to our opponent's level, and I don't think that's the case here, which is a refreshing change.

  • Comment on It was not to be (2010-11-06 13:32:05)

    I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, and I really like the way the Habs are playing this year, but we need to be honest -- the quality of our opposition hasn't been very significant so far this season. Points now are just as good as points in April, and we're taking the ones we need, but things have been very easy so far.

    Out of 13 games played:
     - Only a single game has been against a team with a record above .500 (Tampa)
     - Collectively, all of the team's we've played against have a win record of .379

    This doesn't mean we need to panic -- but we do need to be realistic about things. While our PP firing at 5% doesn't really matter against the weak opponents we've faced so far, it WILL matter against better ones.


    No good way to put a table on this site, so hopefully the following looks a bit clear.

    Team            GP      Record    Wins    Losses    Win Pct
    --------------- ------- ---------   -----    -------     -------
    Senators         3        6-6-1      6        7            0.462
    Penguins        1        6-7-1      6        8             0.429
    Devils            1         4-10-1    4        11           0.267
    Lightning*      1         7-3-2      7        5            0.583
    Islanders       2         4-7-2      4        9            0.308
    Buffalo           2        3-9-2      3        11           0.214
    Leafs             1         5-5-2      5        7            0.417
    Panthers        1         5-6-0      5        6            0.455
    Coyotes         1         4-5-3      4        8            0.333
    --------------- ------- ---------  -----    -------      -------
    TOTAL           13     44-58-14  44       72           0.379

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  • Comment on How many sleeps till training camp? (2010-09-07 11:29:39)

    Revenues are not profits. Money-losing teams still help league revenues, because even if they only sell a single seat, at 1$, they've still increased league revenues, and thus, the salary cap.


    Only way the league contracts is if a team goes belly up, and there's no one willing to buy and relocate (or buy and stay), and the NHL BOG allows it to fail completely. That's just not going to happen.

  • Comment on Alive! (2010-04-23 19:09:09)


  • Comment on Update: Pacioretty returns home (2011-03-10 15:10:47)

    Great news, if true... but maybe on this subject we could stick with things with sources that have actual names, rather than this guy down the street who has a friend who knew something about someone who heard something else purple monkey dishwasher?

    There are people who are concerned with Max, and I feel it'd be extremely inappropriate if something like this turns out not to be true, but gets quoted/requoted nonetheless -- especially since doctors were quoted as saying this morning that he'd need to be kept immobilized for quite some time.