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  • Comment on Game 13: Canadiens stick it to Sabres (2010-11-05 17:40:15)

    Totally agree.  To me, that looked pretty much like the definition of the hit the NHL wants out of the game.  I love how thornton and doan both said "i didnt even mean to hit him".  Yeah, ok.....


    On another note, we're agreeing way too often these days, its getting a little weird hahaha



  • Comment on Game 13: Canadiens stick it to Sabres (2010-11-05 17:33:53)

    Im sorry, but if you in any way, shape or form expected a player of the quality of Ryan Getzlaf or Claude Giroux for a goaltender, in a goalie market thats colder than the NYSE Circa 2008, I dont even know what to tell you...


  • Comment on Game 13: Canadiens stick it to Sabres (2010-11-05 17:29:29)

    how many cups has he won again?

  • Comment on Game 13: Canadiens stick it to Sabres (2010-11-05 17:22:14)

    And all employed NHL Gm's automatically are genious' and know better? Theres definitely posters on this site who wouldnt have been stupid enough to make the dumb trades that milbury is famous for.

    Just because you get paid to do the job, doesnt mean you know how to do it.  That is the corporate world. 

    Im not saying that all the critics here are qualified to be GM's, or even that any of the critics here are qualified to be GM's.  Doesnt mean that all NHL GM's are qualified to be in their positions either. 

    Brian Lawton? Mike Milbury? John Ferguson Jr?

    There's a reason GM's get fired. 

  • Comment on Game 13: Canadiens stick it to Sabres (2010-11-05 17:18:03)

    I dont think so.  Hes an opinionated kid who just doesnt know any better and he got taken advantage of by two veteran media personnel who baited him.  Obviously paccioretty is to blame for his comments, but Tony Marinaro didnt shy away from asking the tough questions. 

  • Comment on Sorry about that … (2010-11-04 14:45:45)

    I found it refreshing.  To hear a 21 year old say to everyone what he needs to do to be successful, I think took a lot of guts.  A lot of guys would say the old cliche "ill be the waterboy if thats what it takes to get to the NHL", but maxpac knows that he isnt going to develop into the player he wants to be in the bottom 6, and good on him for saying it!

    If our coaching staff doesnt like it, too bad! He will be a successful player somewhere else, and it will be our loss. 

    Even Lars Eller shouldn't be playing in the NHL if he's not in the top-6. 

  • Comment on Sorry about that … (2010-11-04 14:23:42)

    Having the leagues leading goal scorer since January 2009 is certainly helping Tampa's cause.  Stamkos may even be a purer goal scorer than ovechkin.  This kid is on fire.  If St Louis and Stamkos go cold, Tampa is done for.  All of tampa's losses this year are games where stamkos had only 1 point or less.  In only two of Tampa's 7 wins this year did Stamkos not have a multi-point game.

    The lack of defensive depth and Shaky goaltending will eventually catch up with them.

  • Comment on Sorry about that … (2010-11-04 14:12:13)

    I will never buy this cammy and gio came here because of Gomez nonsense.  Cammy had 30 million reasons to come to montreal, and gionta had 25 million reasons to come here.  Those are very generous contracts for both those players.  They arent exactly bargains. 

  • Comment on Habs legends Elmer, Butch share the wealth (2010-11-04 11:59:09)

    I actually disagree. I think it makes it harder for teams low in the standings to catch up.  At the end of the season, teams in playoff positions will play more conservatively (especially when playing each other) to get the extra point.  If two teams in playoff position go to overtime, and a team who is out of playoff position wins, they only gain 1 point on one of the teams ahead of them.

    This is why i advocate that the NHL should switch to 3 points for regulation win, 1 point for overtime/shootout loss, and 2 points for an overtime/shootout win. 

    I dont like that an extra point magically appears when the game goes to overtime.  I especially dislike when you clearly see both teams playing conservatively just to get into overtime in the late minutes of regulation when the game is tied. 

  • Comment on Don’t panic! (2010-11-03 15:49:19)

    Because they sucked and were able to draft them.  I just did the exercise for fun, not really to prove any points other than the fact that at least those teams are getting good production for the money they spent.

    No one put a gun to bob gaineys head to acquire scott gomez.  He chose to do so, just like he chose to sign Gionta.  He could have easily chose not to make those moves, and keep the cap space for when real opportunity to use it came up.  However, Gainey never coveted cap space nor draft picks, something that most GM's today are extremely reluctant to give up.