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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-20 10:35:54)
    The way to make Kreider pay is to deliberately take out Lundqvist. That would level a playing field that has been artificially and irresponsibly tilted against the Habs courtesy of the NHL's catastrophic policy of not protecting star players against deliberate attempts to injure. In the absence of leadership from the league, only the equivalent of Mutually Assured Destruction would put an end to the kind of nonsense we witnessed from Kreider in Game One.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 2 – 3-1 loss drops Canadiens into 0-2 hole (2014-05-19 21:49:11)
    Habs lost the belief that they could win after that Nash goal. Taking stupid penalties was a symptom of that. The basic story is that, with Price hurt, they needed things to break their way, and once that failed to happen, it was over. The only question now is whether we avoid a sweep.
  • Comment on Habs’ Price out for rest of Rangers series; Tokarski reported to start Game 2 (Video) (2014-05-19 12:44:56)
    My view has always been that if the NHL will not protect players, then you have to protect yourself via the logic of retaliation. So, if the NHL does nothing about head-shots, you are just a sucker if you do not dress a couple of head-hunters in your own lineup. Similar situation here. The NHL has a policy of letting goalies get run over. T So the answer is pretty clear. Ask one of your fourth-liners to run Lundqvist every chance they get. That's how the NHL wants it, obviously, so we should accommodate them. Unfortunately I doubt we will see the Habs do this. But that is what a truly Cup-hungry team would do under the circumstances.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern Semifinal Game 5 – Bruins win 4-2, take series lead (2014-05-10 22:24:58)
    One explanation for the mediocre effort may be that all the pounding the Habs have taken is starting to tell. After all, that is why teams mete out the pounding in the first place - to wear guys down over a series. Just a thought. The other thing is: every single game the Bruins have had last change, they have had a significant edge in play. In Montreal, by contrast, we are their equal. That bodes tolerably well for Game Six, and very badly for any possible Game Seven.
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs given day off on Sunday; Game 3 Tuesday night at Bell Centre (2014-05-04 12:24:07)
    I really think the key to the series is turning out to be the Bruins' ability to screw up the Habs' breakouts. I have not yet seen a team so skilful at keeping the puck in at the offensive blueline, and so good at frustrating our attempts to breakout - or even just to clear our own zone. How many times in these two games have we seen the Habs "almost" clear the zone but not quite make it? I think the Bs' coaches identified this as a crucial part of their game plan. Therrien has to study the tapes and figure out a way to address it. Otherwise, we are going to continue to be hemmed into our own zone for long stretches, and the odds of victory will be long.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern Semi-final Game 2 – Canadiens blow third-period lead, series tied (2014-05-03 16:36:05)
    Was he beaten on any clean goal that he could see? His only mistake was on the GWG when he lost his footing and therefore went down early. By "look small," you mean got scored on. Not the same thing.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern Semi-final Game 2 – Canadiens blow third-period lead, series tied (2014-05-03 16:34:59)
    This idea that Beaulieu and Tinordi are savious is laughable - similar logic to what people were saying last summer, that we should put BOTH of those guys in and that we were gonna dominate!!!! (etc., etc.). The fact is, Tinordi struggled all season and Beaulieu is still learning the defensive side of the game. Cal is absolutely right. And anyone who can't see the value Weaver has brought is just blind. I have no problem inserting Beaulieu for next game, but battle-hardened vets win Cups.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern Semi-final Game 2 – Canadiens blow third-period lead, series tied (2014-05-03 16:26:27)
    Don't panic. It's unfortunate that the Bruins comes away from Boston feeling like winners despite having barely managed the split. But you don't win anything without absorbing some tough body-blows like this game. Learn from it. Recover. Adjust. Come back hard. The same applies even if do lose Game Three. WE have the match-ups next game, and hopefully that means Patches and Vanek can really start to crank it up. It's all about resilience.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern Semi-final Game 2 – Canadiens blow third-period lead, series tied (2014-05-03 16:24:03)
    Price made exactly one mistake tonight, losing his footing on the GWG. He also made loads of massive saves. Asking him to "be better" is pretty rich. Putting in BOTH Tinordi and Beaulieu would be the pinnacle of stupidity. Boston can insert those rookies in because they're so well-insulated. I have to problem with inserting Beaulieu, but that's it.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern Semi-final Game 2 – Canadiens blow third-period lead, series tied (2014-05-03 16:18:19)
    A lot of overblown negativity around here. People seem incapable of recognizing that Boston was the BEST TEAM IN THE NHL this season; that they went to the Finals last year; and that they won the Cup two years earlier. They are, not to put too fine a point on it, a powerhouse. They are also an unbelievably strong third-period club. You're not going to march into Boston and clamp it down on a team like that, no problem-o. Nor are you going to sweep the series. If we're going to defeat these guys, it's going to be through a combination of supreme goaltending, resilience, deadly counter-punching, and plain old luck. In the big picture, we're in good position. Nothing to be bitter or angry about. We just have to regroup, study the tape, make adjustments, and hope that with the line match-ups we can garner an extra edge at home. What I really want to see is more effective breakouts. The Prunes have been superb at keeping the puck in at the blueline. I dunno how they're doing it, but if I'm Therrien, improving those percentages is Job 1.