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  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 19:41:26)
    Definitely not unrealistic expectations and those players could very well reach those totals. I just don't see Pleks as an offensive player at this juncture in his career. Yes, he hasn't had legitimate offensively talented wingers in the last couple of years, but even with Sekaj and a year older Galchenyuk constant offense from that line is questionable . I guess we shall have to wait and see, but not sold on either Galchenyuk or Sekac being 20 goal scorers this year. In any case if goal scoring becomes a problem down the stretch, Ryder should be available on the market lol
  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 19:14:35)
    Is anyone else as concerned as i am about this teams goal scoring ability??? In my humble opinion, it's going to be a very big problem for the team this year..... Can we really depend on Sekaj, Bourque and Parenteau? these guys are major question marks that the team is putting a lot of stock into. After Patches , Subban , Desharnais and Markov the overall offense is truly sub-par. Guys like Eller and Galchenyuk will surely be there at times, but will they find that necessary consistency?? If they don't i can see the current team finishing in the 8-10 range, even with Price playing lights out. If we cant score, it simply wont matter how well he plays.
  • Comment on No changes to lines at practice (2013-03-12 16:14:35)
    Despite what some people are saying i really dont think the habs need to acquire any high priced rental players in order to make a serious run in the playoffs. As it stands now the only place where i can really see a need for improvement is on the fourth line. Dumont(will be ready next year) nor White give the fourth line any offensive punch and i think the player to look at to fill that role is Nokelainen or possibly the addition of Dominic Moore. Moore in a pre determined role can make a huge difference in the playoffs like he did a couple of years back and this would be a similar move to Peverley to Boston for their cup run. Another cheap acquisition could be Regher to shore up the D. There's no use giving up the farm for rentals period. Even if the habs seem to have a window of opportunity only a couple of cheap moves are necessary to push them over the top and make them the best team that they can be this year.
  • Comment on Liveblog: First W of the season (2013-01-22 21:24:08)
    Eller for Niederreiter? Would the Islanders go for it?
  • Comment on Islanders visit Bell Centre (2011-12-13 13:04:11)
    I really hope that's what it is and not a JM love affair with Diaz.
  • Comment on Islanders visit Bell Centre (2011-12-13 12:45:49)
    Diaz has got to be the guy that sits and its so blatantly obvious that its painful . While i like Diaz as a guy who puts in a lot of effort on a nightly basis, he is simply too weak in the corners and rarely wins any puck battles. His foot speed is also a point of concern as sometimes it just seems like it takes him forever to get to the puck. He is also a -4 on the season and his offense(7 pts) means pretty much nothing when our D is already filled with offensive minded defenseman. We need a hitter in the lineup and thats what Emelin represents. Besides Diaz was destined for the minors at the beginning of the season and on a team like ours that has many capable d men he should be on the next bus to hamilton. If JM keeps putting Emelin in the press-box he'll be on the next plane to the KHL and that would be a huge disappointment.
  • Comment on Multimedia: HIO at practice (2011-12-12 15:07:02)
    Honestly, if this team ever gets to 100% healthy i think we have one of the best teams in the whole league. While unlikely that well have everybody in the lineup at the same time , you have to like the look of a team the looks like this : AK- Plek- Cammy ( Line looked good last year , 1st line material) Cole- DD- Pacioretty ( Proven to be a line that can score, solid 2nd) Eller- Gomez -Gionta ( Nice 3rd line- shutdown ability) Moen- White-Darche( 4th line who can provide grit) These forward lines would be some of the best in the NHL , Yes, Eller would be moved to the wing where he seems to be lost but maybe paired with 2 vets will help him or maybe switch him and Gomez if things don't go well. i still feel Gomez can contribute if paired with Gionta and we saw shades of that VS the rangers before he got injured. Another place where we can tweak the forward lines is on the 4th line where maybe we can get an upgrade on Darche at the trade deadline IF we are still in the playoff hunt. Kaberle- Pk Markov- Emelin Gorges- Gill That is a nice looking D right there. Each pairing has good upside and different strengths that will help the team. Ship Weber and/or Campoli for that 4th line upgrade and the team will be set to make a run in the playoffs.
  • Comment on Liveblog: First home win of the season (2011-10-26 18:56:44)
    With you on that 100% . Let the tank movement begin!!
  • Comment on Newcomers in, Spacek returns, Emelin out (2011-10-24 12:28:46)
    Saw price and nokelainen at movies last night , Price must've been showing Nokelainen the only place to get peace from the crazy attention hell be getting. Lol
  • Comment on Latest loss wasn’t pretty (2011-09-26 11:17:08)
    Im aware its preseason but i gotta say im worried about the team this year for one reason , the loss of Roman Hamrlik. People were all over him the last 2 yrs when he appeared to slow down toward the end of the season/playoffs , but the guy was our anchor on defense and came to play tough hockey every night . When he was on the ice i had a certain confidence that the other team wouldn't score and that maybe we can even go the other way and score one. I feel losing him and replacing him with yemelin is going to make this season considerably harder on the whole team.