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  • Comment on Liveblog: P.K. the hero in OT win (2015-01-20 18:25:42)
    Haha thats probably true but i do think that Cole and his size could be useful. Agreed about Jagr, but id like to think that Stafford has been a victim of playing on a really bad team for the past few years. My thoughts exactly , how much longer can Gonchar possibly go on his 40 yr old legs , especially after potentially playing another 36 games. I cringe at the thought of him pulling a 2010 playoffs in a Habs jersey and letting a player as slow as a Moen blow by him.
  • Comment on Liveblog: P.K. the hero in OT win (2015-01-20 18:15:45)
    That will be the market value for them though unfortunately.
  • Comment on Liveblog: P.K. the hero in OT win (2015-01-20 18:03:14)
    Assuming we stay the course , MB will surely be looking to make a deal or two at the deadline to beef up our roster for the playoffs. I think these are the most likely scenarios. 1) To Montreal : F Jaromir Jagr To New Jersey : 2nd round pick + ? This is the deal that most people will be anticipating as March 2nd approaches. Jagr can be that top six forward that the team could use right now and theres the Czech connection there as well. While some have wanted to see Jagr in Montreal for a while now , its obvious at this stage in his career that he can't be relied on too heavily and is no longer the offensive threat that he used to be. Still, he can be a nice player to have on the PP and can provide a ton of experience. 2) To Montreal : F Brad Boyes To Florida : 2nd round pick Could happen if Florida drops out of the Playoff race. Boyes is a solid point producer who could fit nicely into our top 9. Only downside is that he has another year remaining on his contract at 2.65 per/yr. 3) To Montreal: F Michael Ryder To New Jersey: 3rd round pick We all know what Ryder brings by now. The guy can be a useful weapon on the PP and has a history with the team. 5 on 5 is where he struggles however, and his skating can be painful to watch at times. 4) To Montreal: F Erik Cole To Dallas: 2nd round-3rd Round Pick While us fans might still have some beef with the way Cole handled himself towards the end of his tenure with the Habs , he can still be a much needed physical presence for the playoffs and could provide scoring depth in our top 9. An Eller , Cole combination on the third line could yield Rene Bourque type results or he can possibly be reunited with DD and Patches. 5) To Montreal: F Antoine Vermette To Arizona:David Desharnais Vermette is a centre and while we have enough of those , he's a guy that can provide some good value in the depth department at any position. Has pretty good offensive numbers this year playing on a very bad Arizona team.Unless the Canadiens are willing to part ways with DD or Eller, this trade won't happen as he doesn't really fit the teams needs. 6)To Montreal: F Drew Stafford To Buffalo: 2nd round pick Another guy like Boyes who can chip in offensively in the top 9. Pretty solid player who can benefit from playing with a more seasoned group than the one in Buffalo. 7) To Montreal : D Zybnek Michalek To Phoenix: 2nd round pick Can never have too many defenseman and michalek is a pretty solid one. A big boy and veteran , he could be a great guy to have on the third pairing. Depth Guys that can be acquired in combination with one of these trades: F Jordan Nolan F Chris stewart F Cody McLeod Which of these trades would you make if you were MB, if any of them?
  • Comment on Thomas Vanek and Wild up next for Canadiens (2014-12-02 19:33:15)
    Sorry , meant to reply to the post above. 100% agree with you!!
  • Comment on Thomas Vanek and Wild up next for Canadiens (2014-12-02 19:32:25)
    Ok so you think that Marc Bergevin is saying no to a trade that looks like this: To Montreal:F Nail Yakupov To Edmonton :Emelin, Pateryn and a 2nd rounder Im sorry but i strongly disagree with you on this one.
  • Comment on Thomas Vanek and Wild up next for Canadiens (2014-12-02 19:23:42)
    I have a hard time believing that his numbers will significantly reduce his value. The fact that Edmonton is such a wreck from management down to coaching ,down to the actual roster, it kind of excuses his point totals. When compared to Galchenyuk, he only has 13 points less in 4 more games. That really is not too shabby considering he's played with some meh players and an 18 yr old center this season. Also , he's only played under the one coach who he clearly doesent get along with. So in conclusion , while numbers usually do matter , Yakupov's value is not hampered because of them. Also my trade projections are according to what Edmonton would expect in return not what other GM's are willing to give. I still think that if all it would take to land Yakupov is a bottom pairing D and a Pateryn type prospect then Yakupov would already be in another city.
  • Comment on Thomas Vanek and Wild up next for Canadiens (2014-12-02 18:41:26)
    Also, Williams is a UFA but i think LA might be willing to lose him for nothing in the offseason if it means taking another run at the cup.
  • Comment on Thomas Vanek and Wild up next for Canadiens (2014-12-02 18:39:21)
    Ya i do remember and i love the guy lol. He can't skate to save his life but boy can he rack up the PP points. Also that series against Ottawa was a complete and total **** show , our team is more mature and better equipped this time around to incorporate Ryder into the lineup.
  • Comment on Thomas Vanek and Wild up next for Canadiens (2014-12-02 18:35:19)
    If that was the case, then there would be absolutely no point for Edmonton to trade him. Teams do not trade away former first overall picks for the value that you place on Yakupov . While his stats are not great and he does need a change of scenery , he is still a large asset to the Oilers. Any team enquiring to acquire Yakupov will need to offer at least one top 4 Dman( Emelin) , at least one blue chip prospect (Tinordi or Beaulieu) and potentially a low first or high second round draft pick
  • Comment on Thomas Vanek and Wild up next for Canadiens (2014-12-02 18:27:23)
    Would love to have Justin Williams(Also love to hate him , 2006 was our year:( ) but i doubt LA lets him go as he is crucial to their teams success. Would rather have Ryder than Stafford for that right handed shot.