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  • Comment on Habs hit the road on a hot streak; Drewiske clears waivers (2014-03-03 10:14:59)
    I agree. If Eller is moved for Stewart, the Habs will end up regretting that move dearly. Eller will thrive under Ted Nolan's tutelage, while Les Canadiens will add another underperforming, enigmatic winger who has failed to stick with his last two teams. I wonder why? Habs are weak up the middle. Why trade your grittiest centre?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-11 11:21:44)
    Although it's just a single game, I think the result demonstrates that the Habs, as presently molded, are not a team built for playoff success. They may enjoy success during the regular season, but less so when the games tighten up and the refs put away their whistles (as they did on occasion last night). You gotta think that what happened last night will undoubtedly strengthen MB's resolve to make some changes which may go beyond minor tweaking. JMHO.
  • Comment on Leblanc, St-Pierre sent down to Hamilton; Desharnais back in Habs’ lineup (2013-11-06 12:25:16)
    IMO, the Habs are doing OK, despite all the consternation. But, the team, as presently molded, isn't built for the playoffs. Does anyone else share my opinion that the Habs should dangle Pacioretty? He could be shopped with DD as a package (that could include other pieces). I realize this idea will be controversial, but IMO it's the type of bold move needed to take the team to the next level.
  • Comment on Emelin out for the season with torn knee ligament (2013-04-08 17:16:25)
    The call up of Beaulieu doesn't necessarily mean that he's higher on the depth chart than Tinordi. The addition of Drewiske cut Beaulieu's audition short, whereas, Tinordi auditioned for a total of six games. I think you will see both of them on the roster once the roster limit goes up and the playoffs start. And MT will slot them in to take advantage of what each offers.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose fourth in a row, six of their last seven (2012-02-26 15:43:23)
    Hey the season isn't over yet. Columbus still has time to leapfrog Les Habitant.
  • Comment on Liveblog: GOMEZ!!! (2012-02-09 14:15:39)
    Nice post. I think the Hab's have an excellent base to work from and the team's trials this year have been way overblown. The media sensationalizes everything. If the Habs were the Leafs, the only thing fit to print would be how Markov's absence has torpedoed the team's season. IMO, the team is one or two players away from being a solid contender. I am one fan who enjoys watching the team play (most nights) and looks forward to the future, with confidence I might add.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead (2012-02-02 22:31:21)
    Two softies and a ref with an agenda were the margin of difference in that game. The non-call on the d-man who held Cole on the breakaway was the turning point that tilted the game in the Devil's favour.
  • Comment on Kaberle? Really??? (2011-12-09 21:46:07)
  • Comment on Kaberle? Really??? (2011-12-09 17:26:18)
    I'm definitely in the "this trade sucks camp". Not so much because I think Kaberle won't perform in the role he's been cast (as his recent and not so recent performance suggests). I dislike this trade because it suggests that the Habs have no long-run plan for the team. They are content with selling out game after game and the emphasis is on short-term performance as opposed to building a contender. Some posters have rationalized the trade by saying that the Habs weren't going anywhere anyways. IMO, trades like this are precisely why the Habs aren't going anywhere. I hope I'm wrong. But trades like this are only going to secure a decent 1st round draft pick for the Habs in 2012.
  • Comment on Undefeated in the post-Pearn era (2011-10-27 10:26:42)
    Pearn's firing may have had more to do with his inability to reign in Subban (versus the Hab's anemic PP or poor positional play in the D zone). In the absence of Markov, the Habs needed Subban to play a controlled, team-oriented, efficient game. This wasn't happening with Pearn in charge.