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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens post winning weekend (2015-02-09 00:02:41)
    I thought Weise could do well on the first line and that a lot of the fan whining under-estimated his abilities. That said, I don't see him as a long-term fix in the top-6. He may be more like a Chris Higgins type, a guy with enough speed and just (barely) good enough offensive instincts to serve usefully in that role for periods of time. So, great game from Weise, but..let's not get carried away :)
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-08 12:46:57)
    Fan attitudes to Lars Eller amaze me. It's like he's their darling little baby boy. In four and half years as a full-time NHLer, he has NEVER shown any real offensive ability in anything other than brief spurts - something that, say, Benoit Brunet also used to display. Far from being a victim of Therrien, he has benefitted over the years from protected minutes both defensively and offensively - with Plekanec taking the bulk of the heavy defensive duties, and Patches' line drawing opposing teams' top checkers. He has responded neither by scoring reliably nor by excelling defensively. What you see with Eller is what you get: a middle-of-the-road third-line C who is not particularly good at any aspect of the game, but can eat a fair number of minutes without hurting you too much most of the time. In short, a total mediocrity. It's long past time the Lars Eller Pity Party gets put to rest.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-08 12:34:20)
    UCE, you are totally overrating Zack Kassian. He will only "help now" if he experiences a total transformation upon being traded, along the lines of what John LeClair did when he was moved. That is a *possibility* - lots of things are possibilities - but not something a smart team would bank on having happen. Remember that Kassian is being scratched on a team that is in desperate need of both size and effective scoring help. The player Zack reminds me of is Chad Kilger, another hulking winger drafted high, who was playing a few cards short of a full deck in the brain department.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-08 00:32:44)
    Kassian is nowhere near the level of return that Winnipeg should be seeking for Kane. He's closer to being the "sweetener" in a deal than the main ingredient. Bo Horvat + other elements might be a better bet. At least Horvat is a sure bet to have a long NHL career; it's not even sure Kassian will be in the league two years from now.
  • Comment on About this afternoon …. (2015-01-31 20:30:20)
    All I can say is that was one hell of a hockey game. Intense, chippy, fast - these two teams hate each others' guts. If they meet in the dance, it'll be an epic series.
  • Comment on About this afternoon …. (2015-01-31 20:29:07)
    Bim, you make a pretty good point. Living in Vancouver, I used to watch nearly every Habs' game on RDS. I'm not paying through the nose, nor am I going to upend my internet subscription, e-mail address, etc., just to access what I used to get for free. Blackouts are ridiculous in an era of digital content (legal or otherwise) - you make your money by giving people what they want, not by gouging them. That said, and PJ Stock aside, I think Rogers' coverage is much better than the CBC's complacently inbred productions ever were. All they have to do is make their product easily available and their ratings will spike.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-20 10:35:54)
    The way to make Kreider pay is to deliberately take out Lundqvist. That would level a playing field that has been artificially and irresponsibly tilted against the Habs courtesy of the NHL's catastrophic policy of not protecting star players against deliberate attempts to injure. In the absence of leadership from the league, only the equivalent of Mutually Assured Destruction would put an end to the kind of nonsense we witnessed from Kreider in Game One.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 2 – 3-1 loss drops Canadiens into 0-2 hole (2014-05-19 21:49:11)
    Habs lost the belief that they could win after that Nash goal. Taking stupid penalties was a symptom of that. The basic story is that, with Price hurt, they needed things to break their way, and once that failed to happen, it was over. The only question now is whether we avoid a sweep.
  • Comment on Habs’ Price out for rest of Rangers series; Tokarski reported to start Game 2 (Video) (2014-05-19 12:44:56)
    My view has always been that if the NHL will not protect players, then you have to protect yourself via the logic of retaliation. So, if the NHL does nothing about head-shots, you are just a sucker if you do not dress a couple of head-hunters in your own lineup. Similar situation here. The NHL has a policy of letting goalies get run over. T So the answer is pretty clear. Ask one of your fourth-liners to run Lundqvist every chance they get. That's how the NHL wants it, obviously, so we should accommodate them. Unfortunately I doubt we will see the Habs do this. But that is what a truly Cup-hungry team would do under the circumstances.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern Semifinal Game 5 – Bruins win 4-2, take series lead (2014-05-10 22:24:58)
    One explanation for the mediocre effort may be that all the pounding the Habs have taken is starting to tell. After all, that is why teams mete out the pounding in the first place - to wear guys down over a series. Just a thought. The other thing is: every single game the Bruins have had last change, they have had a significant edge in play. In Montreal, by contrast, we are their equal. That bodes tolerably well for Game Six, and very badly for any possible Game Seven.